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No extracurricular activities were more popular or important in developing and maintaining school spirit at OHS than its sports programs, where the principal interscholastic competitive sports were and our boys


often excelled in basketball, baseball, wrestling, soccer, track and, of course, football, the most popular of all.

Most notable among our teams' athletic achievements during our time at OHS were the three county championships won in the 1958-'59 school year in soccer, basketball and baseball, and in our senior year, the 1959-'60 season, our undefeated Division I championship outdoor track team. We were all proud of those championship Sailors teams on which, as juniors or seniors, many of our classmates competed.



Sample OHS cheers
from the late 1950s

Say! What? That's what!  What's what? That's what they all say!
What do they all say?  We've got the coach.  (Clap, clap.)
We've got the team.  (Clap, clap.)  We've got the pep.  (Clap, clap.)
We've got the steam.  (Clap, clap.) 
We've got the coach, team, pep, steam,
Fifteen yells for the whole darn team.
Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah;  rah, rah, rah, rah, rah,
Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah;  team, team, team! 


Center end, tackle, guard
Get together, hit 'em hard
Hit 'em high, hit 'em low
Come on Team, let's go.


Raise it, raise it,
Raise that score,
Touchdown, touchdown,
We want more 
Kick it, pass it, 
Charge right through 
Come on, Sailors,
We're for you.

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When Oceanside's eleven falls in line 
We're gonna win again another time 
For Oceanside I yell, I yell, I yell 
And for the team I love so well, I yell, I yell 
We're gonna fight, fight, fight for every yard 
Circle the end and hit that line right hard
We're gonna push that team right on the side
We're gonna fight, we're gonna fight, we're gonna fight.


Four key senior members of our Fall '59 football squad, (clockwise from upper left)
Joe Kunkel, Don Patterson, (the now late) Hal Wilenski and Rudy Santoli


Click on the image above for an enlarged, readable version of this football game program booklet
from our junior year (October 26, 1958) with the names of the players ─ and the cheerleaders!!


In addition to cheerleading, modern dance and drill team, OHS offered a wide variety of athletic team programs for our girls, including tennis and badminton, field hockey, bowling, archery, volleyball, lacrosse, basketball, softball and the very popular and fondly remembered annual girls' "SportNite" competition. 

Not bad for the 1950s!

Nancy Koller ('60)                       Principal Mosback 
                    (Unknown)                                  Janet Roehrich ('60)
                                  Kathy Isom ('60)                   Ellen Weber ('60)

As noted above, during the 1958-'59 season (our junior year), our boys won three county championships, in soccer, basketball and baseball.


1958-'59 season All-Scholastic soccer players (l. to r): Howie Kitt and  Art Heyman ('59), Chris Knorr* and Tom Millot ('60)


* Both now deceased.

The late Art Heyman ('59) shoots  in overtime in the 1959 season.
(Click here for Newsday's account of the exciting 1-point, 1959
County championship victory over Baldwin and lots of other stuff.)






  Dave Schwarz ('60) (top)

 Jim Day ('60)

Our 1959-'60 season outdoor track team at left in a photo that appeared in our Spindrift featured record-breaking cross-country runner, the now late Steve Killorin (below, at right), and many other classmates of ours. But what our Spindrift did not tell us was that this team went 15-0 and thus became the first undefeated OHS track team in history and the 1960 Division I champions. Another source of pride for our class.


Indoor team co-captains, Mitch Hall
and (the late) Bob Lowery ('60)

Ken Sack ('60) 

The late Steve Killorin ('60) 

The preceding four photos are from the collection of the now late track coach, Roy Chernock
(And click here to see what Coach Roy said about this site.)

Remember those old mimeograph sheets with the purple print that we used to like to sniff?


Click here for selected clippings from the sports section of .

The first annual "Circle of Pride" dinner and induction ceremony honoring great OHS coaches and athletes and benefiting the OHS Athletic Hall of Fame, conceived in 1960 by none other than Coach Jan (Frank Januszewski), was held in our home town on June 12, 2003.  

(Click on the "Circle of Pride" logo at the upper left to read the initial announcement and see how many familiar names have been honored.)



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