45-Year Reunion

Presented to the class by 1960 Sailors Association Inc.

  Welcoming Address
by Howard B. Levy
  LI Marriott, "Re-Uniondale," New York, May 28, 2005

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Ahoy, there, Mateys! Welcome aboard the “Spirit of 1960" for your 45-year rockin’ ‘n’ rollin’ reunion cruise.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear friends and classmates, we have come here from near and far both to share and to celebrate our fond memories of what now seems but a few brief moments of our youthful past together. But before we resume our joyful celebration of the past, I want to be seriously sentimental for a few moments and focus on how precious are these opportunities to come together to reminisce about those wonderful and carefree days, the “happy days,” or as I have called them, the days of “tailfins, teen idols and TV quiz shows, hula hoops and poodle skirts, saddle shoes and sack dresses, sock hops, malt shops, flattops and Chuck Berry songs,” the days we spent together growing up in our little town in the 1950s.

A little over a year after our last reunion, we were most suddenly and violently shocked and reminded on September 11th, 2001, of how fragile and fleeting our mortality really can be. And I recently heard from a classmate who had just learned of the passing last year of a treasured friend, another classmate, with whom, sadly, he had lost touch. When time and distance separate old friends like that, such losses become even more tragic for with them are also lost the opportunities to reconnect to reminisce fondly together as we are all doing tonight. That is why it is so important, as we grow older, to make extra efforts to stay in touch with the dear old friends we all too often take for granted, and that is why I have devoted so much energy as I have to this reunion, to our class website, and to helping classmates reconnect and stay connected with each other.

In the five years since our last reunion, out of a total of 36 classmates now known to have departed, the passing of 11 of us has first come to our attention. So before we resume our joyful reminiscing and celebration of the past, let’s take a few moments to remember them, along with any others among the many missing of whose passing we are not now — and we may never be — aware. 

A memorial slideshow was presented, accompanied by Elvis Presley's "Memories."

Our little town, Oceanside, Long Island, New York, 25 miles to the east of the great center of just about everything, New York City, was where we spent our teenage years together. Many of our parents thought our little town would be a better place to raise us than the crowded streets of Brooklyn or Queens. And there is no doubt they were right.

I’m going to take you on a little time trip back to the Oceanside of our youth. This will be just a small taste of our class website where many of you have seen these images before, but probably some have not. Some of these images may be as fuzzy as our memories but nonetheless delightful to our nostalgic sensibilities.

"Our little town, Oceanside, Long Island, New York, 25 miles to the east of the great center of just about everything, New York City, was where we spent our teenage years together."


A nostalgic slideshow was presented while Howie narrated.
Then, he resumed his welcoming address as follows.

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