45-Year Reunion

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Our 2005 Tour of Old OHS

OUR 2005 ROCKIN' 'N' ROLLIN'    

  "There are places I'll remember
all my life,
though some have changed."



Oceanside High School, Oceanside, New York, May 27, 2005




Principal Dorie Ciulla greeted our group and led our tour. The green tiles lined the halls of the
original structure built 50 years ago that we occupied from September 1957 to June 1960.

We visited the auditorium.

Examining photos on the wall of some of the highest achievers among OHS alums

Some of us were certain this was Mr. Fetherston's old biology lab.

Richie Woods, author of Oceanside (the book) , led a discussion on the history of our little town.
(Notice the blue banner from our 40-year reunion in 2000?)

Howie joined him briefly.




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