45-Year Reunion

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Oh, What a Night!


LI Marriott, "Re-Uniondale," New York, May 28, 2005


As he donned the captain's hat and took the helm to deliver his welcoming address, Howie made it quite clear that this was, indeed, a very special evening with many very special features we had never seen at prior reunions. Before he got too deep into his talk, and after a touching memorial tribute to all our departed classmates, with the the help of the magic of 21st century technology, Howie steered our cruise ship, the "Spirit of 1960, " and led us on a virtual sentimental journey home to the Oceanside, and the OHS, of our youth.








And during the slideshow, we were treated to a surprise visit from POPEYE , our school mascot.
Well, blow me down!
(Visit POPEYE 's Page.)


Our elaborate "sea cruise" themed decorations were really special, too.




And they made great photo ops.




Another unique feature of this reunion was the gracious presence of Richie Woods, who in the fall of 2004 published Oceanside (the book), a pictorial history of our little town,

Richie grew up in and loves Oceanside. He is an OHS class of 1976 alumnus who has been teaching biology and environmental science at his alma mater (and ours) since 1981. Oceanside (the book) is part of a series of similar books on American communities collectively called "Images of America," published by Arcadia Publishing, the nation's largest local and regional history publisher.


The class of 1960 was privileged, indeed, to have Richie attend our reunion and sign copies of his book for those among us who purchased them that night and earlier.


We were also privileged to be have some very special guests from among our favorite teachers, none of whom had been with us for any of our prior reunions: Harriet Strongin and Coaches Frank Januszewski
and Roy Chernock.




     But, of course, this is the kind of thing made that night the most special of all the hugging:




Oh, what a night!


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