So Where Did All This Stuff Come from, Anyway?

A nostalgic website of the depth and breadth of this one (quite possibly the largest collection of electronic memorabilia of its kind from its time ever assembled on the web) does not spring forth by itself, nor is it solely the result of the efforts of just one person. In fact, it suddenly occurred to me after seven years that when I started the site I did not own a single photograph or any other souvenirs from high school or from our little town but for my yearbook. And I certainly had no idea what I was doing or what it would mean to so many people.

In addition to their providing certain bits of information, most of the familiar images that appear on this website and spark your memories were made possible as a result of careful preservation by the following 51 classmates of assorted bits of memorabilia, keepsakes, and  photos from among their souvenirs of our high school days in Oceanside and of our class reunions:

●  Max Abbott

●  George Kinney

●  MaryAnn Acierno

●  Nancy Koller

●  Bill Badalucca

●  Joe Kunkel

●  Gerda Balding

●  Bill Liebman

●  Jack Beaulieu

●  Linda Luschinski

●  Ginny Beedenbender

●  Phoebe Lustig

●  Sheila Berg

●  Clark Marcus

●  Richie Berke

●  Ray Martinis

●  Jeany Bomberg

●  Jeff Menton

●  Terry Brennan

●  Gary Moliver

●  Eileen Brown

●  Fran Perlman

●  Mike Brozost

●  the late Joel Pravda1

●  Eileen Carlock

●  Bob Renselaer

●  Ed Chilton (now deceased)

●  Susan Rooder

●  Carole Cohen

●  Bob Rubin

●  George Constantin

●  Sue Schlesinger

●  Kathy Cullen

●  Bill Schmidt

●  Linda Feuerstein

●  Audrey Schneiderman

●  Gail Fogelberg

●  Dave Schwarz

●  Lenny Freshman

●  Hank Seaman

●  Joyce Hapner

●  Doreen Silverstein

●  Jim Heitler (now deceased)

●  Linda Strauss

●  Mike Jacobs

●  Harvey Tauber

●  Jay Katz
●  Nancy Keegan

●  Rick von Brook
● Marta Watts


●  Penny White

 OHS alumni from other classes (listed alphabetically by class year) who also contributed images
files or information (or posted images and made them available on Facebook) include:


●  Edmund "Jazzbo" Tester (1946) (now deceased)

●  Paul Bayha (1965)  

●  Lena Prochilo2 (1948)

●  Margaret Chilton11 (1965)  

●  Andy Southard, Jr. (1951)

●  Pete Grogan (1965)  

●  Joe Papalia3  (1954)

●  Marilyn Parker (1965)  

●  Wally Erskine (1956)

●  Melody Taylor12 (1965)  

●  Bette Strauss4 (1956)

●  Mark Rindner13(1965)  

●  Carol Keegan5 (1957)

●  Martin Hersch14(1966)  

●  Maria Heller6 (1958)

●  Jillian Morton15  (1967)  

●  Dennis Kreutzer (1961)

●  Peter Ekstrom (1976)  

●  Sharon Rindner7  (1961)

●  Paul Farese (1976)  

●  Jerry Schmotzer (1961)

●  Bob Garitta (1976)  

●  Bob Frankenberg (1962)

●  Kevin Eric Kronenberg (1976)  

●  Andi Knorr8 (1962)

 Richard Woods16 (1976)  

●  Roberta Padula (1962)

  Jill Januszewski17 (1983)  

●  Susan Philips9 (1963)

●  Robin Kampf18 (1983)  

●  Michael Levy 10 (1964)

●  Teddy Freudenberg, Jr.19 (1989)  
            ●  Barbara Mitchell (1964) ●  James Cricchio20 (2009)  

Memorabilia preserved by our late classmate provided to us by his loving widow, Vivien Pravda


Editor of Spindrifter, newsletter of the (now defunct) Oceanside High School Alumni Association


Cousin of our classmate, Ray Martinis


Sister of our classmate, Linda Strauss


Older sister of our classmate siblings (not twins), Kathy and Nancy Keegan


Of the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce for arranging for the Chamber to co-sponsor the presentation of our class' tribute to in June 2003.


Sister of our late classmate, Lois Rindner


Sister of our late classmate, Chris Knorr


My wife, who helped (among many other things) with reunion photographs and video


Brother of Howie Levy, for his hard work editing the videos on the site.


Sister of our late classmate, Ed Chilton


Daughter of the late Ed Taylor, Oceanside Jr. High band teacher


Brother of our late classmate, Lois Rindner


Brother of our classmate, Steve Hersch


"Jilly" (known in school as Candy Mintz) moved with her family to Los Angeles before she would have been graduated from OHS and instead, was graduated from Beverly Hills High School


Author of OCEANSIDE (the book) and Legendary Locals of Oceanside 


Daughter of our beloved and departed Coach Jan


Daughter of our departed classmate, Carol Barry (provided reunion photos from her late mother's scrapbook)


Historical Committee Chairman, South Side Hose Co. #2, Oceanside Fire Dept. (provided permission to use photos of the St. Anthony's fire in 1960)


Historian of OHS Thespian Troupe #132


Special mention should be made of the late brother of our own, Kathy Cullen, Vic Cullen (1958), whose contribution consisted of unknowingly providing the inspiration to begin developing this website in late 1999. Vic was a disabled veteran who passed away at age 73, June 12, 2012.

The generosity of these classmates and other OHS alumni in making these treasured mementos available to share with our entire class and other visitors to this site and to help restore our sweet but fading memories is gratefully acknowledged.
A special thanks goes out to certain OHS faculty members who contributed material our memories are made of: first, our music teacher and band/orchestra director, Allan Segal, for the live recordings from our production of The King & I  on the OHS stage in 1958 made by someone unknown to us, and second, the now late Coach Roy Chernock for photos of our championship track team.

Additional sources of photographs and other historical research material are also acknowledged with thanks to the following institutions and individuals named below:

For assistance with the formidable technological challenges when I was just getting started in late 1999 and early 2000, I thank Craig Pravda (brilliant son of our late classmate and my dear old friend, Joel Pravda) and some of my business associates in Las Vegas, Nevada, Garrett Larson, Josh Kern and for assisting with the audio, Richard Bowler. And I thank my cousin, Mark Roth, who helped me obtain some of the music. And I thank particularly our now late classmate, Ed Chilton, for enhancing some of the graphic images, for inspiring me early on to strive for excellence, and whose help debugging and improving the site after its launch in early 2000 has been of enormous value. 
Another special thank you to our classmate, Dave Schwarz, who spent hours in public libraries on Long Island in 2003 reading microfilms to assist with the
research and who, as a result, found the Newsday ad from opening day, thus proving that its elusive date was, in fact, June 4, 1959 (and not in 1955 as reported elsewhere.
Others who have submitted material for our Memory Book page are, of course, acknowledged there.



So if "a few more tokens rest" within your treasure chest, "a photograph or two," from among your souvenirs that you would like to share with the class, this website is your central repository for them. Send them to me, Howie Levy, at 252 Hickory Hollow, Las Vegas, NV 89123-1177, and your contribution will be acknowledged by adding your name above. Preferably, ou can send me by e-mail  digital photos or electronically scanned image files (preferably .jpg or .gif files) of your souvenirs. If you send me your originals, and you request it, please be assured that your treasures will be returned to you unharmed. 

I would particularly like pictures from our 10-year reunion (PLEASE! I have not been able to find any despite years of searching since 2000), our proms, our graduations (from jr. and sr. high), and familiar sights of our town of Oceanside in the 1950s, like the Little Red Store. (But no photos of classmates from before jr. high, please (except for memorial pages)!!! I can only handle so much.)  

And many thanks to all of you who read this. I hope you visit whenever you are feeling a little nostalgic, when you want to clarify a foggy memory, or of you just need a lift, and I hope that you enjoy the site for many years to come.





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