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When were were kids, interscholastic high school sports got a lot of coverage in our Long Island newspaper, , probably more then than it does now.  Newsday

Below are some selected clippings reporting (among some other miscellaneous sports-related stuff) the thrill of some of our OHS victories ― and, sometimes, the agony of defeat.  All of them come from the wonderful scrapbook assembled at the time by our classmate, Marta Watts.  (Thanks for the memories, Marta.)

The following clippings are undated but arranged, more or less, in chronological order.  You will find the names of our classmates in them highlighted in yellow.  (Some of them you can even read.)


OHS won three Nassau County championships (in soccer, basketball and baseball) during our junior year (with many of our classmates on those teams).  It made that year one of the most exciting in Oceanside sports history.  But of course, the most exciting sports headline of our high school days came from the March 1959 basketball victory over Baldwin led by the now late Artie Heyman ('59), capturing the County championship by only one point in nail-biting overtime!

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