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Last : February 25, 2021

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The comments that follow are arranged alphabetically by source within each class year. (Click below on the year to proceed directly to it.) The number of respondents is noted parenthetically in the table of below next to the link for the year. Entries from approximately the last month or so are dated and marked.  

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The most emotional reactions (my favorites) those in which people tell me how the site made them feel  are highlighted. 


Class of 1940

  • Your page for 1960 is great. Joe Lazar 

Class of 1944

  • It is great to have a bona fide OHS website. The website is great and long needed.  I personally am happy to poach on it and see that some of my vintage alumni may in fact enter and communicate.   ... what a great website. The town you show pictures of didn't change that much from what I remember. Nostalgia is wonderful. Your site is fabulous, and I do visit it and tell those classmates of mine to bring it up. Thank you. Al Bedell

Class of 1946

  • Congrats on bringing Oceanside back to life for me, Howie. I graduated 14 years ahead of you but have admired and even envied the enthusiasm of folks like you. Your OHS website makes me feel old, Howie, really old. But that's meant as a compliment great job! Thanks for a wildly nostalgic look at my old home town  and a glimpse of how much it has changed. Thanks for the memories! Roger Patterson


    Class of 1948        

  • With his website, which started out as a vehicle for the class of 1960 to keep in touch, Howie Levy ,'60, has been making quite a name for himself. The website has evolved into a history of Oceanside a hobby that has become an adventure ... written up in several local newspapers ... and still growing. Lena Prochilo [editor of Spindrifter, newsletter of the Oceanside High School Alumni Association, as published in the Spring 2007 edition]

Class of 1950

Class of 1951

  • We want to tell you how much we enjoyed this website. What a great job. It brings back many memories for us. Thanks a lot. It sure was a neat town to grow up in. I think we were very lucky to have grown up in the '50s and '60s. Again thanks for all the work that went into this. I  am looking forward to sharing it with our children and grandchildren. We sure have been having fun looking at all the links of your website. Richard (Buzz) Marvin [husband of Sally Ann L'Hommedieu, 1953]
  • Love the picture of the "triangle." Andy Southard, Jr. [This comment was received before Andy sent in his own triangle photos from 1952.  Andy was well-known in Oceanside in the 1950s for his talent for painting elaborate pinstriping and flames on hot rods.  His dad, Andrew, Sr. was on the local school board from 1935-1968. (More about Andy, Jr. in SEA CRUISE NEWS.)]

Class of 1952

  • I graduated from OHS in 1952, and my sister who graduated in 1962 sent me your website address.  Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed it.  It is quite fabulous.  Seeing those old photos brought some tears to my eyes.  I went to Terrell Ave.,  and Florence Smith was my principal. Not much changed between 1952 and 1960, so it all was just as I remember too, pretty much. Has been 30 years since I`ve been back. Thanks for this wonderful site. Barbara Christman 

Class of 1953

  • We want to tell you how much we enjoyed this website. What a great job. It brings back many memories for us. Thanks a lot.  It sure was a neat town to grow up in. I think we were very lucky to have grown up in the '50s and '60s.  Again thanks for all the work that went into this. I  am looking forward to sharing it with our children and grandchildren.  We sure have been having fun looking at all the links of your website. Sally Ann L'Hommedieu [wife of Richard (Buzz) Marvin, 1951]

Class of 1954

  • Great website. Although I predate your class by six years, I can relate to most everything except being part of the new high school, although I was a substitute teacher there during the seventies. You did a fantastic job in putting this all together. Thank you for the wonderful memories of a time that will forever be so fondly remembered. They say you can never go home again, but you made it possible. With much appreciation. I enjoy your website and visit it regularly. Keep up the good work. My high school days meant so much to me, more than my time at college. I can't begin to tell you what memories your website brings back to me. I still live in Rockville Centre and not too far from my old high school on Merle Avenue. Your graduating class of 1960 included my cousin, Ray Martinis. Ray was here on Long Island last summer.... We talked about your website and how much we both liked it. There are many from my class who visit it frequently. I never tire of your fabulous website.  Joe Papalia

Class of 1955

  • I have been looking at the Our Little Town page for quite some time and find it quite interesting. Don Clarke
  • Thanks for the memories, Howie, and your title, Director of Nostalgia is right on the $. The music is OUTSTANDING.  There is nothing like the sounds of the '50s to bring back the memories. The tour of Oceanside made my day!!!  References to Foxhurst Rd., the Shrine of St. Anthony (I went there on my bicycle, probably 1945) and tried to explain to my mother where I'd been, and especially the Roadside Rest triggered some interesting memories. My family always stopped at the Roadside Rest on the way home from Long Beach. This would have been 1944-47. Howie, I can't thank you enough for leading me to your class website. Many thanks again. Sam Franklin 

Class of 1956

  • I went to your Sailors' website. Boy, I love it. Sure brings back memories. Pix of triangle in downtown well remembered. Marched in parades there many times. Yes, I can see many, many hours on your website, great job. I sent a check today. Even though I am not of your class of 1960, I wanted to support your website. I think it is great. Keep up the good work. I see the site getting better and better. I don't know how you keep track of what is on it; there is soooo much there. Full time job, I guess. Keep it up. Wally Erskine
  • I viewed someone in my class notified me about it. Absolutely terrific. You have a great deal of talent and a great deal of patience. They were wonderful years, it was a nice area to grow up in not to mention the times and we were fortunate to attend such a wonderful school with so many nice people. Sometimes I wish I could revisit those days just for a little while. I love your website and go on it every now and then there is so much to see and read. Brings back some wonderful memories. The music is great. Everyone I have spoken with has enjoyed that site. You have given a lot of Sailors great joy. Dorothy Perfetti
  • My sister, Lorraine Sand, who graduated in l955, and I speak continually of our idyllic childhoods in Oceanside. ... [My friends and I] spent every day in the summers of l953, l954, l955, and l956 at the ocean at Long Beach, where daily we would meet as many as fifteen other Oceansiders and Island Parkers for a full day of swimming and sunning by the boardwalk. We would take the train from East Rockaway and Oceanside and Island Park stations to get to Long Beach.  The ticket from East Rockaway was fifteen cents.  Sometimes to save money we would walk the tracks to Oceanside station and save three cents.  Such delicious memories. Nancy Sand
  • I don't know that we ever met, but I know a lot of OHS people who know you. One of them told me about your great website. I just paid my first visit to it, and I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it. You've done a wonderful job with all of it, but your choices of  music to accompany the different pictures is absolutely perfect! Thank you   I just spent an hour with a smile on my face as I found great pictures of wonderful faces I hadn't seen in a long time! Excellent job! Tom Woodward

Class of 1957

  • I visited your website for the class of 1960. Quite a few times in fact. You sure are doing a terrific job. Love the class pictures from the yearbook. I loved the site ... it is really beautifully done. You have quite a talent. Wish someone from my class would do something similar. Jeannie Kaelin 
  • Howie, your class website is a work of art, and the page relating to the WTC is wonderful. The poem, "I Am a New Yorker" is SO very true!  We who grew up in the late '50s and early '60s are such a fortunate generation!  Thanks for keeping it alive! Carol Keegan [sister of our classmates, Nancy and Kathy Keegan]
  • Great music, great pictures, nostalgia is flowing everywhere. Ron Schiller [brother of our classmate, Marion Schiller]
  • Great website. Appreciate all your work as I have a web-based graphics company. Joyce Siegel 

Class of 1958

  • I just looked at your website. You did a great job. It covers just about everything. Vic Cullen [brother of our classmate, Kathy Cullen] 
  • I’m not sure that I know who you are, but finding this home page was just what I needed today.  It is wonderful. I am very into computers, so I truly know what work has gone into this site. Wonderful, so cool ... keep up the great job. I thought the site was great even looking at it for the third and fourth time. Keep finding lots of memories. Thanks for all you are doing to get people together. Celia Drucker 
  • I just received information about your website and want to tell you that you did an absolutely incredible job! It is mind boggling to think how much time and effort you must have put into this project. I  enjoyed perusing the website. It is absolutely wild! My brother, Richard Greenman, was in your class, and I sent him the info. Thanks for the enjoyable journey. Adele Greenman
  • Exceptional job! I have watched with great interest your work on your class website, your dedication and your commitment to your classmates. I was very active in school activities. When you attended, I was the Chief Justice of the Student Court, Senior Class Treasurer, a member of the varsity wrestling team, etc. I have had the pleasure of working on every reunion [of my class], playing Master of Ceremonies at each of them. But you have set the highest standard of dedication of all, I’m sure. You epitomize the great spirit of Oceanside memories for many of us. Thank you for all the work you do. Those of us who are also interested and dedicated to our fellow classmates admire your abilities. Howie Liebowitz
  • I spent the last couple of hours going over the site and think you have accomplished a great service to the graduates of 1960. The last reunion pictures were right on. Gerald Lewis
  • Thank you, Howie, for your efforts in building and maintaining the 1960 Sailors website. I know a lot of thought and research went into it. Even though I graduated in 1958, I felt that I was part of your graduating class. Sure brought back many old memories. I especially enjoyed the old photos. Also, many thanks for finding an old friend that I haven't spoken to in over 50 years. Because of you, these memories will not die. Jerry Mcfadden
  • Stumbled on the site and grateful for it. The background music is fantastic as I loved to dance to those songs long after we were out of school. The memories are wonderful. Thank you and God bless. Paul Prochilo

Class of 1959

  • Browsing web and came across your site really super stuff congratulations on the comprehensive content. Your efforts are appreciated. It is also comforting seeing Betty's picture in the memorials, as it is evidence of "never being forgotten." Nigel Brooke [husband of our classmate, the late Betty Jane Schnappauf]
  • Great to look back. Very nostalgic, pictures and accounts of past years. I enjoyed visiting. Richard Cantwell
  • Many thanks for your epic, saga and Grand Production. [After OHS, I] ... moved on via a Sea Cruise; USN. Was one of the minority Island Parkers that made it through Neptune's Net and never looked back. Now ... its time to pause and reflect. Your love of the times of OHS and the side streets of life are perfect. Quite a work of art. Many hours of enjoyment. GR8 stuff, VegasMan! You look tyrif in your uniform. Thanks again, as it only gets BETTAH! Jimmy Gaines
  • Your class site is just great. What a job! Larry Hurwitz 
  • Your class of 1960 site is absolutely superb. I am sitting at my home in Florida, with Michael Brozost, and we have tears of happiness in our eyes at being able to be in such close touch with people who meant so much to us. Thank you so much. Jack Kaplan
  • What a terrific job you've done.  My hat's off to you for the mega-effort. Thanks. Keep it up.  It takes me back to simpler and happier times, long ago but not forgotten.  It's truly a labor of love, and it shows. Allan Malamy 
  • I was Googling for Oceanside information and came across your website, and I want to send you a big THANK YOU.  ... the pictures and stories brought back the most amazing memories. I worked on the costumes for "Paint Your Wagon" and "The King and I," and hearing the voices of classmates from long ago brought tears to my eyes. Again, thank you for all your hard work. It's greatly appreciated. Gail Maltz
  • Was playing around on the internet and came across your class' web page.  It is really amazing an unbelievable job of putting it together. Howie Schwartz 
  • Thanks for taking me on a nostalgic tour this rainy a.m. It was GREAT!!!! Carole Simmons
  • I checked out your website, and it is really great. Carol Spandanuta

Class of 1961

  • Your website is amazing. Your class must be very thrilled by it. Beverly Einhorn 
  • Enjoyed the 1960 sailors' site. Joyce Eleftherion [Joyce's family owned the beloved Rainbow Diner]
  • I enjoy the site as I know many of the people from this class (was even engaged to Connie Agresta once a long time ago) and sadly most of the memorialsBarbara Erickson 
  • I have visited the 1960 Sailors site, and the site is too much for words to express; thanks again. I have just now slowed down enough to start looking back. ... enough to warm one's heart as much as the Arizona sun warms these old bonesJohn Gunther 
  • I am absolutely floored by the professionalism of the site. Thank you so much for your time and effort.  I had a full barrel of emotions, touring each of the pages. ( I visited them all, and  I'll go back again and again.)  I was especially saddened by the Memorial page. I cried to learn that Barry Wolff has passed on. He, as  well as Bob Lowery, were my fraternity brothers. Bob died just after graduating. Anyway, thanks again, Howie, for a great website. I only wish someone from the class of '61 would do the same. Howie, once again, you have outdone yourself with the September 11th page. Thank you for the heartfelt letters, poems, statements and most of all, the Ray Charles arrangement of  "America, the Beautiful." I feel all the emotions Nancy Keegan wrote about in her letter to you. Thanks for sharing it with us. Thank you, Nancy, for putting it down on paper for all of us to read and feel. Nice tribute to the hard work and the tremendous
    accomplishment of a great website. A lot of people are grateful for your efforts, and not just the class of '60 and the surrounding classes but all OHS alumni. Can't say it enough. Thanks. You certainly have done more than anyone. I loved the times in which we grew up ... I probably enjoy it more now in hindsight. 

    Just sitting here on a cold Sunday and thought I would travel down "Nostalgia Way" and check any new things on the site. I am just not a computer person, which is why I am in such awe of the work you have done with "the site." I just wanted to tell you again how much I appreciate all your hard work on this site and agree with the gentleman who said you ought to be arrested for time consumption. One never gets out or off in a timely fashion. Chip Hawkins

  • Thank you so much for recording so beautifully the precious memories of our youth.  We are all indebted to you for keeping alive the memory of the greatest years of our lives. They truly were "Happy Days," we were so lucky to have been teenagers in the 1950s, and having that rock 'n' roll music was the best and still is. The way you used the music to punctuate the photos is fabulous.  I am drowning in nostalgia!  It is so lovely to reminisce. I especially appreciate your memorial to my dear sister, Rosemary Maurino Hancock [married Ray Hancock], and all your other beloved classmates who have passed on. God bless you, Howie, and thank you for all the heart and soul that went into this work of art! Joanne Maurino
  • I am still not sure how I found your website. I was not looking for it. At first, I was not sure what I had found. But slowly, the pictures, the music, and the stories old and new spun their magic web. I have been back to Oceanside one day in the last 35 years, but the night I discovered your website, I was home. Thank you. James (J. D.) McAdam
  • I really like this site and am always looking for new tidbits of info about classmates and Oceanside. Carole Mitchell
  •  Still pouring over the pages  ̶  it's amazing the information you gathered. You did an awesome job putting that together ... for the enjoyment of us all!! Thanx! Wendy Morton/Mintz

  • I stumbled upon your site this evening.  I'm slowly going through your entire site. No doubt, I agree you've done a magnificent job. It's much more than magnificent. You've done an outstanding job. Bob Most 
  • Your site is inspirationalCharlie Pedersen 
  •  ... a work of art and love. Sharon Rindner [sister of our late classmate, Lois Rindner]
  • I truly admire the work you have done for the class of 1960. I enjoy  going to the 1960 Sailors website. Keep up the good work. I have come to realize that the class of 1960 was/is indeed special. Franki Roizman
  • I haven't been back to Oceanside since about 1966, and the memory of it had faded and had gotten all tangled up with a lot of other memories of all the different towns I had lived in. ...  When I went through your site and looked at the pictures, and articles, so much flooded back into my mind. I placed where things were; I remembered things that I had long forgotten; I even heard and smelled things from so long ago; it was a wonderful trip down memory lane, and it made me smile a lot. ...  You did a splendid job, and I thank you for the memories. ...  Looking at the effort, time, and care that you put into your site tells me that you still love Oceanside very much. Lou Scafidi 
  • I visited "1960sailors," and it's a knockout what a great creation! Bob Schimmel 
  • I must tell you, you have created the best website I have ever seen for a non-commercial organization a multi-media extravaganza. Oceanside had a great school system and was a wonderful town to grow up in. I just checked out Oceanside Beacon pages and ads you put up on the 1960 site. GREAT JOB. I should have gone further into your site sooner. A real treasure trove. Thanks for the memories. I liked that pic of the Katz brothers on the Prom Night page. I checked out the new stuff you got from Marta WattsGreat stuff.  I read everything, then I started going link to link I got really engrossed/ enthralled/ enraptured/ etc. finally overwhelmed. The enthusiasm/care/dedication and love you pour into the website are a joy to behold. I just went to your site to see the Thanksgiving greeting. Great idea, those voices. Then I got caught up in the "History of Oceanside" and the surrounding towns/areas. It took me a 1/2-hour to get out of there. I've told you this before, but I have to say it again. You have done a wonderful thing for Oceanside with your website. It has become much more than a site just for the class of 1960. It is now something for everyone. Someday/ someway you'll receive the recognition you deserve for your efforts. Thanks. I hate to start perusing your website this late. Once I start, I'm up half the night. I go from one thing to another one link to another it's never ending. It's great. You deserve every accolade you receive for the TONS of work you have done for your class and for every class and resident of Oceanside. I know it was a labor of love on your part, or else it wouldn't be what it has grown to be. Jerry Schmotzer
  • This is a great website; you are to be commended for your efforts. I wish our class had such a website. Jeanne Slattery
  • I came across the 1960 Sailors Association web page TERRIFIC! My family lived in Island Park, and I went to Oceanside Jr. High beginning in 1957. David Adest was in my gym class and later a dormmate at SUNY Farmingdale. I have fond memories of Mr. Plia on the trampline! That man was graceful as a bird on that piece of equipment. I remember going to the rifle range located under the High School for target shooting. I was sorry to see the passing of former students who were in my various classes. I could still see them as they were at that time! THANKS for the memories! Do you remember the Bohack food store or the pony track on Long Beach Road? My parents would stop once in a while to let me ride the ponies! Alfred Starr
  • Your site is terrific! Thanks for the great website for the class of  '60! You are just amazing. The 1960 Sailors website is out of this world. It must truly be a labor of love ... mega kudos!!!!! Reading through the list of shows that were performed during my days at OJHS and OHS reminds me again just where my love of Broadway musicals really started. It was right in our little town. Just one more thing to be grateful for being able to grow up in the '50s and early '60s in Oceanside. It looks like the current students are carrying on the tradition of musicals. The one person that stands out in my memory is Alan Lupi, who left us way too soon. Joan Topp
  • 2/22/21 I’ve been very impressed with your website.  My brothers and I have loved perusing the pages. So many memories. Bill Wallace
  • It's been a long time since I've thought about high school, but I recently came across your site. WHAT A FIND! I think I spent more than an hour going through all of the pages, and I've come back for updates. Boy, what memories! As a member of a class just one year removed from your own, I can relate to all of the info presented on the site. You did a fantastic job. Peter Wriede


Class of 1962

  • Keith Polsley Bearman (see Keith Polsley)
  • Howie, I had many friends in your class. What a thrill to visit your website and be taken back to that great time. You did a wonderful job on the website, and I appreciate the opportunity you have given us to share in the memories. Thank you. Roberta Bryman 
  • Excellent job!!!!! Linda Cohen
  • Yesterday, I discovered your website for the class of 1960. It is terrific. I know you have heard this before (I have read some of the comments), but I just have to tell you that you are a GENIUS. I spent about 3 hrs on it and want to go back.  It was FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, THE GREATEST. Yes, its true as we get older we realize how important our high school years and our classmates were but didn't realize it then. The memories your website brought back are amazing I actually got the chills. I was so excited. I haven't been back to Oceanside since 1991, but now I have to go back.  THANK YOU for the beautiful memories. Bea Ferrara
  • You have truly created something outstanding. Not remembering high school as the best time in my life, I was surprised to be reduced to tears of nostalgia as I navigated through your site. What an accomplishment!  Linda Fine [We learned not long after receiving this message that Linda Fine has since passed away.]
  • Went to the site, and it brought back so many memories. Many thanks. Barbara Frank

  •  Incredible site. I think it's wonderful. It makes me feel good. Hours and hours of navigation and memories oh the memories! A tip of the sailor cap to Howie you're the man!! You're the man!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bob Frankenberg

  • I'm the coordinator for our 40th reunion. Your class website is terrificSusan Klein 

  • Great website!!!  I especially like the "total picture" you paint in your website of what it was like to grow up in Oceanside during the '50s. They were great times. Your music is perfect, and photos of actual classrooms are just great.   Keep it up! And "Go Sailors!"  John Knapp [went to OJHS 9/57-6/59, then transferred to St Agnes in RVC]
  •  The work you have done for the class of 1960 is fantastic. Roy Little
  • You have an awesome class! Andi Knorr
  • Went to website, and it is genuinely cool memories love them!!!!  What do you do that you had so much time to put this altogether? Carole Cain ('62) just e-mailed me info about the site. I had already been a visitor. She was so excited, so I made a return visit.. You really did an incredible job. It is a rainy Sunday morning, and I am listening to the wonderful soundtrack, and the memories are just flowing. Carol Lipitz
  • I see you have been adding lots of new things to your site. It's wonderful. It is done with beauty and good taste. You have done a superb job with your  website. ...I wish you continued success!!! Roberta Padula 
  • Thanks to YOU, Howie, no matter how many years we are removed from OHS, we can always go back.  ... once again to your minor little effort at historianism. THREE HOURS LATER, I surface and move on. Thanks again, Howie. Your site is the best I have ever seen of its type. Keith Polsley
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  And, I didn't have to rent a teen. I downloaded media player successfully, and now I can enjoy your wonderful site a whole lot better! Thanks again. I love the music! Linda Sabatini 
  • Dear Howie, we present to you THE ALL TIME OUTSTANDING ALUMNUS AWARD from Oceanside High School for your development of this most enjoyable and special website. Are we really allowed to visit even though we both graduated in '62?  We were very saddened by the passing of so many of the class of '60, especially Joel  Pravda. We salute you, Admiral Levy! Ron Sloop and Anne Zimkind (Sloop) 
  • Just found your class website tonight and can't stop looking at it. I have only scratched the surface, and I am totally amazed and impressed by its depth and quality. I can't believe how many wonderful memories you bring back that I haven't thought about in years. I have put this site on my "favorites" list and will be back frequently there is so much more to see. It feels good to be home. Thanks so much.  Pat Williams [sister of our classmate, Gail Williams]
  • Anne Zimkind (See Ron Sloop, also 1962)

Class of 1963

  • Just discovered the Sailors' page. This is fantastic, in fact it is more than that, it is at once a monument, a testament and a tribute to our great little town and our great school. Thank you. Gary Ader 
  • ... an amazing job with the website...a labor of love...that has taken on a life of its own. It has given us many, many wonderful memories via the words, songs and pictures. ALL of your hard work and effort is appreciated by many, many people over the country. You  certainly have been busy doing Oceanside homework! Good for you ... they were fun and innocent days! Thanks for all the "stuff" on the website. Friends from Long Beach started talking about Texas Ranger and the delicious cole slaw. They went online to get the recipe when your site popped up. They then followed all the old pics of Oceanside, Long Beach  ̶  reminisced all day.” They never got the recipe but fell in love with the site. You never know how many people and how far reaching your site goes. Makes A LOT OF PEOPLE HAPPY. Margot Danziger Brozost [sister of our own Sabin Danziger and wife of our Mike Brozost
  • I loved the entire site, and seeing all of those familiar names and hearing the songs were moving. Penny Ferdinand
  • I started looking at the website a couple of years ago, and was just blown away! You have certainly devoted countless hours of hard work…INCREDIBLE! Teresa Kaylin
  • How great it was to remember my own  OHS days. Although I graduated in '63, it was great to see a pic of OHS  before the additions were added. Also, the pic of Ms. Cowan's class brought back my own memories. ... As I grow older, I find myself "looking back" more than I would have  thought.Thanks for he warm memories. Arnie Levine
  • I was just browsing your site. The music is playing in the background, and my eyes are filled with tears. Your site is so cool, Howie, especially the interview and stuff about Nathan's. Nathan's was my first job at 16 and I stayed there for over 5 years. There was so much history in the Roadside Rest. Well, I think I've now seen the entire site and will be coming back for updates frequently. The overall quality is superior to all other sites I've seen, both commercial and non-commercial. The music is beyond belief . Thanks so much for the memories, Howie! Hope your class does live forever. You are a wonderful guy to do this for your fellow Sailors. I wish I were in your class. My hat's off to you, Admiral Levy, for a wonderful job. I just can't stay off the site even though it almost always leaves me in tears. Ah, the memories keep coming back as I browse the website. Oceanside was a wonderful place to live in the '50s and '60s. Thanks so much for bringing it all back into focus. The Popeye page was wonderful. Forty-five years away at sea. Boy what a voyage! Enjoyed your [reunion] speeches too. It made so much sense to tell folks to cherish old friends while they can. Love your site and the memories of Oceanside. Keep up the great work. Really liked the new additions to the site. The site always puts tears in my eyes. Freed sounds so real on your excerpt. Makes it like it's on the air live 51 years later. Nice work. The sound clips of Murray the K were great. Your site should be a must see for all folks who were teenagers in NY during the 50's and 60's, not just OHS 1960 or OHS alone. I really am enjoying the site more each time I visit. Will keep checking back for updates. Every time I go to your site, Howie, more and more memories of Oceanside flow back. Some good, some not so good, but it's fun to remember. May your class go on till the end of time. Thanks for the detail about Jazzbo [Edmund Tester ('46)], Howie. Amazing he's still performing... a great addition to the site. Great interview. I never knew much about Jazzbo until you wrote him up on the site. Jazzboland brought back some fun memories. Wow! As always, wonderful work! Thanks so much for being the unofficial historian of Oceanside. Keep up the marvelous work, Captain Levy (or is it now Admiral)? Loved your 55th reunion writeup and videos. It's amazing to see how your class remains in touch throughout the years.The slides of Long Beach brought back memories of getting off work at 9AM from Oceanside Shell and sleeping on the beach. As you say, Howie, we grew up in a different and kinder world. I only hope my children and grandkids experience some of the same. I'm full of tears again. Bob Levine
  • I've just spent an hour on your website. Your speech, focusing on friendship, at the [50-year] reunion was lovely.  It made me even more grateful that I renewed my friendship with [your wife,] Susan [Phillips ('63),](after 46 years!) and made a new, wonderful friend, in you. I toured Our Little Town again and enjoyed the old sights.  I loved that place!  I marched in several Memorial Day parades as a girl scout. I painted store windows for many years at Halloween, though I never won a real prize, just "honorable mention!" I must admit, some of the photos brought back memories that made me tearful. I have wonderful memories of growing up in Oceanside from 1955 to 1967. It really was the American Dream Experience for many of us. JoAnn Novick
  • Your website is great! Jerry Warren [brother of our late classmate, Dick Warren]
  • Took a look at the class of  '60's website.  Not bad at all.  It is wonderful, and I find myself going back there very often. If you haven't visited as of yet, do so. It is a must ... an incredible site. Penny Wise [Penny passed on July 4, 2008.]

Class of 1964

  • I was most impressed you and the other classmates are to be congratulated, not only for the great and exciting work/memories resurrected, but for inspiring successor graduates like me. Keep up the "Sailors, Sailors almighty, all righty" spirit!!! Go OHS!!! Thank you so very much. H. Neil "Herby" Broder 
  • It is incredible a real trip down memory lane. ... time travel. Thanks again for a wonderful visit to the Oceanside I remember!  I cannot begin to say how much I enjoy your site. I will keep surfing. It is so very greatly rewarding!! Ann Coleman 
  • The site is incredible. The travel down memory lane was incredible. While surfing the site, I found a picture that was published in the Beacon of a window I painted at Halloween; it won second prize. Your devotion is greatly appreciated. Thank you  Joan Darragh
  • Love your site and enjoyed viewing it. Joan Friedman [Joni is manager of a group now performing in south Florida as the Mystics, led by one of the original Mystics, who had the no. 1 hit record, Hushabye, in 1959.]
  • Thanks for the memories, especially Murray the K. That was really great!  Pam Hayes 
  • What a great site. The photos of grammar schools and familiar sights made me sigh and smile.  What a bang-up job you did. Thanks for the memories. Cherie Henri 
  •  I was fascinated with your bio of Uncle Ed. I was under his tutelage when I was in jr. high, 1958-'61. In fact, Melody [Taylor ('65), his daughter], was my girlfriend when I was a senior and she was a junior. Lots of fond memories. Jonathan Kotch
  •  I have seen your wonderful site. There is certainly A LOT there, but it is great fun!! I love the music AND the Nathan's page!! Judy Markoe
  • I am truly blown away by the wealth of memories.  Both as a  member of the Class of '64 and as the sister of a member of Class of '60, everything I've read (and I've been reading for the past 5 hours!) has tugged at many of my growing-up memories. The total professionalism and warmth truly shows what a labor of love can produce. I'll be plugging in again and spreading the word. Peggy Mendelow [sister of our classmate, Steve Mendelow]
  • The '60 website is absolutely wonderful!!! Great job!!! I am impressed!!!!!! It gets better and better every time I visit it!!! Incredible!!! I had not visited the site in a while and was totally aghast to see the amount of hard work, long hours and true love and devotion that you have put into it! You should be given a paycheck every time it is viewed. I am so happy to be able to go back in time as I did tonight. My fondest memories are:
    • Nathan's ( of course). I rode that old carousel!!!!
    • Pics of all the houses of worship (I got married in the First Presbyterian Church on Oceanside and Foxhurst Roads.)
    • Smiles, Chwatsky's, Pasetti's (my Mom was a waitress there for years and probably made ice cream sodas for all of the 1960s' grads.  "Pop" Pasetti made all the ice cream and Easter candy in the basement!)
    • To see the "OLD" Temple Avodah was quite a nice surprise! Since I lived right around the corner and was in that old house (originally, it was a family-owned mansion). I used to play on the grounds of that house and today, some of the old trees we used to hide behind for hide and go seek are still there!! A flood of my youthful girl days filled my head with this picture.  The streets behind me were all dead ends, and sometimes I chose to walk home from my friend's house through the landscape of this old house. It was eerry, to say the least.  

    Howie, you are a great guy to put this altogether, and God bless you for it!!  Man Oh Man! You are the bomb-diggity of all  webmasters! What can I say? You are the BEST!!!!   I can't believe all the wonderful work you do on your Oceanside 1960 website. Congratulations on being the BEST WEBSITE of all time!!!!! Just took a long stroll down memory lane on that wonderful site of yours. The site still is the best one on the net thanks to you! Keep it up! I just went to your website .......... FANTASTIC  .... WONDERFUL ............ GLORIOUS ...... SENSATIONAL ...... Again, you are "THE MAN" I get lost in poignant memories of our high school days and "our town" Hey! Everybody, take a look at Howie's site; you will feel "16" again. I promise! I have told you on several occasions that your website is by far the best there is out there, and we (OHS Sailors) and our community, the town of Oceanside, do applaud you. Hip Hip Hooray! GO SAILOR! An honor from the NYC Library is one to be most proud of; you deserve it all. Most of all, Howie, we have all slowed down our aging process due to the wonderful memories you pour into our hearts via the website. Bless you, Howie, for all you do for us! Continued success!!! Barbara Mitchell  

  • Wow, what a site!  You could teach AOL and AT&T a thing or two. As a transfer student in 1962 and a 1964 graduate, I must say, I am impressed. '57 through '60 were different times, possibly better times. I think the class of '64 was the first to be hit with cynicism as a way of life, with JFK's assassination, discussion of the Vietnam War, changing mores, etc. Pity! Many had to put life on hold temporarily; some permanently. My Dad graduated from Oceanside in 1937, playing football with good ole Mr. Poleshuk, and my Mom, Dorothy Henderix, had Alice Kinkade as a teacher in 1939. Small world. Thanks for the memories. Victor Nittolo 
  • I am jealous of all the fun you guys are having ...(love your website ... especially the pictures of Oceanside ... brings back such memories) Maxine Schlesinger [sister of our own Sue Schlesinger]
  • My brother, [now the late] Joe Tandoi, was a graduate in 1961. Our family moved from Oceanside at the beginning of my sophomore year, and I would have graduated with the class of 1964.  Nevertheless, I found the site to be a wonderful place to visit and remember the good times living on Long Island during the '50s and early '60s. It is terrific! What a wonderful job!  I remember the plays that were held at the high school. I remember my brother getting all dressed up for his Senior Prom. I love the updates you have made on the OHS website! It just keeps getting betterDianne R. Tandoi 

Class of 1965

  • As I have said before, you have done an incredible job on your class of  '60's site.  Much history, and many memories for those from the '50s and '60s.  For those who came later, a great site to see how it was before.  Wish there were more of YOU to keep the spirit alive in what you have done for us all with your site. Thanks for your time for our enjoyment. Who knew what greatness was before us? It's all good. You have done so much with your site. Hey, you have created something that will be with those who care forever. Thanks again ... a wonderful job in giving us all many great memories. [And addressed to other OHS alumni:] His passion has made Howie's site for the class of  '60 a history site of Oceanside for all. Recently I went to and entered Oceanside New York, history, and the site was there ... a truly remarkable job in giving all of us a site filled with memories and for those to follow, the history of our town ... always changing as more and more info is logged in ... an amazing site ... incredible almost like trying to go to the Smithsonian and trying to see it all in one day. You have to do this a bit at a time. ... it has become a MUST SEE for anyone from Oceanside. It is filled with great memories of our town. A great place to spend a rainy afternoon.   "... as I walk down the thoroughfare, there is music playing everywhere." As a matter of fact, "it was such a feeling that I thought that I was reeling ..." If you pass it up, you pass up one of the best home town sites, if not the best, you will see on the net. Howie, I just stopped by your site and am as always dutifully impressed. ... Awesome what you have done there an exemplary job to keep the memories of Oceanside alive for all of us. I liken it to the Oceanside Smithsonian. ... Truly a labor of love for "Our Little Town."  Damn you, Howie !!! Just before crashing for the night at around 11:00, I stopped by this site for a QUICK look at any new stuff. Happened to see you mention your interview with Jazzbo [Edmund Tester ('46)]. So I decided to take a QUICK look at the link. Now it is 2:30. You should be arrested LOL. Sure, the first one is for free, kid. One stops by your site to see something of interest (just for a minute NO WAY). Sure you see what you want to, but then you are drawn to click on one of the highlighted words for another QUICK look. Yeah! right! 3 1/2 hours later and you are still wandering around "Our Little Town." On this particular "sea cruise" I happened by your prom page and found a pic of my sister, Barbara Bayha ('61), as she went to your prom with your buddy, Jay Katz [a mistake; it was the now late Mike Katz]. I sent it to her in an e-mail, and I am sure it will bring a smile (and memories). As always, Howie, THANKSThere is so much there about O'side and the early days, you will find yourself wandering around for hours, if not for days. It is really not to be missed. Paul Bayha
  • Howie, I just finished looking at the pictures of Oceanside old and new. Did you do all that work?  It brought back so many memories: School #4, the Triangle ( I used to live on Davidson Ave. across from the Lutheran Church), the Junior High and the High School. Judi Baylis  
  • Thanks personally for inspiring us all with the 1960 Sailors website. Every new person I've referred to it has been blown away. Tom Bechtle
  • Your website is wonderful. I had forgotten our mascot was a sailor and forgot the school song, until I saw it posted. Wow, how could 30+ years go by so fast! I must tell you how emotional and important visiting your website was, not only for me but for my mom, as well. Mom turned 80 this past June. For her birthday, I put together a huge memory scrap book showcasing the times in her life, beginning with her birth in 1925. When I got to 1954, I went to your website and printed pictures and pieces of information relating to her life in Oceanside and put it in the scrap book, along with family photos and my written memories pertaining to the different aspects of "Our Little Town," taken from the site. She was able to capture memories long forgotten about those early Oceanside years beginning with 1954. So, thank you for bringing our lives back to the times when they were a little simpler, a little more honest, a little more innocent. And for me, more appreciative of the life my parents created for us. Diane Gabriel 
  • Howie, I love and appreciate the site also. Linda Gelato 
  • Thank you for sharing that info. Brought back a lot of memories. Arthur Glass
  • I have been out to your site and enjoyed it the music is great by the way. I also enjoyed the pictures, and the nostalgia came flooding back, in particular, the photos of the Memorial Day parade. It's amazing how vivid some of those memories are. Thanks for helping to bring them back!  Even though I had enough of LI and left 32 years ago, it still is nice to remember the good times I had growing up. Your site allows me (and others, obviously) to do that. The music, the photos, everything takes us back to the "good times." Nostalgia is great. Thank you for your site! Howie, every time I go out to your site, I find something new. I go there to "zone out" when things get a little too much. Thanks again (can't say that enough) for all your effort. WOW! Howie, I haven't been out to your site recently. The new pics are terrific. Thanks for the remembrances!  I loved the photos of Jazzbo [Edmund Tester ('46)]. Wow, your perseverance is amazing! Congrats on finding Jazzbo and glad to hear he's still with us. Lots of memories stirred up by this; from a grade school friend to "Jazzboland" and everything in between. Once again, I can't thank you enough for your site. The memories are fabulous. Pete Grogan
  • I'm a 1965 Sailor, played soccer for a few years for Artie Wright and am a former Oceanside Fire Dept volunteer ... God, I miss the ole Nathan's on Friday nights! Go Sailors! Bob Jagemann
  • The 1960sailors website is awesome! I certainly will spend more time on it soon. Marilyn Parker
  • Your site is incredible. I'd call it monumental. A definite work of love. Nice memories. Mark Rindner [brother of our late classmate, Lois Rindner]
  • Howie, you really shocked me. The tribute you did to the memory of my dad was absolutely beautiful a fantastic job. I love the music in the background it is perfect! I just read the page to my mother and sister (they do not have a computer). They were both overwhelmed surprised, impressed, and honored. Keep up the amazing work. 
    2/25/21 Howie, I just took another look at your tribute to my dad. What a beautiful page that is. It made me miss him even more. The entire website is wonderful! Thank you. Melody Taylor 
    [daughter of the late OJHS band teacher, Ed Taylor]
  • Saw your website  delightful brought back many a memory. Dennis Wittman [went to military school after OJHS] 

Class of 1966

  • I have checked out the site many times. Brings back lots of memories.  Linda Bedell
  • Although we moved before I could graduate from OHS, I spent my youth in Oceanside, starting with Oaks School #3, Oceanside Jr. High and one year at OHS. Your website left me emotionally exhausted and allowed me to have the most wonderful mental trip back to my beloved Oceanside. Thank you so much for this joyous experience. Sue Davis
  • I love your website. Oceanside High was a very special place, and yes, I couldn't wait to graduate, but there have been so many times I wished I were back there. Congratulations on creating "memories" of  a wonderful time in our lives. I was a long time resident of Oceanside (over 50 years). I'm in North Carolina now but still miss my home town. Bill Hamilton
  • Your class of 1960 site is out of sight. Thanks for those good memories. Keep up the good work. Marty Hersch [brother of our classmate, Steve Hersch]
  • Thank you for building such an awesome website. I certainly remember the Little Red Store. and Chwatsky's, etc. Great nostalgia, even for someone as "young" as myself. You are very talented, and I very much appreciate your site. I lived in  Oceanside from age 4-21 years old. I, too, have some pleasant memories. Marsha (now, Shoshana) Kaiserman

  • I lived in Oceanside from 1957 to 1960. Went to School 4 and Oceanside Jr. High (only through 7th grade. Found your site by accident looking for pictures of School 4 to show my wife. What a pleasant surprise. Brought back a ton of memories. Pictures of the old town are great, especially Nathan's, where I saw Frankie Avalon in 1959.  The Red Store was a regular hangout. The triangle, Nathan's and the Oceanside Theater damn near brought tears to my eyes. Funny how much you can remember with the help of visuals. Thank you for the wonderful site and memories. Nicholas Marino 
  • A fantastic web site. Everything you have done is great. William Novak
  • I was just browsing all things "PRAVDA" on Google to keep up with family members who I don't often speak to when I came across my brother's name. I had no idea that your magnificent tribute and loving memories to Joel were still on a website. I listened to your eulogy again and realized how lucky my brother was to have a friend like you. ... Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping Joel's memory so beautifully alive. Leslie Pravda [sister of our late classmate, Joel Pravda, to whose memory this site is dedicated (Leslie did not graduate with her class but rather, moved to Westchester County.)]
  • This website is absolutely wonderful chock-full of remembrances. One does not need to be a 1960 Sailor to enjoy it. Anyone who lived in Oceanside at that time could enjoy this trip down Memory Lane through your website. There is so much that I knew, or heard of, but had forgotten over the years. This massive project of yours brings back many of those things for me: the huge hot dog on Nathan's roof, C&J Bowling alley fire, St. Anthony's fire (I remember coming home from school that day and seeing smoke coming from the church then I saw my mother running in and out of the building, bringing coffee to the firemen it was an extremely cold day) and Smile's. I also remember the Story of Oceanside from Mr. Cortez's 7th grade history class. I think he taught Oceanside history from it. Years later, I took it from the library and read it in its entirety. Then there were the things that were triggered that are not included like the lots we used to go to smoke cigarettes, sneaking out of jr. high to go to Farmer Joe's* for a 50-cent bologna hero and a drink, the 5-cent juke box in the candy store (or was it a luncheonette) across from the Log Cabin, the record store* (Lincoln Shopping Center?) where you could go in and listen to the record before buying it, Oceanside with no McDonald's, and so much more, the old post office that was on Long Beach Rd. and faced Bellview Ave. Please keep up the great work you are doing here. It is really very comforting to see my old Oceanside alive again. George Steiner 


Class of 1967

  • ... fabulous website ... memories came flooding back into my head!  Your site is wonderful; thanks for the memories. I didn't even have a computer until I was shown your INCREDIBLE website! Yeah, and the public library wuz gettin' pissed that I wouldn't leave even when they flicked the lights!! ... Howie, you truly are the Man! My man, Heeahhzowie!  A veritable cornucopia of rock, roll and remember!  HL we are all(ways) in your debt!!  Neil Fogel 
  • Just wanted to let you know you did a great job putting this website together!!! Thanks; it's nice to visit Oceanside again!!!  My family moved out to Los Angeles in 1964, and I was only 14. I graduated from the ever famous Beverly Hills High School in 1967!!  I lived in California for 20 years, but my heart was always back in Oceanside, as I did my younger years of growing up and most of my schooling there. I remember so much about Oceanside. I think we all were truly blessed to have grown up in a small town, in the '50s  and '60s great times, great memories! Keep up the great work on your website!!!!!  I check back often to see what's new! Thanks again for taking your time and effort into letting us all go back and visit our childhoods! Jillian "Candy" Morton/Mintz 

Class of 1968

  • I got the greatest pleasure in reading your class website.  I have been on it for over three hours, and my heart thanks you.  I am a graduate of the class of 1968, and we, too, have had some wonderful reunions.  We were the class that was sandwiched between the old and the new. We spent junior high school in our loafers and high school in our tie dyes.  I have been a life-long resident of Oceanside. Yours was, indeed, a magical time. I truly hope you keep up the wonderful work you are doing. Again, thanks for the walk back down memory lane. I will forever be grateful Heather Marshall
  • Love the site! ... and will continue to log on frequently. I have enjoyed your website for years, and I know how much time and effort you put into keeping it updated and collecting all the wonderful photos. Pat Roth 
  • I love your site and cannot wait to show it to my husband (a Southside grad)! Keep up the great work! Ellen Topp
  • I have to tell you, your site is Outta Sight! You have done one fantastic job. Keep up the good work. It is nice to know that someone remembers Oceanside in the “good old days.” I’ll be back soon. Bill Wahl

Class of 1969

  • Dear Howie,  my younger sister, Ilene Axelband, just forwarded me your website of our beloved Oceanside. I wasn't aware just how attached I was, but I cried my eyes out looking back and remembering! Thank you so much. Stephanie Axelband


  •  Thank you very much for the awesome tribute to my Dad. Your website is a job extremely well done. Kudos. Joe Chernock [son of our beloved Coach Roy Chernock]

  • This was really fun to look at; thanks for sharing 1960sailors. Laurie Delson

  • Pretty neat I might say.  Kind of made me sad in a way because I wish Oceanside was still like it used to be, with the old Nathan's and all. I am not a big fan of changes. I like the way you made that site, with the music and all. Must've been a lot of work! Too bad you also weren't in the class of '69! Your site is really great. I wish the class of '69 had one like that. Donna Krumenacker [sister of our classmate, Linda Krumenacker]

  • I truly enjoyed the picture tour of Oceanside It brought back so many memories and makes me miss my relatives.  If you don't mind, I will love to view every now and then.  I miss Long Island. Christine Zanni  [attended Oceanside School # 5, K-3, then elsewhere]

Class of 1970

  • Your site is great I wish we had something like this. Continue your great work. I am sure your class now appreciates all your efforts. I do, anyway. Craig E. Deiches

  • My brother, Barry Farber, Class of 1963, alerted me to your incredible website, which had a very stirring effect on me. I immediately sent it to my mom, who lived in Oceanside until 1988, and one of my best friends, Elise Tripp, who was in my class. She sent it to her mom and brother and sister, both later grads. Your website certainly is widely circulated. And for good reason it  masterfully evokes the close-knit and "Our Town" kind of feeling that Oceanside had in that era. We moved to Wedgewood Park in January 1960 from New York City, and I remember as a 7-year old delightedly exploring the waterways behind our neighborhood (now a terrific county park), the Little Red Store, the Middle Bay Golf Course, and, of course, Nathan's. My dad used to take me there every Saturday for a hot dog and those fantastic French fries and he would get the shrimp boat and chow mein. We used to go to all the folk music concerts there on summer nights. It was the perfect place to live at the perfect time. As a teenager, my friends and I would ( before we all drove) take the bus down to Long Beach for a day on the beach, transistor radios in hand to hear Cousin Brucie, and top off the sheer bliss with an ice cream soda at Jahn's. Mom would always have the kitchen full of cakes from Eden Roc, Five Star, or the best of them all Custom Bakers (does anyone else remember the chocolate layer cakes and the nesselrode pies?). My grandmother lived with us (she and I would watch "Price is Right" together on snow days); my aunt and uncle and cousins were a ten-minute ride away in Hewlett, and the comfort and security of being part of a close family all living near each other is a feeling my scattered children cannot understand today. About two years ago, my husband and I took a ride to Wedgewood, almost unrecognizable because of all the extensions and room additions and decks (we had patios in those days), and pulled up to our house on Bunker Drive. I was surprised that my reaction was to start crying. I bet you and all your readers would understand why. And I thank you for keeping that nostalgic flame brightly burning. Best to you and all my fellow and sister Sailors. Mindy Farber

  • An old buddy directed me to your website, and I am so blown away by it, I felt I had to write and say thank you.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed looking at it, and to be perfectly honest with you, it brought tears to my eyes.  We moved to Oceanside in 1956, and the pictures of Oceanside, the Triangle, Smiles 5 & 10, the parades, Nathan's, C&J, Halloween window painting, Pasetti's, etc. all brought back a wonderful flood of childhood memories of the town we grew up in. When I get back to visit, usually a couple of times a year, I always try and remember how things used to look. Now I have photographs to look at that confirm all of my memories. I have bookmarked it, and know I will stop back often. Thank you so much for taking the time to put it together. You have really done a great job, and brought me much joy tonight!!! Marty Greenfield

Class of 1971

  • I loved your site. I spent hours on it. It brought back great memories. Rick Bauer [Rick is the Managing Partner of the Nathan's Famous franchisee on the Las Vegas Strip.]

  • I really enjoyed going through your site. Too bad there isn't a site like yours for other years. Mike D'Apolito

  • I wanted to thank you for the trip down memory lane. My family moved to Oceanside (Wedgewood Park) in June 1959 when I was 5. My dad banked at Oceanside National. He had an office over Chwatzky’s. I painted Halloween windows two or three times and remember the feel of pulling masking tape off one's frozen fingers in the early morning and the Halloween parade. We were driving home from somewhere when the St. Anthony's Shrine caught fire as the firemen worked removing the statues to save them. And I must thank you for your piece on Nathan'sMeryl Friedberg

  •  Great website especially the entire history of Nathan’s. Bruce Lachs

Class of 1972

  • I just found your site while looking for a couple of pictures of the red store ... and school # 4. Thanks so much for making this site. Helena Geberer
  • Great job on the Nathan's page!  Brought back a lot of memories. Frank Martin 

  • WOW what an amazing and sentimental place, this website! I never realized what a quaint and wonderful town I lived in. Mindy Nathan

Class of 1973

  • Great website!  I love all the old photos of Oceanside.  It looked like such a small town back then.  I wish I had gone to the prom so I could have the memories now. Sherry Aronowitz 

  • I have visited it a few times and admire your work very much. Ronnie Garvey

  • Your site and posts keep my fond memories of O'side alive, hope to be back for a visit soon.  Keep up the great work! Bill "Gooba" Goodman

  • Boy, this was fun loved the pics of Nathan's and the triangle  the music is great! ... My Dad used to go to Carvel every Sunday evening and bring us back hot fudge sundaes. Thanks for that picture!! Thanks for a great website I am going to tell my parents about it. Rhona Lustig

  • Your great website brought tears to my eyes for all the wonderful memories! I haven't been back to Oceanside for many, many years and I heard it has changed a lot. Thank you so much for bringing back such fond memories. Please keep up the great work! Your website is fabulous, and you seem to have a good sense of humor. You are truly a wealth of knowledge about Oceanside. I gave my brother, (Steven Markowitz, '70), your website address, and he is having fun navigating through the pictures. My daughter loves your website, too! What a blast!!!!!!!! Andrea Markowitz
  • My wife (the former Debbie Burgess, also '73) went to Nathan’s for lunch today with our 22-year old son, and I was reminiscing about the old Nathan’s. I decided to look for a picture of it. I found your site while searching on Google for a graphic image of the old Oceanside Nathan’s. I thoroughly enjoyed your site. It brings back many fond memories.  My family moved to Oceanside in the summer of 1961, when I was just entering the second grade. I remember many Saturday afternoons spent at Nathan’s, ice skating on the tennis courts at the high school, bowling at the old C&J Bowl across from Nathan’s and many other things that aren't here any more. Thanks for compiling all of this information and the great story about Nathan’s. Paul Mumford [current resident of Oceanside]

  • Howard Levy ('60) did a fantastic job of creating this site for Oceansiders. Kathi Spadanuda


Class of 1974

  • Thanks so much for the photo tour. I got goose bumps looking at much of it. Michael Epstein 

  • Thank you for the website.  It made me realize that I have forgotten a lot about the town, especially the roads we all used to drive on, and  it made me homesick (good way). Oceanside will always be home. Lew Harrington

  • I really enjoyed your site; it was great seeing some of the old Oceanside that I still remember. I found your site searching the net. We did not move to Oceanside till 1960 (I was 5). My wife also loved the pictures. (She grew up in Oceanside.) I still tell people about what a great place it was to grow up. Although it does not seem the same, I still have the great memories. I will have to look for some of my dad's photos of Oceanside he owned Nassau Neon signs on long beach road from 1949-1978 and took pictures of many stores and signs, He also made the Nathan's sign. Again, thanks for the wonderful site and the look down memory lane. Wayne Heinser

Class of 1975

  • A classmate sent me your site. I really enjoyed it and thank you for putting in all the work needed to take me on a great trip of memories!!! Jeff Light
  • I'm not a 1960 alumni of OHS, but I had to write. I'm 47, and I lived in Oceanside from 1957-1978. I was looking for info and pictures of the Oceanside I remember as a kid, and I ended up on your website. Nice job! It brings back a lot of good memories. I grew up on Chester Court, but my first few years were spent above the Oceanside Bakery. My Mom and Dad owed it till it went under in '65. I went to school at St. Anthony's,  which closed the year I graduated from there. I also went to OHS. My first job, besides working at the bakery was working for Farmer Joel's (on L. B. Road) and then Joe Terzzo's Pizza Cove (on Woods Ave.) I wanted to work at Nathan's but it never happened. It was a sad day when they knocked down the BIG Nathan's. I also remember the day that CJ's Bowling alley burned down. My buddies and I ran into the rubble and retrieved some pins! There's a thousand other things I could recall that only another Oceansider would understand. Thanks for sparking the memories again! Go Sailors! Tom Traue
  • Howie, I went onto Great website! I read just about every link you had and enjoyed every minute of it. Things I didn't even know about.  … Thank you for having such a great, in-depth website and caring so much about it. I look forward to checking in on it more often. Rose Van Houten

Class of 1976

  • Your pictures are incredible! Paul Farese

  • I am thrilled I stumbled into your site, Howie! and I love the music! I am enjoying reading all the memories of Oceanside. Thanks ... awesome. Peter Spinelli    

  • Thanks for all the great work you do. It evokes memories of good times of growing up in Oceanside and feelings of my youth. Through the pictures, graphics and  music, it captures a spirit of the "happy days."  I love it! Your website is still the best! 

    [Writing specifically about our page entitled "The Suburban Housing Boom of the 1950s in Our Little Town "] ... looks great to me! Short, sweet and correct. I appreciate your continued zest to keep our history alive. Richie Woods

    [Richie Woods was a science teacher at OHS from1981 until he retired in 2017 and is the author of two books about Oceanside,  the first, Oceanside, the book, published in the fall of 2004, documenting its history in photographs and the second, published in 2013, entitled Legendary Locals of Oceanside in which he wrote "  is simply the greatest and most fun of any website highlighting Oceanside and Oceanside High School.]

Class of 1977

  • I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you are doing on this awesome, entertaining, educational and enjoyable, Oceanside Class of '60 site. I have spent hour upon hour of enjoyment with all the great pictures, music and information.  It makes me wish I was a part of your great class! Thanks for the great memories of our little town. Thanks also for the great site. Keep up the good work. Caryn Brown 

  • What a site! I wandered into your website and just wanted to congratulate you on putting together such a great site. I was born in 1959. My family moved to Oceanside in 1961. I bought my parents home on Merle Ave. and now will be sending my son to OHS, Class of 2009 and my daughter will be in the OHS Class of 2013. I teach history at Baldwin Middle School so I have a natural love of anything historical. Your website is so filled with historical information. I love the old pictures of Oceanside. I love showing my kids what our town looked like so many years ago. I loved how you added that page [the On Broadway page] to your website. I know that you are concentrating mainly on the Class of 1960, but your site is more of a history of Oceanside, as well. I know many people visit it just to see all of the additional things you have added over the years. Keep up the great work, and I'll be visiting your site from time to time. Edward Criccio 
  •  I am enjoying your site. It's a great website, and I really enjoy the older pictures of the way the town looked. Gary Gelfman

Class of 1978

  • Thank you for all the enjoyment that I and others have gotten from this website. Heidi Askenazy

  • I looked through the pages of  your past and most present memories of all your reunions. I must say I am so impressed. I was so touched to see that old friends never die. I only hope that I will be as fortunate as you and your class in the years to come. ... just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. Gabrielle Del Bene 

  • How's the amazing class of '60? ... and Howie's wonderful website.  [It’s] appreciated. Jon Meyers

  • Well, let me tell you I am floored by the website!  I remember so much from my era, but yours just opened the door. I remember thinking the world revolved around OCEANSIDE. Well, this year I will be forty (yes, born in '60). I am successful, traveled and living the good life. I wouldn't have changed anything growing up. The world still revolves around "our" little town (an Oceanside kid 'til I die). Ron Rogers 

  • Your website is incredible. The photos and text are great. Seeing those photos of how Long Beach Rd. used to look brought back a lot of great memories.  It made me feel like I was standing on Long Beach Road, watching the Memorial Day parade go by. When you're growing up, you don't realize how fortunate we were to have lived in a great place like Oceanside. Where you were 10 minutes from the beach, and 40 minutes from the bright lights of Manhattan. Gary Urivetzky

Class of 1979

  • I'm a long-time resident of Oceanside since 1961. I love your site, as does my sister. Louis S. Denaro

Class of 1981

  • I just went to the site; that was GREAT!!  I really enjoyed the pictures and reading all about Nathan's. It brought back a lot of memories! My Mom was from Coney Island, and I enjoyed the picture of the Nathan's in Coney Island, too!!  I also liked the pictures of your 40th reunionI haven't been to your site in a while, but I was looking for something from Oceanside, and your site popped up in Google, so I visited the other day, and as always, I have enjoyed seeing it again!!  I haven't checked out the new stuff yet, however, I will visit it again soon. Karen Pauly 

  • Great website ...  looks pretty cool. How many people did it take to get that together? Tammy Rogers 

Class of 1982

  • I love your website, you guys should be proud of it. Janet Andreoli

Class of 1983

  • I was able to visit your website, and I ended up staying on for almost two hours just looking at all of the awesome pictures of Oceanside in years gone by! I grew up in the '70s and '80s, but some of those sites and stores were definitely recognizable especially the old Nathan's and A&P. They were a real treat.  Jill Januszewski  [daughter of our beloved Coach Jan]

  • It's been fun and, of course, a little sad looking into the past. Robin Kampf [daughter of our departed classmate, Carol Barry]

  • ... a genuine job, really, regardless on how old (or young) the memories are.  I admire your efforts. Rosa Ricciardi 

  • What a website!  I am ... raising 4 children in Oceanside schools; they will be in the classes of 2009, 2011 (twins) and 2014.  I really enjoyed your website! Both of my parents are Oceanside graduates also (1955 and 1957). How funny it was to see my mother (Joyce Siegel, 1957 ) sitting in the driver's seat of her car in front of C & J's!!!! Your dedication is a wonderful tribute to all the "Sailors"!  Keep up the good work! Jill Simpson 

Class of 1986

  • I have been enjoying your site!  It truly is a treasure of information.  Well done! Joyce Atlas

Class of 1987

  • I just wanted to let you know that the website is fabulous! Even though the high school and town looked very different when I grew up in Oceanside, it was wonderful to read about the history and especially to see the pictures of my town. Thank you very much for creating! Sandra Richman 

  • Oceanside has always been a place of comfort and warmth for me. I think your site was informative, free flowing, enjoyable and contained information that is not readily available to those who do not know where to look. Michael Saxe

Class of 1988

  • The page looks so great. ...Thanks again for keeping Oceanside in your heart and all of our hearts. Stacy Mandel

Class of 1989

  • I have always lived in Oceanside, well my 30 years anyway. I liked your 1960 website. ... the old shots were great.  Anyway nice job. Teddy Freudenberg, Jr. [Historical Committee Chairman, South Side Hose Co. #2, Oceanside Fire Dept.

Class of 1990

  • I saw and liked the website. It was really interesting seeing our school so different in the ‘50s as compared to when I graduated. I'm glad to see the Sailor spirit is still alive and kicking! Mark Pearson

Class of 1992

  • I just browsed your site. The graphics and the music were put together so nicely. I was looking for a picture of my father [Mel Krimko] and never saw him. I kept seeing pictures of a woman, and I asked my dad  who she is. Any reason Doreen [Silverstein] was the featured graduate????  Jodi Krimko 
  • Your website is truly amazing!!! Scott Mandel [member and past president of the Long Beach City Council]
  • What a site! What a fabulous idea!  I never even imagined someone doing such a thing.  ... my ten-year reunion is coming  up soon. I can only hope that someone will create a site for our class as you did for yours. As one who loves to reminisce, I can really appreciate all the effort you put in. The work is truly beautiful. It touched me deeply and it's not even my class!  I guess we all feel the same, very much connected to our high school peers. It was a special time. Keep up the creativity!  Lauren Moretti 

Class of 1997

I absolutely love this website. I just spent the last 30 minutes reading it. Thank you for this. Got a very nice glimpse of life during another time. I will definitely be revisiting. I absolutely plan on it. Charles Alfonso Bianco


Class of 2002

  • I am a senior at Oceanside H.S. and am also an editor for the Sider Press. I happened to stumble onto your website. Nice work! (It's funny how little things have changed in 41 years besides the school building itself! Adam Kaplan 

Class of 2004

  • I was on your website for the last hour!! I love it! I think what you do is a great thing. Kyle Baxter

  • I am currently a junior at Oceanside High School ... I enjoyed the old pictures and map of the school. Congratulations on a job well done! Great site!! Anthony Martini

  • You have a great website.  I think it is so cool that you put your memories from high school on it. Kevin Shields 

Class of 2006

  • I'm in 9th grade at Oceanside High School. I recently saw all the photos of Oceanside, and I had no idea that this town was so expanded in the 1950s. Today, we all go to all the other towns on Long Island, and we don't pay any attention to OUR town. I think what you did for your classmates was pretty cool and I had no idea that there were so many fires in Oceanside! This town has gone through a lifetime of history, and I wanted to write to you to tell you that I never knew about it. I'll tell all my friends and teachers about you and your great website.  I found your site when I was on my English teacher's website. There are so many links from this to that, I soon found myself listening to the music you set up and looking at all of the pictures. I didn't know that there was so much history behind me. All the schools and buildings that burned down or up (as you said about St. Anthony's Underground Church) and the old Chwatsky's building that is now a Walgreen's. It's all so strange to look at it and say that this was a Back to the Future kind of town. It felt like I was Marty McFly, who traveled back to "Oceanside 1960" and all of this. I'm sure everyone will enjoy this. Josh Cooper
  • We admire your respect and reverence for your time at OHS. OHS 2005-2006 Sider Press staff
  • I admire the work you did on the website. Zach Downing

    Class of 2009

  • I just want to thank you so much for taking the time to post that up [the On Broadway page] and acknowledging my efforts. I was also touched by Allan Segal's reaction. I'm so glad that I was able to represent him and all that he's done for the future generations of Oceanside High School. If only my fellow thespians had the appreciation for the people and history that have shaped our school. By the way, I really love the site. Keep up the good work. Jimmy Cricchio


* Webmaster's note:  These two items are mentioned on our Sider Press page.  George must have been so overwhelmed that he missed them.

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