Our Little Town

Oceanside, New York

Hometown History -- Legendary Locals


The  second book by Oceanside High School teacher, fellow alumnus (class of 1976) and our friend, Richie Woods, came out in the spring of 2013. Like his first one, Oceanside, it is also part of an Arcadia Publishing series. This one is called Legendary Locals of Oceanside. It features thumbnail biographies and photographs of many of our little town's most notable personalities throughout history, including some you went to school with (yours truly among them, I'm proud to say), teachers and coaches and others you have known. The book boasts more than 200 vintage images of days gone by and people who have been important to our little town.

As the publisher notes, through its history, our little town has been a community packed with personalities.  Its foundation is the people in its religious institutions, its volunteer fire department and its excellent schools. "The new book showcases the rich heritage of active citizens [and former citizens] that have contributed their time and efforts on local, state and even national causes" and who have made our little town proud, including leaders in business, religion, medicine and other professions, civil rights, the military and politics, sports heroes and our community founders.

Some of those personalities have included the first Eagle Scout, first female Jewish cantor, two Freedom Riders (including our own late classmate, Ken Shilman), noteworthy scientists and caring citizens.

This is where in the War of 1812, General Daniel Bedell shot his musket, where in 1915, Jeanne Marion Doane orated for women’s suffrage, and during the Roaring Twenties, Ziegfeld girl, Gilda Gray, practiced her shimmy . It is where Secretary of the Navy (2006-2009), Donald Winter, navigated canals as a boy and where Goldman-Sachs chief executive officer, Stephen Friedman, filled his piggy bank, the late, great, Artie Heyman, first dribbled a basketball, and NFL quarterback, Jay Fiedler, threw his first football. It is where Academy Award nominee, David Paymer, first studied acting, Disney chief executive officer, Robert Iger, watched the Mouseketeers, and New York Yankees president, Randy Levine, played Little League baseball.

Congratulations, once again, to Richie for a job well done.

Copies of Legendary Locals of Oceanside can be purchased in local retail stores in and near Oceanside (probably for $21.99 plus tax) or online directly from the publisher, Arcadia Publishing (@ $21.99), Amazon.com (@ $14.48), Overstock.com (@ $15.91), or from Barnes and Noble (@ $14.48 + tax). Quoted online prices are as of July 5, 2013, and generally plus shipping.


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