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  • Great website. Filled with Heart and Soul. I wish I had thought about doing something like this for my high school.

    Keep up the good work.

  • I spent about an hour on the site this morning. It's great. I can see it was a ton of work and very well done. I'm sure that it will prove to be a lot of fun and a great resource that your class can use to share its memories and accomplishments. I look forward to spending some more time on the site soon to explore the rest of it. 
  • I must admit that I had no idea how "cool" it would be. If you ever lose your day job, I guess you know what you can do.  
  • I'm impressed ... this must have taken you all year! So much there ... need more time to surf it. I've barely touched the many, many pages. Really ... truly ... a great job!  
  • Seen it. Heard it. Cool.  [This one came from my son, age 30 (in 1999).]  
  • Your high school website is really cool and excellent besides! And the music selections are perfect!  Congratulations on a superb job
  • What a great website! One of the most entertaining I have ever visited. As a South Side High School class of  '57 alum, I really appreciated it. Don't be surprised if we steal some of your ideas.  
  • We saw your website today. It was wonderful. [From the mother of our classmates, twins, the late Michael and Jay Katz
  • I am looking at the website you made and congratulations on a great job. [From the Lawrence High School Class of 1959's webmaster (visit at]  
  • We enjoyed reminiscing of the good old days in Oceanside via the website. We wish the Class of 1960 a wonderful and memorable reunion. We fondly remember so many of you. [From the  parents of classmate, Sabin Danziger, and parents-in-law of of classmate, Michael Brozost]    
  • What a great site you created!  Great music. Great graphics. What's not to like? Joan [the writer's wife]  and I spent over an hour taking your sea cruise. We love it! Maybe it is hard to believe that people who attended school in Cleveland in the '50s can enjoy looking at Oceanside prom pictures and checking out Oceanside reunions, but we did.  And the animations! (Where did you ever find all those animations?) Even the wallpaper was fun. Joan now wants to go to her reunion in 2004, and she swore she wouldn't attend another after going to the 10th. THAT is what your site did to her. As another band leader of that period said ... "Wunnaful, Wunnaful!" [And Joan added:] That website is absolutely fantastic! We are both very impressed! It was fun to read! I wished that it was my school that I was looking at.  
  • Howie, your wife came into the library [a local library in Las Vegas] the other day to get some music for your site. I asked her for the address it is wonderful. You must have put a lot of time and energy into it. If there is anything you need us to find at the library for you, please let us know. Wish I was as talented as you are.  
  • It is WAY cool. You have waaaaay too much time on your hands. [From a former business partner in Chicago]
  • Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my tour of the website. Spent the greater part of a Saturday evening on the site. As a 1960 high school graduate, I can totally relate to everything you have posted. We did not have Nathan's, but there was the corner burger-joint hangout. Each song reminded me of a particular happening at the time in my life when it was popular. Dick Biondi was our Alan Freed, who gave us those memorable magic moments. His career was almost as tumultuous as Alan's. I have told several of my friends about  website, and all have thoroughly enjoyed it. [From another former business partner in Chicago]
  • Just finished cruisin' your website and wanted to say I loved it. 
  • I've thoroughly enjoyed perusing Oceanside's webpage it's a wonderful site. Wish I'd gone to school there. 
  • Your site is beautiful!!  ... really brings back those old feelings. Hey, that could be a song title.  It is fantastic!!!! I hated to leave, so for sure I'll be going back again." [From a 1960 graduate of West Islip High School
  • Great site created for the Class of 1960 wonderful photos of Oceanside in 1960, lots of cool stuff!! Well worth the look! [From the now defunct Oceanside Education Foundation]
  • I tried your site, and it is quite amazing. [From an old friend from elementary school in Brooklyn, a Midwood High School, class of 1959, graduate, not seen nor heard from in 48 years]
  • Your class website is wonderful. I loved being able to see my dad's past. I felt like I was standing in the halls of the school and seeing it for real. [From the daughter of our classmate, Don Patterson]
  • MAGNIFICENT!!!  I spent a lot of time in Long Beach as my grandparents had a West End bungalow.  I also had a girlfriend who lived at Lawson and Atlantic, and we walked Lawson a lot. Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane. [From a 1977 graduate of Bellmore Kennedy High] 
  • Your whole website is fantastic, and I, too, love the Nathan's page the best!  Good job!  I miss the Oceanside Nathan's very much. I used to eat my hot dog, french fries and a drink and watch the puppet shows on Saturdays. [From a 1969 graduate of Long Beach High]

  • SUPER!!  Howie, Congratulations on a great site! I enjoyed every minute of it as I have very fond memories of my years at OHS. Keep up the great work. Your website never fails to amaze me each time I sign on! Thank you for that labor of love! [From the now late OHS track coach, Roy Chernock (1957 to '67)]  

  • Just received the link to your website. It is truly awesome. It has to be the most complete and the best put together site I have visited. Brings back GOOD memories. Unfortunately, I didn't have the pleasure of attending Oceanside schools. Our son, Michael [Furst], did graduate from OHS in the late '80s. Thanks for your efforts.  

  • Your website, “1960sailors,” is fantastic. I love it.    

  • ... thanks for the trip back in time and the retro music. Loved the website and the rest of the history behind Nathan's. Hot Dog, Buddy, Buddy song kind of sticks with you doesn't it? Thanks for the fun journey back. 

  • [About our Nathan's page.]  That was so-o-o-o interesting. 

[The previous two posts came from eBay sellers from whom Nathan's memorabilia was purchased.]

  • Your website page tells a fascinating story, not only about your local history, but of my family history as well. [This came from John Ashmele, nephew of both Leon Shor and Murray Hadfield (see next entry).]

  • Good job, Howie. Thanks. My family loved the research that you've done. [From the now late Morty Shor, son of Leon Shor, who was co-founder and operator during the early years of our own Roadside Rest.]  

  • We enjoyed that little piece you wrote about when we first opened Oceanside, and appreciated the recognition. You really did excellent research. [From now late Dorothy and Murray Handwerker, who saved the dying Roadside Rest in late 1956 and early 1957 and ultimately brought Nathan's to Oceanside in 1959. (Murray was the son of Nathan's founder, Nathan Handwerker.)]   

  • Thanks for all the information about the Nathan's Roadside Rest. We used to visit almost every weekend although we live in Brooklyn. We visited in the '50s and '60s as it was on the way to my late uncle's house in Long Beach. The food was as good as at the original Coney Island Nathan's. I was thinking about the Roadside Rest recently. The article brought back great memories. I even recall the entertainment on the stage. It was a better world then. People trusted and helped each other and cared.

  • WOW! Did you do this whole Oceanside scene? It was wonderful!  I just spent a nostalgic evening enjoying the trip back in time. We lived in Wedgewood from 1958 to 1997 when we moved to Florida with all the other Oceanside oldtimers. Your tour of Oceanside was very special. I'll be forwarding this site to all our old Oceanside friends. [From a former librarian at the Oceanside Library.]

  • You always make me smile when I view the site that you have so wonderfully developed. [This came from Craig Pravda, son of our late classmate, and my very dear, lifelong friend, Joel Pravda, to whose memory this site is dedicated.]

  • It was a blast from the past to find the OHS 1960 website today! By coincidence, I went to my search engine and, by gosh, I pulled up your fantastic website, and was I amazed!!! What a trip down memory lane! Those were good days and provide many good memories. I just read the lovely tribute you wrote for Ed Taylor. Your website is outstanding in every respect. ..."thanks for the memories." Keep that great website going. I got a charge out of the caption about Tom's visit [Tom Castoldi]. Then I followed the links and became absorbed once again in the total website, and nostalgia took over. I am amazed at the amount of data that you have collected and included in the website. Of course, the music and effects are great. Again, thanks for the memories. All the best. The website looks fantastic and it is always a "real trip" surfing the site. Brings back all good memories. Congratulations on the great work you have accomplished doing this venture. [From Allan Segal, OHS music teacher from 1956 to 1966 and then Director of Music Education for the Oceanside School District until 1986]

  • Thanks so very much for the Nathan's/Roadside Rest webpage! It is wonderful. I grew up in Island Park, because my dad loved the Roadside Rest/Nathan's so much he had to be close to it. Your site and wonderful photos brings many fond memories and good times. I remember the old site before they put the heated roof section on it in the early '60s. So much of my youth was spent there, and the gameroom and lots of necking there too! I now live in Florida, and my mom is good friends with Murray Handwerker and his wife; thanks for posting the interview. I recently had dinner with him too. He is so proud of his life's accomplishments. Again, thanks for the site and your contributions to Oceanside. [The writer went to W. Hempstead High School (he is younger than we are), and his cousin is Ray Sobel, the OHS citizenship ed. teacher of our time.]

  • I saw your website, and I am very proud of you, Howie because in high school, you were nothing. [From our beloved coach Jan (now, the late Frank Januszwski) at our 45-year reunion]

  • Loved your reunion pages!  I put a link on our homepage so people can see true Sailor Spirit!!! [From Betsy Transom, president of the Oceanside Education Foundation (visit at]
  • Just wanted to say hi and compliment you on a great website. Spent many happy days at Nathan's and Oceanside bowl. [From a member of East Rockaway High School's class of '63]
  • Hi, I was looking for material on Alan Freed and got directed to your Oceanside High School website and boy, am I glad I did! What a wonderful collection of memories and great songs you have assembled. I grew up in San Diego and got to hear Alan Freed after he came to KDAY in LA, its booming signal carried down here quite well. We pretty much grew up hearing the same songs here that you did there, it was a great era in music and we are lucky to have been there for it. I will be spending more time exploring the site, anyway, thanks very much for doing it and sharing your memories from a guy who grew up 3,000 miles away from your school.
  • ... congratulations on your site, which is full of a great deal of interesting information. [From an accomplished certified archivist employed at the prestigious 42nd St. New York Public Library]
  • I think your website is great. I wish they had one for Southside. [From a 1957 Southside graduate]
  • First off, I love, LOVE your website! I think it is superb, really fun and interesting, and even exciting. It is a fabulous resource, and you really did a great job in pulling all that information together in such a  creative way. I remember quite a lot about Oceanside. I remember thinking that the name Chawatsky seemed vaguely obscene, and, of course I was a big fan of the Roadside Rest and the Texas Ranger. [From Joe Behar, PhD (Long Beach High School, 1960), Professor of Sociology, Dowling College, Oakdale, NY, the source of several of our great photos of the Long beach boardwalk]
  • I can't believe it's been 6 years since you put that up. You did a great job. My hubby's high school class wants to put up a website. I told them about your awesome site so they can dream and drool. [From a cousin of our classmate, Ed Chilton (now deceased).]
  • Thank you for a very interesting site; I've been listening to the music from the "Our Music" page and getting a thrill as I was a teenager during the Alan Freed and American Bandstand period.
  • I just discovered your class website, and I love it! I am from the great class of 1960 from Newburgh Free Academy in Newburgh, NY.
  • Kudos by the way to Howard Levy. The 1960 Sailors website is a lot of fun Massapequa High has nothing like it. [From Marc Lecard, author of (among others) the "comic crime" novel, Vinnie's Head, and who grew up on Long Island]
  •  I can't believe what I am seeing. ... I already e-mailed your site to friends around the country. [From Spider Harrison, veteran deejay, record company executive and recording artist, graduate of Hempstead High School, '62 (]
  • To my Cousin, Howard B. "Howie" Levy, You are the man Love your website Our memories are alive and well. [From famed rock 'n' roll DJ and Top-40 pioneer, "Cousin Brucie" Morrow]
  • I grew up in Island Park and lived in Oceanside from 1999-2007. I loved looking thru your site, and it brought back many memories.  
  • I am the Senior High Band Director for South Lewis Central School in Turin, NY. This is a small town situated between Watertown and Utica, near Fort Drum. I grew up in Cortland, near Syracuse. I am directing The King and I and have been doing much research. I stumbled across your Oceanside site, and it amazed me. After listening and reading about The King and I production, I browsed the rest of the site. It is truly fantastic. It sounds like a place I wished I had gone to school and a time period. I graduated in 1985. Anyway, I am going to use the quote that you guys used from "Something Wonderful" in my program; it was a nice idea and a classy touch. The orchestra sounded great, too. Looking at your class pictures, this school must have been huge. I graduated from a class of 250 and teach in a school with a graduating class of about 100. I was sorry to read that the King, Alan Lupi, had died ... and he was so young.
  • I did not attend Oceanside, but I found your site while looking for, of all things, the "ah-bey" clip from Murray the K's radio show. What a gas! It is now one of my cell phone ringtones. Thanks a million.
  • Dear Sailors! I represent the newly formed 1976 KGHS Association in King George, Virginia. I was searching the web for any other high school class who had enough talent to form an association and WOW, your website is amazing! The Oceanside Class of 1960 site is truly an inspiration to our group!  Thanks for the many hours of entertainment!!  
  • Thank you Howie Levy:  I'm not from Oceanside but rather (dare I say it here?) from Stuyvesant [H.S. in NYC], class of '59 so I am overjoyed that someone has put together such a treasure trove of memories and especially the music from that greatest era. As an observer of the current teenage scene, and having observed it ever since we graduated, I can easily say that we really were the greatest in that we were part of the fastest transition from uptight society to totally open, in thought, deed, and music!  I was at most of the Alan Freed and Jocko live shows, still have the programs! Those were wonderful years even better than the hippie era we ushered in! And I was in San Francisco for those!! My 50th graduation year is coming up next year. I hope we can do as well as you've done with this great website. Thanks again.   

  • I love your website, the music, the photos, but most of all, the heart and soul, the feeling behind it all. I'm going to pass it on to some of my classmates and friends. I graduated Hackensack High School, Hackensack, NJ, class of '63. So I am a little bit younger than you, but I feel right at home on your website. Your photos remind me of my hometown, my school and the kids I grew up with. I really like your Memorial page, and it's "Gone But Not Forgotten" theme. We should never forget. I surfed into your site from the Murray the K page as a result of a Google search on Murray.
  • I truly appreciate your website, the work and the love that went into it, and I really appreciate the heart and soul that went into each word and detail. [from a member of Greenwich High School's (Greenwich Connecticut) Class of 1967]  
  • What a wonderful task you have undertaken!  The website is so inviting and orchestrated to include so many aspects of school-community, exactly as I recall my early years. You are truly dedicated! [from an OHS faculty member (1958-92), Marjorie Delmar, nee Pascale, nee Ferrugio (Citizenship Education)]
  • I'm not an alum of Oceanside but just wanted to say what a great site you guys have. I stumbled upon it while looking for a song that Jocko used to use as his first song after his intro on WADO and found myself immersed in Jocko, Alan Freed and Murray the K and wound my way back through your site. I've been involved in my school's 1961 reunions (40 and 45th) and thought we did  a good job but you guys just blow us out of the water!! Great job!! Keep up the good work! [from a member of Babylon High School's Class of 1961]
  • What an awesome site! I hope we can find someone to do ours. [From a member of Elkin High School's (Elkin, North Carolina) Class of 196?]
  • I lived in Oceanside from 1952-65. I did not attend Oceanside H.S., but have many fond memories of  growing up there. I happened upon your website almost by accident and was really taken with the "Our Little Town" section. It brought back some really great memories! Many thanks and best wishes.
  • I have enjoyed reading your memories of the Roadside Rest, of which my grandfather, Leon Shor, was a founder. I loved looking at the menu. Wow! I wish prices still looked like that today. If you get any updates on the Roadside Rest, I would love to know about them. I wished I could have seen it in its heyday, but I have heard so many wonderful stories from my father, who still has great memories of those days. [From Richard Shor, son of Morty Shor, whose father, Leon Shor, was co-founder and operator during the early years of our own Roadside Rest.]
  • I just left the incredible website created for your classmates. Congrats to you and your associates for taking a website to another level. I will continue from time-to-time check your website.
  • A great site for Fifties and Sixties memories and celebration .... Be prepared, this is not just about a local high school, it is much more ... loaded with tons of information about the period and packed full of fun and facts. It is comprehensive, well written're gonna love it! ... you can just 'cruise' away. [From now late Charles W. Amann III,  historian and author of an unfinished book, The Princes and Princesses of Dance, a scholarly, behind-the-scenes history of the Philadelphia years of Dick Clark's American Bandstand.]
  • You made such a beautiful tribute to Joel. Thanks so much for keeping the memory of Joel so alive. And I love to go to your website to see the pictures and hear the music from our era. [This came from Vivien Pravda, widow of our late classmate, and my very dear, lifelong friend, Joel Pravda, to whose memory this site is dedicated.]
    UPDATE: Your website gets better with age, Lovely tribute to Jim Heitler. Very moving song by his son.
  • I went to Terrell Ave. Elementary School from Kindergarten to the 1st 1/2 of the 6th grade and then moved to  Birmingham, Alabama where I still live. have a wonderful site. I appreciate all the hard work that you have put into the site. 
  • Your site was a walk in the journey of life for me … tonight was special for the memories yup times were a lot nicer back then! [From the son of the late William A. Senning 2nd, a history teacher then administrator at OHS beginning in1950]
  • Very, very. very coooooool! Wow I haven’t said “cool” in a long time. Great work!!!!   
  • Thanks for the terrific collection of memories! You really have been putting a bunch of time into the histories. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work. [From Hal Behl, the 91-year old husband of the late artist, Reggie Behl, whose work from Oceanside in the 1950s is featured on this site.]

  • I just revisited the page you created for my Dad and wanted thank you again. I love reading the posts by all of his friends.  [From Tom Turner's daughter, Shannon.]

  • I was looking for some older pictures of Oceanside.and came across your  beautiful website.  So much great history! Thanks again for your site filled with all this valuable information and history!

  • I love the website. [From 6th grade teacher, Anthony J. Marino, Ed. D., Oceanside School No. 5]

  • I was trying to find a guy with whom I went to summer camp in the 1950s, and ... I discovered that Donny Fine had died, which shook me. ... I sought out his obituary, which sent me along to your remarkable remembrance. I just wanted to thank you for bringing back some memories ¾ and giving me a good cry at his absence. [From Bruce Lowitt, a former Associated Press sports writer and a childhood friend of Donny Fine, who had lost touch around 20 years ago and just learned of his passing.]

  • Thank you so very much for mentioning me and showing and linking to both my book and documentary. Very special to be part of your AMAZING site. [From Lloyd Handwerker, a grandson of the founder of Nathan's Famous (Nathan Handwerker), co-author of the book, Famous Nathan, and producer/director of the acclaimed documentary film by the same name.]

  • Your site is wonderful and needs to have as much exposure as possible. [From Gil Reavill, co-author (with Lloyd Handwerker) of the book, Famous Nathan]
  • I saw your website, and it's quite the treasure trove! It's wonderful that you've maintained it over all these years! I love the site; it's cool! Since the 18-year anniversary is coming up soon, I'd love to do a story both on the site and a bit about Oceanside history. [From Peter Belfiore, editor for the Oceanside/Island Park Herald]
  • Great website. Amazing to see the history of Oceanside. I’m learning more and more about my family's past. [From a current Oceanside resident and grand nephew of football coach and driver's ed. teacher of our time at OHS, Stephen Delligatti]
  • I found your website online and I really liked it. I grew up in Lynbrook, and I remember (I’m 62) going to Nathan’s. I also loved Nunley’s as my grandfather would take us there. [From Larry Wolff. a friend of the late Jazzbo, the clown]

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