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To my classmates and other visitors to this website:

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Since it was launched on March 10, 2000, I have been receiving many messages indicating that people have been enjoying the site. As of July 26, 2021, there have been a total of 415visitors to the site whose comments (some of which were posted on Facebook) are recorded on these pages. We've recorded comments from 147 classmates who have taken the trouble to communicate their reactions, some several times. In addition, we recorded comments from 189 other OHS/OJHS alumni (p. 2) from classes ranging over 70 years from 1940 to 2009 plus 80 others (p. 3).

It is heartwarming for me to know you are all enjoying the site, and it tells me that it has been well worth my efforts to build and maintain it. I thank you all for visiting and for your kind words, and I would like to share these words with all of you.  

So here is what our classmates and others have been saying about our class website. The most emotional reactions (my favorites) those in which people tell me how the site made them feel are highlighted. 




Editor's Note
Many comments are slightly edited, including some composites of comments received from the same person on separate occasions (which, therefore, may appear to lack continuity), but all are substantially the words of the commentators except for a few editorial comments that are italicized and set off in brackets. All commentators are asked to kindly accept our editorial changes.

Click here (or at the bottom of this page) for page 2, with reactions of other OHS and OJHS alumni ― from classes ranging over 70 years from 1940 to 2009 and page 3 for those of friends, family and others who are not OHS/OJHS alumni, including these notables:

  • Three librarians (including one of whom who was from the Oceanside Public Library and one who is a certified archivist at the world-renowned New York Public Library at 42nd St.), 

  • A recent Oceanside High School principal, the recently retired Superintendent of Schools, a retired OHS faculty member and author of Oceanside, the book and Legendary Locals of Oceanside (Richie Woods), a current faculty member at Oceanside's School No. 5, and the then President of the now defunct Oceanside Education Foundation, which was our little town's de facto historical society,

  • Three former OHS faculty members from our time there,

  • The late Murray Handwerker, founder of the Oceanside Nathan's, and Morty Shor, son of the co-founder of Roadside Rest, Leon Shor, and Leon's grandson (i.e., Morty's son), Richard Shor,

  • A professor of sociology who focuses his academic interest in small town America, and

  • Two radio "oldies" DJs (one of whom is none other than the famed "Cousin Brucie" Morrow, pioneer of top 40 radio),

  • A young high school band director from upstate New York who is directing The King and I at his school.

  • A 6th grade teacher from Oceanside School No. 5

  • The now late Charles W. Amann III, historian and author of an unfinished book, The Princes and Princesses of Dance, a scholarly, behind-the-scenes history of the Philadelphia years of Dick Clark's American Bandstand, and

  • A former Associated Press sports writer.

  • Lloyd Handwerker (a grandson of Nathan Handwerker, the founder of Nathan's Famous, producer/director of the acclaimed documentary film, Famous Nathan, and Gil Reavill, co-authors of the book by the same name.

  • The daughter of our beloved late Coach Jan.

  • Editor for the Oceanside/Island Park HERALD

  • The son of our beloved late Coach Roy Chernock.

Below you will find reactions of our classmates, arranged alphabetically. Entries from approximately the last month are dated and marked. This portion last November 3,  2018























This IS my favorite page!!


  • Thanks for the memory. It’s impressive, phenomenal; it really is. Max Abbott

  • Hey Howie I just found our wonderful site. Ahh, yes, I often think about the beautiful, uncomplicated time we grew up in.  I feel bad for the kids growing up now with so much violence all around. We didn’t know how good we had it back then. Mary Ann Acierno

  • First and foremost, I want to thank my old friend Bill Schmidt for tuning me onto this most wonderful website. My most sincere congratulations to Howie for what he has accomplished here. I have been thrilled to relive some old memories. I have not been able to close my computer since going through the Sailors website this morning. Howie, you are a true genius (or professional website designer). In either case, the site is absolutely amazing. I was saddened by the loss of some of our classmates. Thank you soooooo much for the memories!!! Joel Albert

  • I just got into our website ... fantastic. The hours of work that it took to do all that. Amazing!!!!!!!! Website is great and always getting better. Every time I go there, it makes me feel like 16 again. Just got home from dancing to an oldies band. It still brings back good memories. The pictures of the [2005] reunion were great; sorry we couldn't make it. Hopefully, next time we will be there. Bobbie Alfin 


  • FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, WOW, WOW, WHAT A SUPERB JOB YOU DID!  There are not enough adjectives or superlatives to help me say what I felt as I took that "sea cruise" on the Sailors' site. The text, the songs, the photos were right there, Howie. You can call this accomplishment your crowning piece of work. You're the "king"! And there will be a check in the mail ASAP to help keep it there. WAY TO GO, HOWIE!  It is a true masterpiece of a "labor of love." I think the idea of music on the different pages is what gets your emotions flowing. I get a good feeling each time I visit the site. Now that I am older, I wish I had taken part in more of the student activities while I was there, such as the plays or some of the other things. ... I  look back now and see all the camaraderie and good times had by all those who got involved with activities, and I think I would kind of do it different if I had the chance to go back and do it all over. But it's great to be able to relive some of those things through the Sailors' site. Bill Badalucca

  • We both wish you the best with this precious and creative Oceanside website.  ... helping people to come together as community is VERY creative, and that is why your classmates are so appreciative. You have formed a true circle of friends from the class of '60, benefiting many. May you continue to enjoy each other in good health! Gerda (Balding) and Joe Kunkel

  • Our website is great. It seems impossible that we could be approaching 50 years. Dorance Barbuscia

  • This website is unbelievable! You certainly know how to bring back memories of those unforgettable years at OHS. Thank you so much for reconnecting all of us in such a unique and loving way. Bev Barnes 

  • The site is a beaut! You have done a great service for all of us, old friend, and have earned the thanks of all your classmates ten times over for your commitment to keeping "The Spirit of  '60" alive. Love the website!  I can't believe how much work this must have been and continues to be. This will be a great place to drop in from time to time. Lloyd Becker

  • I just now went onto the 1960 Sailors website you created it's unbelievable ... phenomenal!! I want to commend you on all the time and effort you put into this thank you so much. I'm only sorry it took me so long to get in it's truly a work of art. Ginny Beedenbender 

  • I very much enjoyed our website it brought back many memories. Joan Behm 

  • Howie, you have done an amazing job on the OHS website. Sheila Berg

  • I so enjoyed wandering thru our website. The music created that added pizzazz of our times. And they were great times. Such innocence! The pictures of our school and our community were wonderful. Sending you continued success with the site, and I look forward to seeing more as time goes on. Thanks so much for your organization of all of this. It is an enormous job, but you must get such great satisfaction from it. Keep up your extraordinary work. It is a bridge to the past. Especially for those of us living outside of the USA. Barbara Blum [Barbara now lives in Israel.]

  • I did indeed smile at some of the memories of activities outside school hours such as the music and Nathan’s. ... Lastly, seeing the pictures of the old Nassau Hotel, Izzy’s Knishes, Fascination, and the full set of functioning concessions near Nassau Boulevard on the [Long Beach] boardwalk brought back a sense of nostalgia I long ago thought were gone from my memory. Thanks for the restoration of long ago memories. Adding Billy Crystal to the mix actually made me laugh out loud. ... Great fun. You have left me anticipating a better year.

    I just spent enough time with your website to taste the intense emotions it evokes about a moment in life when everybody experiences changes of great magnitude. No wonder the music you have selected resonated in our time … the messages (poetry) in the music pieces are timeless. I seem to remember that ours was the first generation to have and hold dear pocket transistor radios - heralding the age of personal electronics. We tripped over the sill of the doorway between the industrial revolution and the service economy while retaining close family and other social values. Mike Blumenthal

  • I found our 1960 Sailors Website on July 4th, 2000! Oceanside High School Class of 1960 is certainly honored!!! I am SO very impressed and grateful for your dedication, commitment, and talent in presenting us with this WONDERFUL website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jean Bomberg 

  • Hard for me to put into words just how touched and overwhelmed I was to spend time looking at it and, boy, did I spend a lot of time with it. My husband was already sending for oxygen. I think it's a wonderful job you've done, but I also feel that you must have loved every minute of it. Looking at the memorial page reduced me to a pile of wet tissues; all of them much too young and much too soon. I must tell you that I feel truly blessed and fortunate to have grown up and been educated in the best of all possible places. Marilyn Braunstein

  • Our website is so fabulous. Jill Brenner

  • You are to be complimented on the outstanding website. I experienced great sorrow in reading the Memorial, especially the most recent additions. Mike Brozost 


  • It is such a great website. Jo-Ann Capone

  • Website is great! Certainly brings back terrific memories of our great Class of  '60. I think as we get older, we realize that these memories are more important than ever. Eileen Carlock

  •  Thank you so much for all you've done. Where have all the years gone? When we were in high school, we could not wait to get it over with; now you have made it possible to go back. I have reconnected with a few classmates already and had a great visit with Allan Segal in California. Tom Castoldi

  • That is quite a website! [the now late] Jerry Cestare

  • I just took a long trip through the OHS 1960 website, this time with all  the music, and had a wonderful time. The website is terrific. It is fun, informative, readable, and a product worthy of our noble ClassI am moved to tears as I listen to the musical background to the Memorial web page it is such a good choice and so powerful.  But, over all, this website is a marvel, Howie, and the entire Class owes you a debt of gratitude for the time and effort and hopefully some will eventually chip in on the expense. The site is just too marvelous, too marvelous for words. I enjoyed the recent interview with Murray and Dorothy Handwerker about Nathan's. What I enjoyed even more were the old photographs supplied by Andy Southard, Jr. I recall how it has grown across the past two years to be probably the best "classmates" website on the internet. You have put countless hours into making it a delight for all of us from the Class of 1960 and cannot be thanked enough for your artistry and sense of history. We think the website is the best example of its genre on the worldwide web. goes beyond simple class reunions and linking of old friends to examine the culture and times in which we lived. It also examines in detail some of the forgotten or overlooked history of Oceanside and Long Island/NYC surround. Ed Chilton (now deceased)

  • I loved the articles from the Oceanside newspaper. What a great idea! ... loved the new photos of Oceanside. Carole Cohen

  • Kudos for a fantastic job. I hope that you had as much fun assembling this masterpiece as I did viewing it. I can see that this is an ongoing project, so I’m happy to join the Association to help. What I remember most about those years is the music and the lindy when is the last time that you danced the lindy? and cheerleading  practicing in my basement until I could navigate a “jump” with my feet touching the back of my head. I think that I was boy-crazy and was always in “love.” I also loved math, but don’t really remember the teachers. I wish that I remembered our classmates better. I’ll have to keep diving into those hidden memories. The Sailors' website makes me feel both young and old. Great job.  It's wonderful that you are keeping the memories alive or, in my case, since I have forgotten so much, re-creating them. Marilyn Cohen

  • I just visited the site ... doing an excellent job as steward of the Sailors' home page. I do enjoy the visits. George Constantin

  • The still cool Class of  '60 still rules. Thank you. Caroline Crisalli

  • Fabulous job on the web. 3-gun salute!!!!! Kudos to you. Kathy Cullen  


  • We are simply overwhelmed by your magnificent and so very professional Sailors' website. It is a work of art. Surely, no school in this country has such a gifted and devoted alumnus. Yours is an accomplishment beyond words. One can spend hours lost in memories. You have given us all a gift of incalculable valueWe all have only one treasure of the fleeting moments of our high school friendships, and you have captured the sentiment to perfection. May I send you my gratitude and respect, Howie, for all your attention to details. For years, you have held us all together with your enthusiasm and wonderful communication skills. You have prepared a website beyond any comparison, with warmest good thoughts and memories that we treasure, which you help us to preserve. Linda D'Acunto

  • Great work on the website. Sabin Danziger  

  • LOVE that website! Even my brother from the Class of ’58 checks it out. Dan Dawson

  • 7/26/21:  Our website is quite a show, and hats off to you for it.

  • I came across this site by accident and am happy I did.  This is GREAT! I think it's terrific. Although I only went to OHS for my senior year, it brought a lot of fond memories. Frank DeCuitiis

  • You did a magnificent job on this site. It certainly brought back many memories. It is truly incredible. Thanks again for the creative work you have done in keeping the website alive and vibrant. George Dirkes 

  • Discovered your "Class of 1960" website this morning, and I'm still taking it all in, as well as shedding a few tears for those in our class no longer with us. You've done an absolutely terrific job, and I thank you for all your time and work you've put into this project. The website you put together is just wonderful.  So many memories of so many faces and places ... especially the wealth of information ... a monumental job. Please keep up the good work. I can't thank you enough. You have a lot of very grateful people out there from the class of 1960. Frank DiStefano

  • Very pleasantly surprised and unexpectedly excited about the website and the prospect of a reunion in 2005. Susan Dombroff [was initially in the class of '61, but graduated with our class after her junior year]

  • The site is fantastic. The time and effort you and others have put into the project has brought a smile to many faces. Super job. Just great! Thanks for the memories. Bill Dunn


  • The sailors website is great. Gail Egan



  • Eureka! ... You really must be complimented on the work you put into that site. It took a lot of time, thought and research, and it brings back so many wonderful memories. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. With you as a friend, I'm frozen in time and feel forever young. You constantly remind us of our specialness as a 1960 Oceanside graduate. How fortunate we were to have had that experience and to have each other. Linda Feuerstein  

  • I love the job you did on the website. The music is great — the memories flood back. Keep the website alive!  Fern Firestone

  • What a fantastic website!  I spent the whole day looking at the site, and I can't imagine the work that went into keeping our experience alive — a work of love ... wonderful project[the now late] Steve Firstenberg

  • I tapped into the website and spent an absolutely wonderful, joy-filled, and, at times, sad (for those of us who died far too young) walk down memory lane all yesterday afternoon. You've done a spectacular job putting together the website for us alumni from the class of 1960 and certainly deserve a "hats off"!! I have tucked the website into my "favorites" and will re-visit it from time to time to see what's new. Thank you for your outstanding efforts. 

    Although I was an Island Parker, I loved the photos of Oceanside and remember with fondness enjoying hot dogs and soft-shelled crab sandwiches at Nathan’s (sigh). My first job after school at age 15 was at Woolworth's in the strip shopping center on Long Beach Road, so, I was tickled to see that the mall still exists. And, who could forget the “Triangle” with the miniscule police booth, a place where I would seek refuge at night after a school activity while waiting for the bus to take me home to Island Park. Ah, the Little Red Store ... . And, oh, who could forget the Towne where we had such great times socializing and dancing. It was good, clean fun!!. My years at OHS were filled with fond memories, and, while some I knew thought I was nuts, I always felt sad at the end of the school year in June because I knew I wouldn't see a lot of my friends until school re-opened in September. When we graduated, I felt especially sad, knowing I probably would never see most of my fellow classmates again.

    You are absolutely correct when you say those were softer, gentler times. Surely, there were "bad" things happening then, as there have been since the dawn of man, but, somehow, things didn't seem so out-of-control and violent as they often do these days.  Thanks again for enabling me to take a walk down memory lane ... .

    I've just spent another couple of hours perusing the OHS website. There's so much to see! I can only imagine all your hard work that went into creating this very special site. This time around I read the 9/11 segment and, once again, I shed tears reliving the horror of the Twin Towers attacks. Take care and keep up the wonderful website work. SMOOOOOOOOOCH and HUGS
    I can't thank you enough for providing all the wonderful news and pictures from our 45th class reunion in 2005. I've spent hours pouring over the photos in the last couple of months and eagerly re-visit "our" website on a frequent basis to see what's new. I wish I could've attended, but, let me assure you, I was there in spirit, sending good thoughts. What fun it was to view photos of the attendees and try to figure out who some of them were. ... . I grabbed my much thumbed-through yearbook on numerous occasions to determine who was who, sometimes being successful and sometimes not. I have to admit I did shed some tears, but, tears of joy, as I perused all the photos. I choked up when I saw Nancy and Jack Beaulieu in a dance pose Jack [who had lost both legs in a construction accident in 2000], gosh, actually on his "feet" wow!!!!. Thank you again for providing many hours of enjoyment and reminiscing. [the now late] Judy Fitzgerald

  •  Must say that I am very impressed with what you put together on the web. Marty Freed

  • What a terrific website! This is the first time I have looked at it. It's great. Loretta Frisone

  • You're doing a great job calling our class back together. Many thanks. Diana Funaro


  • Fabulous. I've been on the website for hours. You've done an admirable, remarkable job. Fond regards and keep up the great work ... magnificent ... outstanding. Carey Getelman  [sadly, Carey passed away in 2007]

  • What a great job you have done on the high school website. Thanks. Marty Goldberg

  • The website you created is unbelievable!!!  I spent some time going through it, but have to revisit the site a few more times. There's just soooo much to see and read through. Maryellen Goldsmith

  • I think the website is a terrific idea and, Howie, you have done a great job. Hopefully, those of us who have not taken an active role will be motivated by the website to do so. Carole Green


  • I heard about about 2 days ago and found our site through a link! I was "blown away" (as they say)! This is all very coincidental, since I have been thinking quite a lot about my high school experiences lately, and suddenly find our site. Congratulations on a great job! I am shocked at the people who have passed on from our class makes one feel very mortal! I WILL send a check to help you continue this great site for us! I have grown to appreciate more and more the experiences I had, and remember fondly so many of the people I wish I knew better. Bill Hale

  • The remembrance of  9/11 one year later is beautiful. Thank you. Joyce Hapner

  • I cannot thank you enough for a great website and from the bottom of my heart for all that you are doing to keep the information flowing. You are quite amazing, and we are very lucky to have a classmate like you. Cathy Hassett

  • I can tell you that the class website, in terms of the writing and the visuals, is very extensive and impressive, and I can well imagine how much the music would add. (I still have not been able to get the music.)  It's also palpable how much effort and emotion you have put into it. You are certainly the king of memories. Jim Heitler 

  • I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your work on our website.  For me, it is an opportunity to get away from the daily pressure of work (stress) and focus on those things that are truly important in life, family and friends. Your efforts are truly magnificent!! Thanks for keeping me smiling. 

    ... just revisited our website and wanted to let you know that I’m “pumped”! ... can’t believe how wonderful I feel after each visit. ... I can’t wait until Memorial Day Weekend 2005. My heartfelt thanks. As one of our classmates said, it was a terrific time we lived in and how different (and difficult) things are today for our young people. Thanks again, Howie, for reminding me how truly fortunate we all were to be growing up in the most wonderful of times!

    t had been quite awhile since I last viewed our website and so I went to it and began my journey. Unlike my previous visits, which I am ashamed to admit were cursory at best, I wanted to spend whatever time it took. Little by little, wonderful memories began to fill my heart and mind when suddenly tears of joy and happiness began to roll down my cheeks and I cared not to stop. I always knew we lived in a very special time that will never be again. So thank you, Howie; thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to remember how wonderful life can be. Rudy Hrubala


  • My sister, Sally Isom, told me about this website today, and I was so impressed with all the caring and sharing and sensitivity you have contributed to so many people whose lives have taken so many different directions over the past 40 years. This site is just so stellar and so many things to absorb and reflect upon! You have done an incredible amount of work to bring so many people together!  ... the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoyed your tribute to Allan Segal ... what an important part music has played and continues to play in my life. I enjoy the website immensely! I am so impressed with the sophistication of the Sailors' website! I really regret not being able to attend this fantastic 50th Reunion and have to tell you that I've loved every minute of watching the video over and over!Kudos once again to you Howie for all your time and efforts on behalf of the Class of 1960! The website is such a joy for so many of us ... a blessing to the Class of 1960... the sentiments of so many of us!! If it wasn't for your  tireless dedication and commitment to the Class of '60, fading memories would have continued to fade away. Kathy Isom


  • Great job on the website — keep up the good work! The site keeps getting better and better. Mike Jacobs

  • I just started checking out your site, and  it is great. It looks like at the 40th reunion everyone was really having a great time. I'm sorry I missed it. I look forward to catching up on many memories. Kathy Jareb 

  • I e-mailed my friend [classmate], Roy Johnson, who told me about the website. You have done a wonderful job! I am really impressed. They were great days. You brought me many smiles. Bob Johnson

  • You did a great, outstanding, fantastic piece of work, Howie. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated. Your outstanding work will enable the "Greatest Class in OHS History" to stay at the forefront and continue its leadership forever. Due to your diligent hard work, and talent, the memories of our lives in Oceanside will be etched in history and open communication for the future. Thanks, Howie. Roy Johnson


  • Howie, YOU DA MAN!  Karen and I looked at the site last night. IT IS SOOOOO COOL!  I can't wait to do some more surfing. What a great job you did!  I don't have the words to tell you how impressed we were. I just finished visiting the site again after some period of time. There were so many new pages that I hadn't seen before. I was amazed at much of the material, including the new and improved Nathan's page, which was just wonderful. And I had never seen the class birthday page, which featured none other than yours truly this month (along with my sometimes considered better half [my now late twin brother, Michael Katz]). Thanks. What a testament to our little town our entire website is!! Jay Katz 

  • I liked viewing the website and realize the effort and time you have put into it. It was fun to view and brought to mind many good feelings. Michael Kaufman

  • WONDERFUL JOB WELL DONE.   I finally made myself sit down and browse the website.  Now, I'm sorry I didn't get to it sooner. You truly captured the time, the music and, most of all, US. It's really heartwarming to go back like that. Thanks. It's so sad to see the pictures of those gone from us (too soon).  I shed a tear or two for them. Again, Howie, thank you; it's so obviously a labor of love it brings me such pleasure!! And every single time I get a lump in my throat, and that's even before I go to the memorial page. I was getting such a kick (again) over the reunion pictures. It just brings me back to wonderful times each time I go there. Thanks again. I visit the site often to reminisce about our reunion last year and 40 years ago. I love to go there. I wonder if you fully realize how very much it is appreciated by so many. I have seen the history additions and the picture of the original Nathan'sWOW, it sure did bring back memories. We all have such wonderful memories, and I can't thank you enough for bringing them all back so vividly. I saw the note under Frankie LaBella's picture at Nathan's, and I love the song. You just keep making good things better!!! Where do you come up with such great touches? And the little paper plane that flies around the jr. high page LOVE IT!!!!  It still brings me close to tears recalling those days!!! WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME???? Hey we all had hurts and traumas as children, but the good times SOOOO outweigh the bad. Don't you think? That new and improved Nathan's page is so-o-o cool, Howie. I read every word. Nancy Keegan  

  • Just glancing at the names of people who have replied brought back a flood of memoriesTHANKS SO MUCH. You have done a wonderful thing in starting this website. Leona Kerpel

  •  I checked out the website, and the updates and additions are great. [the now late] Chris Knorr

  • It seems as if you are still having wonderful times exploring the past. Our website continues to amaze me. You have poured your heart into it, and thanks you for that. Nancy Koller [wife of Jack Beaulieu]

  • That is some website. I even caught a picture of myself sitting in Miss Raynor's Spanish class. Sue Kramer

  • Enjoying Newsletter. Great job. The memorial page was sad. Sorry to hear about Joel [Pravda]. I have shown our website to a few friends, and they are simply astounded. Mel Krimko

  • I must tell you how great I think the website is. Imagine being able to see photos from past reunions. That was terrific. Roz Krugman 

  • ... getting better and better. Keep up the great job you're doing. Judy Krull

  • I really like what you did on the web! Looking back on all the info you have compiled is truly amazing! I really enjoy the site. I love visiting the Sailors website every so often. Linda Krumenacker   

  • We both wish you the best with this precious and creative Oceanside website.  ... helping people to come together as community is VERY creative, and that is why your classmates are so appreciative. You have formed a true circle of friends from the class of '60, benefiting many. May you continue to enjoy each other in good health! Gerda (Balding) and Joe Kunkel


  • Howie, you are something else.  How did you find the time to put all this together? I have many regrets in my 66 years of living. One of them is not getting to know more of my classmates better. No excuses and my loss. I just found this site and couldn't get away for an hour, and I'm only half way through. It has brought smiles, tears and sorrow, especially to hear that some are no longer with us. How quick the time flies, and then we only have the memories. Memories that can't erase the mistakes, failures and regrets, but then someone like you shows up out of the past.  The website seems to heal some of the pains and brightens the new day.  It opens up the understanding that there is today and tomorrow, and we ought to make the best of it. We need to seize each day as it could be our last and do what we can to brighten the lives of others.  Your website has done that for this grad. I pray that all of our classmates get to view the site before they breathe their last. If not, they would have missed something GREAT. May God bless you for your labors of love. George Langdon  

  • WOW!  I've been surfin’ the site for over an hour. You did a GREAT job. This was a major effort, but it's beautiful. The photos are wonderful. Your research is unbelievable. The site continues to get better all the time. ... rich with content!  Great tribute to "Uncle" Ed Taylor.The photo of the band is great with Levin's in the background. [And in reference to the comment  from Jodi Krimko, 1992] This is GREAT! The offspring of our class going to the site ... The NATHAN'S tribute page is wonderful. How do you find all this wonderful memorabilia? The new photos on the site are FABULOUS! You've done a maaaaaaaaaaaahvelous job!!! Bill Liebman

  • The website is wonderful! And  I'll certainly plan on being at the next reunion. Susan Lillyman

  • The site is fantastic. I have to imagine that you're either involved in the internet for a living, or you have entirely too much time on your hands.  I especially like the history of Nathan's. Not only did I work there when it was still Roadside Rest, I knew Murray Handwerker. Further, I moved to Oceanside from Coney Island where we used to go to Nathan's for lunch when I attended jr. high on Neptune Avenue. Please keep up the great work on the super site you've created. I'm sure you know what feelings it brings back when we all go there. Bill Livert

  • I've been "missing" all these years. Thanks to our terrific website, I can now be found. So far, my favorite part of the wonderful website is the pix of places I enjoyed so much as a kid. What a super nostalgia trip! I know I will spend many enjoyable hours looking around our website. So much to see. So  much to remember. Too many good things to take in in just one visit. Thanks. Charlie LoCascio

  • I just logged on to our amazing website very impressive. I took a couple of hours' SEA CRUISE. Wow.  Howie, that is SOME website music and everything! I  am amazed ... and every time I go there I get teary eyed. Yesterday, it was Roadside Rest. I loved that place frogs' legs could only eat theirs never took a chance on eating them any place else. And the clams on the half-shell like 75 cents a dozen or something. Then when my kids were little, going there for the rides and franks. And yes, it is the color of sauerkraut! Another thing: the pics of the [2000] reunion I recognized almost no one. I am really sorry I didn't go to that one. I know I missed out on something irretrievable. Thanks again, Howie. Linda Luschinski

  • It's so nice to hear about everyone after so long! Thanks for the great website! You're doing a wonderful job. Thanks for bringing so many of us together. Phoebe Lustig


  • I went onto the Sailors' website, and I can't begin to tell you how great it is. You were right, it does go on and on, but it's absolutely wonderful, and I did read your 40th reunion address and again great, great and so true. As I scrolled through everything, the memories of those days totally took me over, and I felt like I had gone back into time. You know, Howie, material and money can be taken away from you, but the memories that one holds inside can never be touched, and the memories of OHS and all the people I shared those years with will forever be sealed in my heart. I am so glad that Bob Saunders wrote that letter to me. ...even though I have been living in California since 1972, I still miss New York and especially the food and when I was scrolling through the OHS site and the Nathan's logo and Roadside Rest popped up, well, I have to admit, it brought a few tears to my eyes.  ... you have done a great job, my hats off to you, Mr. Levy! I had dinner with a friend of mine who is also from Long Island (Islip), and I told her all about OHS and the website and how incredible it was; needless to say, she was impressed. I was going on and on like a kid with a new toy. I've gone on the OHS website several times and still enjoy it tremendously. For me, it's like a breath of fresh air from the past. [the now late] Geri Maracich

  • You did a great job on the OHS website, and I commend you for your hard work. Keep up the good work. All your work is contributing to tremendous nostalgia and expectation, which should really enhance the actual reunion. I still enjoy your website and appreciate the hard work you put into it. It has become the “glue” for our class.  It looks like your OHS 1960 site is the one to emulate. Your fame has spread far and wide. Ray Martinis

  • Had fun looking at 40-year reunion photos, again! Ginny Matthews

  • I am so glad that I found this website, and want to tell you that the site is just GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTT.  I'm sure that you are in a profession related to computers in some fashion? You sure do a bang-up job. Jeff Menton

  • Thank you so much for maintaining the 1960 Sailors website for all these years, Barbara Meurer

  • Thank-you for the wonderful site. Joan Milles

  • I have looked at the Sailors website ... and do think that it is very impressive. Gary Moliver

  • The Sailors website is fantastic. You have certainly done a great deal of work. My father would have enjoyed knowing how important the years at OHS seem to have been to many members of our class. Ruth Ann Mosback [daughter of our Principal, Charles Mosback]

  • Spent most of the evening getting bleary eyed watching the site. What a hoot!  I more than enjoyed it. Richard Muddiman


  • Howie, we took a look at the website; you did a great job ... love it. You can't imagine how much we enjoyed it. I am shocked at how many people have passed away, especially Joel Pravda; the last time I saw him, he had me in stitches. [the now late] Karen (Roesch) and Tom Nasca

  • Howie, you turned a sunny afternoon into a exciting, fun-filled trip down memory lane. I'm sure you've heard this before, but it can't be said enough, THANK YOU!!  I look forward to seeing you and the rest of our mates on Memorial Day. Just seeing fellow students' names brought back instant feelings of YOUTH. Boy, we had fun. Delores Nastri

  • I was able to get to the 1960 Sailors website last night. Very, very impressive and, with the old rock music in the background, an intense, emotional, nostalgic journey, activating my memory cells to recall the past with pleasure and enjoyment.  (I had to turn the volume down a bit to mellow the tears.) I got a chance to sort through some of those pictures. Hey, who are all those old people? It seems we all have aged a bit, maybe mellowed like a fine wine. Well, I could recognize a few 'cause I knew their mom or dad, and some were recognizable though I couldn't tell if it was Jay or [the now late] Michael Katz. But then, there were about 500 of us. Does anyone really know everyone? I didn't, and I've been outa touch with everyone for 43 years or so. It doesn't matter, 'cause I love y'all. Lovin', livin', still COOL and still rockin'. Tom Naumann

  • I was quite impressed with the class website, which you have obviously devoted a great deal of time to. When I looked at the pictures from last year's [2000] reunion, I realized that I really missed a great opportunity to relive, if only for a moment, those great high school years. Keep up the good work. Mike Nordell 

  • How incredibly wonderful it was seeing that website.  Our school years bring nostalgia completely out of proportion to the time spent. It was terribly sad and surprising to see the memorial pages. Roadside Rest, Jahn's; it was a very sweet time to be a teenager. I also will put a check in the mail tomorrow. Keep up the terrific work. Thanks again for the wonderful, wonderful website a real labor of love. Our memorial page really means a lot to me. Karin Nover  

  • Thanks, Howie, for staying on top of this. I appreciate all the great effort you put into the website and to keeping us connected. I noticed the words on the memorial page. They're touching, and the whole section is thoughtful and appropriate, so thank you for them. Dan Nussbaum


  • Our website is beyond impressive. I'll try to find the words to express just how impressive it is! Thanks for the memories. Marty Ogulnick 

  • Thanks so much for all the hard work you put into the Sailors' website it is MORE than spectacular certainly a labor of love!  Lynne Oliver


  • Opening our site has been like opening a time capsule only better. So many memories and so many forgotten faces. My best memories were running for the track team. I ran the half mile. Now I get tired driving a half mile. Will never get tired of visiting our site. Thanks for the great memories. Bill Parinello

  • I was very impressed with our class website. You've done OHS proud. Don Patterson  

  • Thanks for the great work on the website. It is awesome and really reflects great love and dedication to our class. I had a fantastic time cruising. George Pearson

  • Thanks for keeping us in touch with one another. Forty-three years!! It's hard to imagine that it's been that long, yet some things are so easy to remember. A site like none other. Fran Perlman 

  • I looked at the website; keep up the good work. Jerry Perlow

  • Thank you for this profound site. You have done wonderful work keeping tabs on the "Sailors" of 1960, and I personally appreciate your work as it keeps my fading memories alive. Our site is the only contact I have with my youth, and I want you to understand that all this information is appreciated. [the now late] Joe Picucci 

  •  The site is a lot of fun. Ian Polow


  • I've been spending some very pleasant time reviewing your fantastic website, and while I'm not anywhere near having seen it all, I wanted to congratulate you on what you've done. Bob Renselaer [our class president]

  • Love the site. You're an amazing fella!!! Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment! Anna Renzi  

  • Just a note to thank you for the great website. I know how much work went into it. It's really appreciated!   Fran Renzi  

  • The website is fabulous! I'm looking forward to the additions and the yearbook listings. The biggest surprise was when I looked at pictures from the 30th reunion; I couldn't recognize anyone except Doreen! I felt like I was losing my mind. Could people have changed that much? You look very distinguished and handsome. Thank you again for all the work and time you have contributed to this great website. It's positive and fun and brought a tear to my eye. There is no doubt; you are the "coolest of the crew." I continue to go back to the website 'cause there's so much there. It always uplifts me. It was for me one of the, if not THE, most wonderful time(s) in my life. I loved high school. It was so easy and so much fun except for algebra, of course. [the now late] Lois Rindner  

  • Howie, we took a look at the website; you did a great job ... love it. You can't imagine how much we enjoyed it. I am shocked at how many people have passed away, especially Joel Pravda; the last time I saw him, he had me in stitches. [the now late] Karen (Roesch) and Tom Nasca

  • Howie, the site is great. Thanks for all the time and effort. Oceanside High included some of the best years of my life. Judy Rose

  • I read your tribute to Joel Pravda and felt my heartstrings affected greatly. I then read the names and saw the photos of so many I knew. It has really affected me it was as though I just saw them  Barbara Rosenzweig

  • Howie, you are awesome! "Our Website" What an incredible trip! I have never seen nor felt anything like it. Thank you, and thank you for being you. [the now late] Barbara Rubeck

  • The Sea Cruise is a success, Howie; the website is fabulous. Although it is an Oceanside High School anthology, it captures a time and place that most people who lived it would appreciate. Bob Rubin   


  • Just want to let you know that I visit the website from time to time, and you've done an outstanding job! It's life-giving to take a trip back through the years and see old friends. Thanks for the enormous effort you've put into maintaining such a cool website. Ken Sack

  • I would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into organizing the reunions and the Sailors website. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. The website is great. Rudy Santoli

  • My sister just called me from Florida (to wish us a happy Thanksgiving), and shared her excitement in finding this site. So, here I am 20 minutes later, equally excited and sad. I'm sorry to learn of so many that won't be able to celebrate "T" day. I really miss the so-called "good old days." The saddest part is the feeling of being disconnected from some of my classmates and old friends. Sure would be nice to get in touch with some of the ol' gang. Our website has so inspired me to "keep in touch." Thanks for your time and hard work. It goes without saying, if it wasn't for you, this would never happen. It's slowly coming back to me. Bob Santore

  • Just wanted to say that the site really looks good. I really like the website. It sure brings back a lot of memories and especially people I have just forgotten. I am very saddened to hear just how many classmates have died.  Please keep up the good work. Bob Saunders

  • I went through various sections of our website, and I am in awe — the memories that became so vivid reminded me of a time in our lives when everything was so innocent, so enchanting, so exciting. Oceanside was and still is my hometown. You can take the girl out of the town, but in this case, the girl stayed in the town. The memorial is very touching and emotional for all of us. 45 years ago, and I can close my eyes and remember it as though it were yesterday. I wish it were! Thanks for the memories. Carol Schiffer

  • What a wonderful job you are doing on the website. You are the heart and soul of the Class of 1960! ... I pass the school every now and then, and it brings back wonderful memories. Keep up the terrific work!  Margie Schiff

  • I really enjoyed our website it really brings back some wonderful memories of our years at Oceanside High. Marion Schiller

  • INCREDIBLE — the website is a masterpiece ....  How many other classes have such a great experience as looking and listening to the past? Our own past, not just of the generation. Unknowingly, I've had a smile on my face since I logged on. I even found my name on the Junior High School graduation program, in the chorus. I would never have remembered that I participated. WOW. Wonderful job. Thank you so much. You have kept us all together. We are blessed to have you in our lives. We all owe you so much. You are keeping us youngSue Schlesinger   

  • I cannot begin to thank you for all the hours of love that you have put into this project. The website is fantastic. I will send a check in tomorrow's mail. The pictures, your commentaries, everything is great. I loved the Bells are Ringing pictures. I played small parts in the other shows too, so I loved seeing those pictures. I'd never seen any of the reunion pictures either. Thanks for the memories. My brother is 7 years younger than I am. He visited me in Florida today. He'd never seen the website, so we just spent a wonderful hour browsing through it. He loved seeing my friends, Corky [Carole Cohen], Sless [Sue Schlesinger], Bobby Deitch and Carole Green, whom he remembered from when we were growing up. It had been a long time since I'd visited the site also so we really enjoyed it especially the old pictures of Oceanside in the '50s. Audrey Schneiderman 

  • Found the site just surfing and have been on it for over three hours. Thank you for all your time and effort in creating this experience for me. I was happy to see many of my long lost friends and sorry to learn of those that passed away. Robert Schwartz

  • It’s been a while since I last checked our website. Amazing that you’re still adding to it. It just gets better and better. I thought your tribute to "Uncle" Ed Taylor was wonderful. I just looked at your Nathan's page. What a great thing. I've known my father-in-law a long time. He's been to my parents' home in Oceanside  and has always known where I grew up. Tonight, at Thanksgiving dinner, for the first time he mentioned that when he was a kid (he was born in 1918), his father regularly took him to Long Beach and the Roadside Rest for hotdogs. He remembers the Roadside Rest quite well. When we got home, I showed him your website's Nathan's/Roadside Rest pages. He was amazed. What a treasure!  Dave Schwarz

  •  Keep up your great work. Stewart Senter

  •  Keep up the great work.  You and the rest of the OHS crew are doing a wonderful job. Steve Shapiro

  • I've been looking over the Sailors' website, and its great. Eleanor Sicari

  • You outdid yourself. The site I think is fabulous, something you should be proud of, and all your hard work and hours definitely show. Thank you for all your trouble. Howie, I loved your American Bandstand memory lane. I remember coming home from school and watching every day. We really felt a part of Justine and Bob's life and, of course, seeing our heartthrobs singing their latest hit was great and copying the dance styles. ... great and amazing, keep it coming to us. Great job on website! We appreciate all you do.  Doreen Silverstein 

  • This is the neatest site.  I have resisted looking back for a very long time. Now that I'm ready, thank you for having the dedication and energy to create this expanding time capsule. And I have had a great time wandering through 1960 SAILORS. It's so chock full of really good stuff. I especially enjoyed the pictures of 1950s' Oceanside and the old Roadside Rest. The memorial page is very special and very sad. I was very surprised to see how many classmates we have lost. Stan Johnson's death is especially hard for me, we were very close, from fourth grade. This makes me think about my own mortality. Bob Smutny

  • Loved reading our class site. You did a great job! I always love reading our class news. (the now late) Linda Solomon

  • I am enjoying every moment of reminiscing about our past at Oceanside High. I am sure that all of your hard work is both recognized appreciated by everyone who visits the site. I also want to thank you for keeping us all connected. I love to hear about former high school friends and find out about their lives. Please know how much your efforts are appreciated. Barbara Stern

  • It was really fun to look at the website you’ve created. You’ve really done a great job. Sue Suskin 


  • Howie thanks. The website is absolutely fantastic. I have viewed it many times, and I confess it brings enjoyment (except for the memorials) every time. Unfortunately, I could not attend the reunion, but thanks to your website efforts, I can revisit precious memories anytime I want. Myles Tashman

  • You've done an amazing job on the website, and it's really a joy to peruse. I guess we all get sentimental as the years flow by. Harvey Tauber

  • In the last few days, I've been going to the website, and consistently smiling. The music, the way you've constructed the website, is terrific. With one click, I've been brought back to my youth, and seeing myself in the Paint Your Wagon photos made me feel terrific. Thanks. I love the website you put together. I just went on it today. Doreen Silverstein told me to go. I never went far from Oceanside. I'm totally planning on coming to the reunion, and I guess I'll see you in 2010. OMG!!! how great is this.  I pulled up Paint Your Wagon again and showed my husband my picture!!!. I'm so excited. You're amazing. What wonderful way to end my evening tonite. Bravo to you, Howie.  And THANKS!!!!!  I'm glad I'm a person who feels good about old times and not maudlin 'cause I'm edging towards the "golden years"  hehe. Bobbi Traynor

  • What a pleasure to reminiscence. Going over the website and reading feedback from other classmates surely brought back fond memories of what it was like in the late '50s and graduating in 1960. The music was terrific; how could we forget what it was like. The Friday nite Teen Center in the gym. Remember those times? All the fun that we had. It was a great time in our lives. One that we will always remember and cherish. Keep up the outstanding work, and again the website is terrific. Richard Troncone


  • Our pride and joy from Oceanside is our Class of 1960 website. Such a great work of art deserves all the promotion it can get. Check it out folks. It's a virtual "Yearbook" on line. Our class page is, hands down, the best one I've seen. Rick von Brook  


  • Thanks for your great work. I stumbled across the website the other night, and it blew me away. I spent the next two nights looking in all the nooks and crannies. It brought tears to my eyes. It's amazing all the stuff the human mind can keep in remote storage. People and events I had not thought of in 40 years popped right up on the mental screen. These are good things, Howie. Thanks again for what you have done. It is truly priceless, but I will send along a check to support the site. I hope it always remains there. It means a lot to me, and I am sure all of us. It's like I am 17 years old again. As I get older ( I was 60 a few weeks ago), I am becoming more sentimental. Through you, I have a connection with my high school days past. I am grateful. Howie, I can tell you that you have made a difference in my life by allowing me to re-remember memories from my high school years. You have allowed me to re-examine those years through the filter of time and the wisdom it brings. Perhaps just about the same as most of our classmates, I will be forever in your debt for bringing back to me my high school years. Rich Waldman

  • This is the first time I have had a chance to look at this website. I spoke to Nancy Keegan last night, and she said this was not to be missed. How right she was. She's also invited me over one day to take me through the entire website, and I will certainly take her up on this one day soon. You have done an enormous amount of work putting this together. It makes me proud all over again to have been a member of the class of 1960. Marta Watts

  • I did visit the class website, and I think you did a great job. Thanks for all your work on it. Rich Weiner 

  • I can't tell you how impressed I am with the site, and I am so glad you went to all the trouble of creating it. ... I am overwhelmed with emotions. I have spent the last two hours alternating between tears and laughter. I can't get enough of it. Thank you so very much for helping to keep our class together the site is absolutely wonderful!  Howie, my daughter was in the class of  '81, and she was almost as taken with the website as I was. ... she spent 4 hours in there the morning I introduced her to it. I was very moved by the letter [from Nancy Keegan] about the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001. I passed the page along to a number of my e-mail friends and got some wonderful feedback about it. The majority of the people looked around the site and e-mailed me saying  how well done it is and how much they enjoyed it. I am fortunate enough to claim class of 1960 ... a fantastic job honoring our town, our class and more. Lucille ("PeeWee") Weitzman 

  • The site was a great idea, and scanning the yearbook onto the web, as well. My recent interest started with a question about another neighbor who was a grad of  '59. But evidently they don't have a website like ours. Marty Werner

  • I'm sorry to say it has been some time since I have checked in to the website. It really is an amazing accomplishment for you and a wonderful tribute to our very special class. I was moved to tears by the tributes In Memoriam, especially for Mike Katz. Thanks so much for keeping things going!  Keep up the good work [and] keep the cruisin' first class! Penny White

  • You have done a marvelous job on creating nostalgia for good old OHS. For most of us, high s school retains our strongest memories, and I truly look forward to meeting once again many of my friends and acquaintances. Thank you very much for providing all of us a means of connecting to long lost friends. [the now late] Hal Wilensky

  • What a great website well done. I like your new title [Official Historian and Director of Nostalgia]. A heartfelt thanks to you. Looking forward to spending time traveling the seas. The website continues to grow nicely done. Joe Wittemann  

  • Our website is great. I am impressed with the technology you have included. You make it easy to navigate, and each page gives us a different experience. Wonderful to be able to read messages from classmates. I looked at the memorial page and was saddened by our loss. It seems like yesterday that we were together, and now some are gone good thing that you have given us the opportunity to remember. Pete Wittemann

  • You did a great job with this website. Thank you. [the now late] Carol Wohlfarth


  • I found the Class of 1960 website tonight and spent some time on it. I think the site is quite impressive. Carl Zeitz

  • I want you to know how much I appreciate and to say thanks for all the hard work you have done and are doing in creating a very special website for our class and to keep it going and up-to-date. Barbara Zimmerman

Click here for page 2, containing reactions of other OHS and OJHS alumni  from classes ranging over 70 years from 1940 to 2009 or page 3 for those of friends, family and others who are not OHS/OJHS alumni, including these notables:

  • Three librarians (one of whom was from the Oceanside Public Library and one who is a certified archivist at the world-renowned New York Public Library at 42nd St.), 

  • A recent Oceanside High School Principal and Superintendent of Schools, retired OHS faculty member and author of Oceanside, the book, Richie Woods, and the President of the Oceanside Education Foundation, our little town's now defunct historical society,

  • Three OHS faculty members from our time there,

  • The late Murray Handwerker, founder of the Oceanside Nathan's, and Morty Shor, son of the founder of Roadside Rest, Leon Shor,

  • A professor of sociology who focuses his academic interest on small town America,

  • Two radio "oldies" DJs (one of whom is none other than the famed "Cousin Brucie" Morrow, pioneer of top 40 radio), and

  • A young high school band director from upstate New York who was directing The King and I at his school.

  • A 6th grade teacher from Oceanside School No. 5

  • The now late Charles W. Amann III, historian and author of an unfinished book, The Princes and Princesses of Dance, a scholarly, behind-the-scenes history of the Philadelphia years of Dick Clark's American Bandstand, and

  • A former Associated Press sports writer, Bruce Lowitt.

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