Prom Night

Our Senior Prom
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Our senior prom, held on May 28, 1960,  was, of course, the highlight of our high school social calendar.  During our time at OHS, there was no more important and romantic date than your senior prom date more

important than a whole decade of New Year's Eves and if you didnít have a prom date well, socially, there was no more devastating disaster.  


        ― The Four Freshmen, 1956

As you can see in the photos, the "mandatory" attire for the guys was a "white sport coat" (more precisely,
a formal dinner jacket) with a pink (or any other color) carnation and for the girls, formal gowns (called
"prom dresses") with corsages, usually orchids, and mostly worn on their wrists.   But the really brave guys
pinned the corsages on their dresses. So even though conformity was the order of the day as to how we dressed, we were, nevertheless, quite creative apparently.


Spindrift reminds us that the theme of our senior prom was


(with palm trees on Long Island, no less).   

  Here's Howie


Although the dress was formal (and very adult) the music was, of course, rock 'n' roll  our music

       And we rocked
        around the clock!



It's your little, old webmaster, me!





Got his bachelor uncle's convertible, got his white coat
and his black tie; all he needs now is the girl!






Report from Sider Press, June 10, 1960


Photo from Spindrift, 1960 edition



We stayed out and partied all night; we went to night clubs after the prom, and many of us ended up under the boardwalk and then watching the sunrise on the beach. (How lucky we were to be so close to the beach!)




Long Beach, 1959
(For more old photos of the
Long Beach boardwalk, click here.)

What a night!!

Trivia Question: 

What distinguished our senior prom from all that followed?

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    Our Junior Prom

Our junior prom was held on March 8, 1959. Its theme was
Evening in Paris.

Although the attire was less formal, the girls still got corsages, and we were a year younger. Nevertheless, it was to our junior year, very much what the senior prom was to our senior year  a very special occasion indeed.   






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Trivia Question Answer:

The great Class of 1960 was the last one to hold its senior prom in the school gym in classic 1950s-style.  (Life was simpler then.)  Beginning in the next school year, the senior proms were held in various country clubs and fancy catering facilities such as the Huntington Towne House, Leonard's of Great Neck, and Carl Hoppl's. 



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