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Date of last entry:  September 28, 2019

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 Issue Date:  September 28, 2019

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Oceanside Public Library has recently digitized and put all available OHS yearbooks online. The collection includes 73 editions (but 1933-1940,1972, and 1979 are missing).  It's cool! Click here to access.

Presented to the class by
1960 Sailors Association Inc.
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This page is the port to dock at when you return to the site after your first (or any) cruise, and you want to find out how it has changed.  Come back frequently  to check out new items and to

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Other features of

A Companion Volume to   
(the book) ― Richie Woods' latest work:

Thumbnail biographies and photographs of many of
our little town's most notable personalities



Click here to read about  Richie Woods.


Well, you can in this book about Nunley’s Amusement Park (once known also as "Happyland") that has lots of other photos of Baldwin. Click here to learn about it, and to order your copy.

Captain's column:

This is your captain speaking, welcoming you aboard your cyber-cruise ship, "The Spirit of 1960." Have you heard the news?  See below.

Two photos of the Pantry Diner, circa 1956 or '57

A memorial tribute page for Coach Chernock, an original 1955 sales brochure for Ocean Lea homes on a new page entitled "The Suburban Housing Boom of the 1950s in Our Little Town" and a 1955 article frolm an Alabama newspaper about the hiring in our little town of the first woman cantor in Jewish history.

A memorial tribute page for Coach Hay.

A memorial to Fats Domino, gone at 89.

A memorial tribute page to our beloved Coach Jan and highlights of selected reviews of preview performances of the soon- to-be Broadway (we hope) musical, The Honeymooners.

A NY Post announcement of the 1959 takeover of our Roadside Rest by Nathan's Famous, Inc. featuring a caricature of Nathan Handwerker created for the occasion by Post cartoonist, John Piorotti. Also an article by your captain about how 100 years ago, without any help from modern technology, the illiterate Nathan managed the risk of loss from employee theft.

Our online review of two books about the history of Nathan's Famous and the life of its colorful founder, Nathan Handwerker, written by two of his grandsons, Bill and Lloyd Handwerker.

Our memorial tribute to Muhammad Ali (class of 1960), and photos of of the Oceanside house that held the weeping Madonna in 1960 with a crowd gathered in front and of Young Israel of Oceanside, our first Orthodox synagogue. Also, a beautiful "new" musical selection on our "Memory Book" page, Ed Chilton's memorial page, updated research on our "Googamooga" page,and our "Chuck Berry Memorial Tribute" linked to our page about his 2000 Kennedy Center Honors page, which, in turn, now features a link to a video of the event.

A detailed report of our fabulous 55-year reunion held in Long Beach in September 2015 is now available together with a nostalgic, video slideshow of images of the Long Beach boardwalk the way it was when we were kids that was made for and presented at that reunion. Also, our 2010 reunion videos once inaccessible have now been restored.

A photo of the new Oceanside Nathan's Famous, a long-awaited one of the historic Merrick branch of the Roadside Rest and a Meyer & Kronke menu cover. A memorial tribute to our principal, Charles  Mosback, linked to a report of a community ceremony in which his daughter and our classmate, Ruth Ann Mosback, participated.

Powerful "new" background music on our memorial page. Beautiful Oceanside artwork from the1950s. A 1937 or '38 menu from the Roadside Rest, memorial tributes to Sid Caesar and Phil Everly, a new photo of Jazzbo, the clown in a circus and a revamped St. Anthony's page with a new historical photo. Photos of Joseph's and Wetson's 15¢ Hamburgers, the "Long Island Casino" of the 1930s (across the street from our beloved Roadside Rest), the Sunrise Drive-In, a second view of the Towers Funeral Home, and the Columbia Firehouse when it was built in 1951.


A new and improved Jocko page (best on the web), a sample football game program booklet from our junior year (October 26, 1958) ,and photos of typical homes built back home in the early to mid-50s. Also, introducing the Class Survey. Also, two pictures of the legendary "elephant's hole." More photos from our beloved (now gone but to be rebuilt) Long Beach Boardwalk , including one of elephants building it in 1907, and a matchbook cover from Rudy's Fish & Chips.


NOTICE: Only the most recent additions to the site are summarized above. Click here for a more complete, year-by-year, chronological summary of the most significant additions and improvements over the entire history of the site. Use it to find out what you may have missed.


I hope you all keep enjoying the cruise. As one classmate requested, we are striving to "keep it first class."

October 24th, 2017: FATS DOMINO GONE AT 89!

Sadly, we must announce that Antoine "Fats" Domino, one of the legendary pioneers of our music, died on October 24th, 2017, at age 89. Ain't that a shame!

Second only to Elvis Presley in record sales in the 1950s, this humble, gentle, gracious and talented man with only a fourth grade education left a musical legacy to our generation and those that have or will come later, whose value is clearly immeasurable and that will never be forgotten.

According to Rolling Stone (whose memorial tribute to him is among the best of the many you will find online and the source of much of the content of this one), "few artists embodied the innocent release and ecstasy of early rock 'n' roll like Fats Domino. He was the music's first piano wizard and a huge influence on generations of musicians." The rolling motion of his body one observed whenever he performed, coupled with the distinctively rolling rhythms of his New Orleans style of music, truly put the "roll" in rock 'n' roll more than anyone else. Dion DiMucci (of Dion & the Belmonts) spoke of the "rolling sound of his fingers on the piano."

During his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech, Billy Joel said of Fats, "traditionally, when people think of rock 'n' roll, they think of the guitar. I want to thank the man who proved that the piano was a rock 'n' roll instrument." In the words of contemporary piano greats of Fats' time (and ours), Jerry Lee Lewis said, "His vocals were phenomenal, and he was a great pianist he had the best raw talent," and Little Richard said, "I loved him. I loved his piano playing. I love his music, period. ... he could make a piano talk." Richard said, "he influenced me as an entertainer, period."

In a 1956 television interview in which he was asked about the controversy that had developed around rock 'n' roll music, Fats Domino said, "As far as I know, the music makes people happy.It certainly did that for us. And over 60 years later, it still does and always will as long as we live.

So as Fats takes his last walk to join Chuck Berry, Elvis and the others waiting in rock 'n' roll heaven, we say to him, "You turn to the right; you find a little bright light."

Did you know Fats, Chuck and Elvis were all honorary Sailors?
Possibly the most famous Sailors EVER!

Click here to access the full text of Rolling Stone's comprehensive, online memorial tribute to Fats Domino. And another online tribute worth reading appeared on the site of the New Orleans Musical News.

Click here for the 2018 Grammys' memorial tribute to Fats Domino and Chuck Berry.


Fats, as we remember him.



16-PAGE INSERT DATED MAY 22, 2016 Credited in Book Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Original Nathan's FAMOUS!

 On October 16. 2015, we received a call from Bill Handwerker, a grandson of Nathan
(founder of Nathan's Famous) and son of Murray Handwerker, who turned our renowned Roadside Rest into the Nathan's Famous that we loved. Bill has written a book (along with co-author, Jayne A. Pearl) called Nathan's Famous: The First 100 Years. (Available from Amazon  and elsewhere, you can read about it on Facebook.) The purpose of the call was to request permission to credit our class association and in the book.

So how cool is that?

A second Nathan's history book, called Famous Nathan, is also available from Amazon and  it, too, refers to this website. It was written (with co-author, Gil Reavill) by another Nathan Handwerker grandson, Lloyd Handwerker, (who, in 2014, also produced and directed an acclaimed documentary film by the same title).

Click here to read  the online review of both books that I posted (on

Unlike other far less comprehensive and accurate accounts of Nathan's history, our Oceanside Nathan's Roadside Rest is featured prominently in both books with almost an entire chapter devoted to it. And both are available in either hard or soft cover or e-book editions.

Cousins, Lloyd (left) and Bill Handwerker
© 2016, NY Post, Photo by Helayne Seidman

See the NY Post story about the two books:


Three new musicals that promise to be of particular interest to our generation may be looking at Broadway openings some time soon:

First, based on Academy Award and Emmy-winning Barry Levinson's critically acclaimed and very popular 1982 retrospective coming of age film of the same title, a singing and dancing version of Diner, set in 1959 Baltimore, will likely open on Broadway with a rocking score of original music by multiple Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, Sheryl Crow. However, neither a Broadway opening date or a theater for the show have yet been announced.

The story is about six high school pals who reunite just before the wedding of one of them at the one place they know they'll always belong: the local diner, "Now in their twenties, the friends have stumbled into adulthood and struggle to keep from growing apart."
For some early reviews of the world-premiere preview performance near Washington DC in December 2014 of Diner, click here.


Second and even more exciting (to me), is an original musical based on the classic, groundbreaking and wonderful, ever popular Jackie Gleason sitcom from the mid-'50s, when we were kids, The Honeymooners. Its world premiere preview performances are from September 28th to October 29th, 2017, at the Paper Mill Playhouse, 22 Brookside Drive, Millburn, NJ 07041 (call 973/376-4343 for tickets). The preview has received excellent reviews (see selected excerpts below), but neither the date nor a theater for a Broadway opening has yet been announced. 

The storyline of the show is this: "After shocking their wives by winning a high profile jingle contest, they are catapulted out of Brooklyn and into the cutthroat world of Madison Avenue, where they find themselves torn between success and friendship."


The lead role of Ralph Kramden is played by actor, Michael McGrath (wearing a "fat suit"), who won a Tony award for his supporting role in the 2012 season's Nice Work If You Can Get It, Leslie Kritzer plays Alice, and the Nortons are  played by Michael Mastro and Laura Bell Bundy.

This production won the BroadwayWorld New Jersey Award for Best Play or Musical of 2017. Highlights from selected reviews of preview performances of The Honeymooners:

  • New York Times: "... this show is content just to give you a nostalgia bath. And it’s a darned enjoyable one thanks to some fine performances and a couple of impressive musical numbers works surprisingly well ." (

  • Montclair Local News: "When McGrath delivered Kramden’s most famous lines or gestures: “to the moon, Alice” “hamina hamina hamina”  “I got a BIG MOUTH”  the audience cheered. ...McGrath makes a lovable Ralph, and Kritzer’s Alice eerily evokes Audrey Meadows. ... It’s a sitcom kind o

  • f musical. But that’s more than good enough." (

  • The Broadway Blog: "The producers and creative team of The Honeymooners musical are likely eyeing the Great White Way as their next stop. ... the artists behind this new musical should take a bow. If Sunday’s enthusiastic opening night audience was any indication of approval, tri-state residents are in for a bonafide treat. ...Book writers Dusty Kay and Bill Nuss, along with lyricist Peter Mills have managed to maintain the lighthearted structure of the television show ... they have stretched an uncomplicated plot into a two hour and forty minute joy ride that is pure fun from start to finish.  (

  • "... delivers punchy laugh lines and bouncy songs to accompany a large dose of purposeful nostalgia; it is perfectly pleasant by any measure....  McGrath ... never loses sight of the buffoonery underlying Ralph's outsized personality, and Mastro's Norton is a particularly enjoyable version of the zany sidekick.(

  • Broadway World: "Filled with big laughs and an infectious score, The Honeymooners will bang-zoom its way into your heart. ... [the] performances are faithful to the original characters, yet they bring a new and delightful spirit to the roles.(


Probably not. The third is a show that would explore the strength, humor and music of the legendary performer we called "The Genius," Unchain My Heart, The Ray Charles Musical.

First announced to open in 2010, then delayed and rescheduled for a spring 2011 opening, it never did, probably as a result of litigation filed in December 2010. There have been no further announcements made so it is doubtful as to whether it will ever open on Broadway, but
we hope so  ̶  and we are watching.

Stay tuned for further announcements of details of these shows.


The now late historian and documentarian, Charles W. Amann III, author of the book, The Princes and Princesses of Dance*, a scholarly, behind-the-scenes history of the Philadelphia years of Dick Clark's American Bandstand, has honored our site with links and a blog entry dated December 11, 2011, on his elaborate and extensive book-related website. The blog entry (click here for a direct link) on the site describes ours as "a great site for Fifties and Sixties memories and celebration .... Be prepared, this is not just about a local high school, it is much more ... loaded with tons of information about the period and packed full of fun and facts. It is comprehensive, well written're gonna love it! ... you can just 'cruise' away."

* Charles Amann's book remained unpublished at the time of his passing. Its future is presently unknown.

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