IIn Memoriam

Memorial Photo Album
(A special edition of our Spindrift)
Presented to the class by 1960 Sailors Association Inc.

Below is an electronic version of a memorial photo album made in the form of a special edition of our Spindrift, distributed in its original, printed form at our 55-year reunion, September 26, 2015, (where we observed a moment of silence to honor the memory of the then known departed).

Not included in this album are Tom Castoldi, George Dirkes and Kathy Keegan, who passed after our reunion in 2015, Ed Chilton, Rosemary DeLucia, Charlie LoCascio, Steve Mendelow and Linda Solomon, who passed in 2016, Irene Tortorelli and Bruce Winkler, who passed in 2017, and Ronnie Waite, Kathy Isom, Randy Perna and Karen Fazio, who passed in 2018.

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