Commemorating Our Class Website's 17th Anniversary:


        March 10, 2017                                                                                 




On March 10. 2000, after a gestation period of over three months, this website, the online presence of the Class of 1960, was born. So on March 10, 2017, our class website became17 years old.

With the help of many classmates and others who have shared their memories and memorabilia (see ACKNOWLEDGMENTS), the site has grown over the last 17 years into what appears likely to be the largest repository of electronic memorabilia of the collective adolescent experience of any group of people from a single high school available on the worldwide web. (Click here for a complete chronological summary, year-by-year, of significant additions and improvements to the site over its entire history.) It is quite simply the online nostalgia trip of your life!


The officers and directors of your unique Class Association are quite proud of this achievement, and we know it has given countless hours of pleasure to so many of us over these 17 years. It has surely been the most creative outlet of my lifetime and a major part of my life these last 17 years.

Of course, as your webmaster, I have been most gratified by the reactions received during that time from hundreds of our classmates, from other Oceanside High School alumni from classes ranging over a 70-year period (from 1940 to 2009) and from others, as well. My heartfelt thanks to all of you who contributed your memories and those who took the trouble to write.

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