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Allan B. Segal was a popular young music teacher during our time at Oceanside High School when he either conducted or prepared the orchestra for our fine high school productions of The King and I, Paint Your Wagon and Bells Are Ringing in 1958, 1959 and 1960, respectively. He was recruited to OHS by Principal Mosback the year before we arrived to start a tradition of producing quality Broadway musicals on the OHS stage annually each spring. His first OHS production was Brigadoon in 1957. The spring musical tradition continues to this day. (Click here for a complete history of over 50 years of OHS spring musicals from 1957 through 2009.)


Most of you are likely unaware that prior to joining the OHS faculty, Allan, a graduate of the prestigious Juilliard School of Music, was an accomplished Broadway musician where, among others, he played first trumpet in the original Broadway production of Peter Pan, which opened in 1954. If you happen to own the original Broadway cast album from that show (pictured at left), you can hear Allan playing on it (as you can in the selection from its introductory Overture that plays as you open this page or click on the album cover at left).
Along with John Race, Allan directed OHS' music program during our time, teaching and leading its outstanding bands and orchestras, for 10 years ending in 1966 when he became musical program director for the entire Oceanside School District. He retired from that position 20 years later in 1986 and moved to southern California, where my wife, Sue (Phillips, OHS class of '63),
and I visited him in 2006. On the wall, framed together with some treasured photos, was the original cast album cover shown above. Several trumpets were also apparent in their home.


Since neither Sue nor I was ever involved in any music program activities in high school, neither of us had ever actually met Allan or Sarah. Nevertheless, we had covered a lot of common ground a long time ago, and last Sunday, we all shared a delightful afternoon reminiscing about our home town and its schools and our many common acquaintances from those times. We discovered that Allan and I lived only 2 blocks from each other during my high school days.

Allan Segal stumbled on our class website some months ago while "Googling." He has become quite a fan of it as is evident in his commentary e-mailed to me after he discovered the site. You can click here to read his initial reaction.

Howie and Allan, February 5, 2006

In our resultant e-mail exchange, Allan revealed that he had a live audiotape recording of the music from The King and I, made on the OHS stage in 1958, which he made available to me, thus enabling all of us to hear some of it again, and further sharpen our fading memories with this, our sentimental journey home, our class website.


Once again, thanks for the memory, Allan.


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