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Introducing the

Oceanside Education Foundation

The Oceanside Education Foundation, Oceanside's historical society, if you will, is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2000 primarily to help the students of the Oceanside School District obtain a sense of local history.  

We are delighted that the Foundation has recognized the significant contribution to its mission made by our class website and has honored it with a link and these complimentary words:

"Great site created for the Class of 1960 — wonderful photos
  of Oceanside in 1960, lots of cool stuff!!  Well worth the look!"



In furthering its mission, the Foundation's first project, Schoolhouse Green, will be a town green on the site of the former School No. 1.  There it will construct a replica of our little town's first schoolhouse originally built in 1838 right down the street at the northwest corner of Foxhurst and Oceanside Roads. 

The schoolhouse building will serve as a central place to display historical photographs, documents and memorabilia and enable elementary and secondary school students to study local history and to actively participate in its preservation for posterity. 

Also on Schoolhouse Green is the Foundation's Memory Lane, a place where donors can place inscribed bricks honoring or commemorating Oceanside residents, other loved ones or Oceanside institutions in perpetuity. Click here for more about Memory Lane and our class brick.

The Foundation is seeking the support from all residents and former residents of Oceanside.  As one  means of raising funds for its projects, the Foundation has prepared the 2000 edition of the history written in 1960 by Dr. Walter S. Boardman called The Story of Oceanside that is featured here on our class website.  It was Dr. Boardman's vision that inspired the Schoolhouse Green project.  As he wrote over 40 years ago in The Story of Oceanside:




"…There is … a great need for some place or agency whereby the many significant records now scattered about and eventually lost may be preserved. …There is also a great need for community action in the preservation of its historic markers."

(Too bad no one heeded Boardman's wisdom before 1976 when they bulldozed our beloved .) 


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