Yearbook Online


To open the online yearbook, use the links below. They will give you access to thumbnail images of the senior portraits of our classmates on pages 24-80 of our original 1960 Spindrift. Clicking on selected thumbnails will enlarge the pages so they appear just like the originals.

These are the most important pages in our yearbook because they show virtually all of us the way we were!  

The images were made from the only unsigned copy of our Spindrift known to still exist in the year 2000; it resides in the reference stacks in the Oceanside Public Library, never to be removed from the building.*


pp. 24-43, Abate-Greenberg

   pp. 44-63, Greenman-Perlman

pp. 64-80, Perlow-Zmudosky

Click on the images of the 1959 and 1958 Spindrift covers depicted below to look inside and view the class pictures taken of us as juniors and sophomores that appeared on the pages of these editions.

  Click here for rare group photos of our entire OJHS graduating class of 1957.



In 2008,  our class association came into possession of the only pristine condition, unsigned 1960 edition of Spindrift known  to exist that is not maintained under lock and key at the Oceanside Public Library.


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