The caricature shown below of the famous face of founder, Nathan Handwerker, was created especially for a New York Post announcement of the expansion of Famous into Oceanside by the Post's famed, long-term (1950-1977) editorial and sports cartoonist, John Pierotti.



The original of this work hangs in the home of Nathan's grandson, Bill Handwerker, author of Nathan's Famous: The First 100 Years, and previously hung in the company's offices in Coney Island. Except when it appeared in the aforementioned brief news announcement in the Post, the image has never before been seen publicly, either printed in any book ot by online display. (Photo courtesy of Bill Handwerker,)


Click here for an article about how Nathan, as an illiterate immigrant, managed the formidable risk of loss from employee theft in his business, 100 years ago ,without any help from modern technology, that was authored by our webmaster, Howie Levy, published in 2016 in The CPA Journal, a professional journal that reaches 40,000 accountants monthly.


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