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Let the Good Time Roll

Who could have imagined in 1956, when you first heard the record you should be hearing now, how perfect it would be as a theme for our class reunions decades later?

For over six decades, our class has been fortunate, indeed, to have had a handful of devoted classmates who worked together as a committee to let the good time roll again and again by giving us a succession of eight fantastic class reunions since our graduation in 1960. The makeup of that committee has changed somewhat from reunion to reunion, but the result was always spectacular (at least), with the enjoyment of all in attendance increasing with each successive one.

Psychologists say that spending time with old friends is an effective stress reliever that can add years to your life. Maybe the success of our class reunions are testimony to that notion.  

To get a sense of the enthusiasm about our reunions felt by classmates who have attended, read below what one of us wrote in a letter to the reunion committee upon learning in 1989 of plans in progress for our 30-year reunion in 1990 (our third):


"At the risk of being redundant, repetitive or even ridiculous, I must respond to your recent report by reciting that nearly nothing could have given me more reason to rejoice, I reckon, than to read that you reawakened, reactivated, recharged and really resurrected our reposing reunion committee, thereby reassuring the rest of us another reversionary, reacquainting, refreshing, rejuvenating, rollicking romp regressing and recalling, revisiting, reviving, restoring and replenishing the rapidly receding remaining remnants of our recollections of a kinder, gentler time, to recklessly release and relinquish reality, and all reservations and restraints, for one night, to rally rigorously in retrospect, renew relationships, and to relish ravenously in rapturous revelry — rocking, rolling and reminiscing.

"After enduring the third successive decadent decade following our departure from adolescence, it will indeed be a delight, once again, to drastically diminish the distance between us, and momentarily drop, make dormant, dispose of, discard, distract ourselves and deviate from the deliberate diligence of our daily lives’ disciplined directions, to dally and detach ourselves from our individual destinies, drift back from the day-to-day difficulties, distresses and deep desperations of middle age domain to daydream together deliciously, dwell upon and discuss the days of our daring, defiant and debonair youth — and dance, dance, dance."


The following chart is intended to give credit and thanks to those committee members who gave us our eight wonderful reunions. Our unique class Association's Board of Directors formed the nucleus our Reunion Committees since it was formed in 2005.

Unfortunately, the available records of our early reunions are incomplete, so if anyone has been left out, please let me know by e-mail.

Committee Members 1970 1980 1990 2000 2005 2010 2015 2022

Bill Badalucca





Jack Beaulieu






Ginny Beedenbender**






Denis Block


Mike Brozost






Carole Cohen


Kathy Cullen






Sabin Danziger




Rosemary DeLucia**






Judy Dowling**






Carole Green






Jay Katz






Nancy Keegan







Nancy Koller






Howie Levy







* *

Barbara Meehin**






Tom Nasca




Fran Perlman


Karen Roesch**




Bob Rubin


Sue Schlesinger


Dave Schwarz



Eleanor Sicari






Doreen Silverstein






Barbara Stern






Barbara Traynor






Rick Von Brook






Penny White






Pete Wittemann


*    Chair
**  Now deceased



We have also been fortunate to have witnessed an incredible amount of history, technological development and social change since our graduation from OHS. Much of that is capsulized for your enjoyment on the pages that follow. So to reminisce or learn more about our reunions, and the historical events, technological developments and social trends of each of the decades leading up to our reunions, click on your selection(s), and visit the following pages:





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