Our Little Town


The Class of 1960's "Memory Lane" Brick

on Schoolhouse Green

The Oceanside Education Foundation (now defunct), created "Memory Lane" on its Schoolhouse Green property where donors could place inscribed bricks honoring or commemorating Oceanside residents, other loved ones or Oceanside institutions, in perpetuity.

Through a special budgetary allocation approved in July 2005 by the Board of Directors of the 1960 Sailors' Association Inc., we purchased a commemorative Memory Lane brick on behalf of our class, thus immortalizing it in our little town once again.*

Our class Association's Memory Lane brick looks like this:

We received the following letter of appreciation and praise in December 2005 for the "exemplary and undying spirit" of our class from Betsy Transom, then president of the Oceanside Education Foundation:


* That is, after in June 2003, in conjunction with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce, we presented a tribute plaque to hang in Nathan's Famous.


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