Other School Activities  

Besides the foregoing, OHS provided a wide variety of other regular and occasional extra-curricular activities for the enjoyment of its student body. They included scholarship, leadership and school and community service organizations such as the National Honor Society, the Science Honor Society (Alpha Sigma) and Arista, the Girls’ and Boys’ Leader Corps, the Key Club, the Service Club, Candy Stripers, the General Organization and the Student Court, the Sailor Shop, Library Staff, Art Service Club, Audio-Visual Squad, Ushers’ Club and Usherettes, and the Weather Station.

Our extra-curricular school-sponsored organizations included special interest groups like the Thespian Society, the Lens (pictured at left, an annual publication of  literary works by OHS students), the Leo's Club (astronomy), the Latin and French Clubs, the World Interest Club, Future Nurses and Future Teachers of America, and non-athletic but equally competitive, interscholastic teams like the Chess Club and Mathletes. 






And our outstanding music program deserves its own special page. 

Could this be the class of '59s junior prom held during our sophomore year (1958)?
Everyone you think might be in this picture has denied it!

Of course, the 1950s wouldn’t be the '50s without (click here to change the song) school dances, and although it was the most important, the senior prom was only one of many.  Another OHS tradition was the May Queen Coronation Dance, to which the senior girls invited the boys (how revolutionary!) ¾ and the cost was $2.00 ¾  per couple. 

(Do you remember who was our May Queen? Click here for the answer.)

 Ticket to "May Queen Coronation Dance," May 7, 1960


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