30-Year Reunion  
July 20-22, 1990
Knights of Columbus Hall, Oceanside New York

On Saturday evening, July 21, 1990, with his classic '57 Chevy parked outside the door and setting the mood, Howie Levy welcomed us back, once again to Oceanside, to our 30-year reunion.   

In his welcoming address to those of us assembled there, Howie focused on our graduation year as a turning point   not only in our lives but in America’s ¾ and compared our time in school together to the turbulent decade that followed the 1960s.  "The year, 1960, was a great deal more than just our graduation year ― the year we went our separate ways and began our lives as young adults."  

A rousing cheer filled the room when Howie declared, "I love reunions ―  and I love this class ― and I suspect many of you are here tonight because you share these feelings."

And he closed by inviting us all, once again, to let the good time roll, and to "welcome one another ― with hugs ― to our 1990 class reunion ... [to] dance, sing along to the oldies, party and enjoy." (Click here to hear Howie's welcoming address in its entirety.)

The 1980s gave us economic stress characterized by rising unemployment, severe government program cutbacks, and recession which, for the first time in history, was accompanied by unprecedented concurrent inflation, driven by record high interest rates and a rise in corporate bankruptcies ¾ and it was all addressed ineffectually by "trickle-down Reagan-omics" and deficit spending beyond belief.    On Wall St., we had the greatest bull market in history, followed by the biggest crash since 1929, junk bonds and a tremendous insider trading scandal involving Michael Milken and Ivan Boesky.  We had a hostage crisis in Iran, a national air traffic controller's strike, a herpes scare that was quickly replaced with the beginning of a worldwide and deadly AIDS epidemic, the Challenger space tragedy, a massacre of Chinese at Tiananmen Square, and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.   We were almost forced to watch Monty Python and "Love American Style," and listen to grotesque punk rock music and Michael Jackson.   But on the upside, albeit short-lived, there was a return to rockabilly music, 1950s style, led early in the decade by a Long Island group called the Stray Cats.  

By 1990, many of us had computers in our homes, and we were definitely in the mood to party again.  

And, as Howie invited us to that Saturday night in July, we sure did. 


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