10-Year Reunion  

November 14, 1970      


During the ten years right after high school, many of us had been to college where we were involved in
all kinds of civil disobedience from mooning to freedom rides and civil rights or anti-war protests
or some of us were in Vietnam involved in the war, itself . 

Others merely watched on television, disgusted to view images of Presidential and other assassinations, cops beating up (or even shooting, as in Kent State) blacks, flower children or other student protesters, or soldiers coming home unappreciated (and emotionally wrecked for life) or not coming home at all (except in body bags).  

While we were winning the space race, we saw the Cuban missile crisis, the Black Panthers' uprising, the 1968 Democratic National Convention, and the beginnings of the feminist movement and warnings on cigarette packages. We could choose among compact cars, stingrays, mustangs and other muscle cars, and the music was changing fast. We were amused by "campy" Batman  on TV, and we endured surfing music, the British invasion (led by the Beatles and the Stones), Motown and later, psychedelic music and "happenings."  The hippies started the sexual freedom revolution chanting "Make love, not war" and, along with Timothy Leary, cheered on an alarming rise in recreational drug use with his slogan, "Turn on, tune in, drop out."  And, of course, the decade came to an end with the biggest "love-fest" of them all, Woodstock.

The '60s were quite a wild ride and except for that triumphant encounter with the moon (also at the decade's end) in July 1969 that made most  Americans swell ever so briefly with pride, they were not so "feel-good" (and certainly not so simple) as  the decade before not at all!  

We were beginning to long for the happy days. Time for a reunion.
Let the good time roll!

Our first reunion was held at the Sands Beach Club at Lido Beach, NY. The cost was $15 per person (inflation had not been invented yet) and that included a cocktail hour, a full sit-down dinner and a live band! 

We have been searching since this site was launched in 2000 and have been unable to acquire any photos from this reunion. The closest thing we finally got in September 2012 was this photo of the Kunkels (Gerda Balding and Joe) preparing to go to it:

Attention classmates:

I am still searching for photographs taken at our 
10-year reunion in 1970.  If you have any, won't
you please dig 'em out, scan 'em and e-mail 'em to me?
Or if you mail 'em to me,
Howie Levy, 252 Hickory Hollow, 
Las Vegas, NV 89123,  

they will be returned to you unharmed for sure.





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