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On June 1, 2004, a little over four years after the launch of this website, we were pleased to announce the creation of the  the official corporate alumni association operated solely for members of the great and spirited class of 1960 of Oceanside High School, Oceanside, New York, 1960 Sailors Association Inc.  

Our Association's Mission Statement is derived from language contained in its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws (both of which can be accessed and read in their entirety online by clicking the links on this page) and reads as follows:


Our mission is to arrange, sponsor and promote social activities and other opportunities for personal contact and commingling among Association members, thereby enhancing our emotional ties to one another and the fellowship that exists among our classmates. Our mission is to build on our sense of pride in our hometown and high school communities, and in our class, the nostalgic feelings we all share, and the fond memories we have of our common youthful experiences. Our mission is to enrich the remainders of our lives by enabling us to come together more easily, in person or otherwise, despite separation over many years and great distances, to renew dear old friendships and other acquaintances from our adolescent years and to elevate such relationships to new levels.    

Beginning with our organization in early 2004, we planned to accomplish our mission primarily by arranging all future class reunions and by making them continue to get better and better each time by creating and maintaining a class database and directory to facilitate contact with one another, and by taking over the responsibility for this website, www.1960sailors.net, which was first launched in 2000 and has been a source of nostalgic pleasure for hundreds of our classmates and others. In addition to our full-scale class reunion weekends, from time to time, we may also sponsor other social events or do some other things in furtherance of our mission.

As articulated in greater detail on one of our web pages entitled, "Why a Website?," the special bond among our classmates began well over 50 years ago in September 1954, when we first came together as a class in that most magical decade of our shared adolescence at Oceanside Junior High School. We were reminded of the strength of those bonds at several class reunions held beginning in 1970, and by visiting our website over the years.

"And when our high school days our done,
our friendship's ties will still be strong."

We're off to a pretty good start after over 66 years as a class. This Association is just the next step, and if you were part of the great class of 1960, you already are a member.  But we need your continued support to achieve our goals. 

So click here to find out how to activate your membership now and support our mission. Anyone who pays their dues after April 1st of any year will be paid in full through June 30th of the following year.

"We go together...
Remembered forever...
That's the way it should be...
We'll always be like one...
We'll always be together.

"We'll al-ways be together.
We'll al-ways be together.
We'll al-ways be together-r-r-r.
We'll al-ways be together.
We'll al-ways be together.
We'll al-ways be together."


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