Our Music Program

Our music program deserves special mention. It included our fine band and orchestra, led by Allan Segal, and our chorus, led by John Race. All of these participated in both curricular programs and extra-curricular events right up to and including, of course, our graduation ceremonies.  

The OHS Music Department, principally the orchestra, partnered with its Drama Department to give us those wonderful school musicals we had in the spring each year. Many of us share fond memories about our experiences in the music program at OHS (and our jr. high, too).
(Click here for a complete history of over 50 years of OHS spring musicals from 1957 through 2009.)



Do you remember the "Tri-School Band Concert," February 18, 1960? On that date, our band joined with those of Long Beach and South Side High Schools in the OHS auditorium for 50 minutes of quality performances by these talented young musicians. With the high quality recording equipment recently acquired (see the October 30, 1959, Sider Press article to the left), we made a record album of it (pictured below). This historic concert and the recording were arranged because Allan Segal and his two counterparts from the neighboring schools thought the students would enjoy the memories. The music you are now hearing is one of those memories. Taken from that live 1960 recording, it features the OHS band playing "Selections from Gigi," which the band also performed at our graduation a few months later.

"Ah, yes, I remember it well."





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