A Special Message to All Our Jewish Classmates,
Other Friends and Family Members for the

High Holy Days:

This year, once again, we proudly present an inspirational Rosh Hashanah message consisting of excerpts selected from a recent article by Rabbi Benjamin Blech (who spent over 37 years in our little town), this one published online September 2, 2018.


Rabbi Benjamin Blech, world renowned Professor of Talmud at Yeshiva University in New York City since 1966; is also Rabbi Emeritus of Young


Israel of Oceanside, which he founded in our little town and actively served for 37 years. An internationally recognized Torah scholar, Rabbi Blech is an educator, religious leader, lecturer and prolific author of over 200 articles and 14 highly acclaimed books, one of which, Understanding Judaism: The Basics of Deed and Creed, was chosen by the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations as “the single best book on Judaism in our generation.” Another one, The Sistine Secrets: Michelangelo's Forbidden Messages in the Heart of the Vatican, was the subject of a special edition of 20/20 on ABC-TV in 2008. In a national survey by Jews Week, he was ranked #16 among the most influential Jews in America. Rabbi Blech is also featured in the latest book by our friend, now retired OHS teacher, Richie Woods, Legendary Locals of Oceanside.. 


As we grow older (as we must), many of us become more and more pre-occupied with thoughts of the things we would like to do while we still can; many write them down in what has commonly come to be called a "bucket list."

As the renowned Rabbi wrote, "bucket lists are "invariably filled with ideas about travel to places you’ve never been, adventures you’ve never had, people you’ve never met."

"But what’s wrong with the way most people think of a bucket list is that far too often its chief concern is the self. It’s trying to figure out what we’ve missed out on in terms of personal enjoyment. Its chief concern is worrying about whether we have fully partaken of the joys this earth has to offer," wrote Rabbi Blech.

But in his typical style, Rabbi Blech brings to mind a spiritual perspective as he reflects upon the meaning and purpose of our High Holy days. Read on, and

L' shana tova.

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and may you all be well and inscribed in the Book of Life.

and Shalom,
and if you will be fasting,
have an easy one.

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