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Our Class Newsletter (continued)

Presented to the class by  1960 Sailors Association Inc.
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 Issue Date:  December 10, 2022

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MEMORIAL UPDATES: Date of last entry:  December 10, 2022:  Click here for a series of faculty/administrative memorials

It was reported to us on December 10th, 2022, that Frank Pasqualino of Baldwin, NY, (known in school as "Koogie,") has passed away at age 80.

A classmate notified us that one of our most beautiful and popular classmates, Judy Rose (Seiden), passed away at her home in Boca Raton FL, on October 2nd, 2022, at age 80. Judy was a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Unfortunately, most of us last saw Judy at our 20-year reunion in 1980.


We were informed by a classmate on October 2022 that Linda Gilbert (Summers), a resident of Boynton Beach FL,  passed away in August 2022. From 1967 to 1985 Linda was a buyer for Allied and Federated stores after which she owned and managed her own small business until her retirement.

We were informed by his widow only in October 2022, that Raymond Theiling passed away at age 77 on December 16th, 2019, then a resident of Lee’s Summit, Missouri. After high school, Ray joined the Navy ( a Sailor at heart) and later became a computer hardware specialist for TWA. 

We learned from a classmate that Lynne Oliver (Cerino) passed on September 5th, 2022, at age 80, near her home in Centereach, in Suffolk County, LI. Lynne attended and enjoyed most, if not all, of our reunions, including the most recent one in June 2022.



We were notified by a family member (her daughter) that Susan Lillyman (Hyland), most recently a resident of Ft. Myers, FL, and a career librarian, passed on January 10, 2022.

We were informed that Kenneth Schmidt of E. Rockaway, NY, a former corrections officer for the Nassau County sheriff, passed on June 7, 2021.

One of our classmates sadly informed us of the passing  October 19, 2021, of Virginia ("Ginny") Beedenbender (Schaefer), a lifelong resident of Oceanside, NY.

While trying to locate missing classmates, we discovered the passing of Alan LaRocca on April 17, 2020, at the age of 78, then a resident of Forest Hills, NY. Most of us will remember Alan as a personable, highly spirited but mentally challenged member of our class who persevered through high school and was graduated with the rest of us. According to our yearbook, he was "a genial hard worker," who served both our Sailors' football and baseball teams.

During the last years of his life, Alan was an active member of Venture House, a not-for-profit, nonresidential, community-based mental health agency in Jamaica, Queens, NY, that helps adults who are living with mental illness through improved access to employment, education, recreation, affordable housing, meaningful relationships, and community engagement in an environment of mutual acceptance and empowerment. According to Venture House's Executive Director, Juliet Douglas, "Alan would never miss a good party! ... A truly good person, who knew how to have a good time!" We sincerely hope our friend, Alan, lived a good life in spite of his unfortunate disability.

We learned in July 2021 indirectly through a family member that Bill Livert, a resident of Charlottte, NC, has recently passed. We are trying to obtain further details.

We were informed by his brother-in-law and classmate, George Pearson, that Al Muller passed on January 7, 2021, at his home in Georgia from complications of COVID-19 after a long period of suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

A classmate notified us of the September 18, 2020, passing, due to pancreatic cancer, of  Jeffrey Tilford, a resident of Chesterfield, Missouri. Jeff had a long career as an actuary and a deep interest in military history, especially Civil War battlefields.

A classmate notified us of the passing on October 20, 2020, of Victoria ("Vicki") Goris (Magrath). Vicki had been widowed several years ago and sadly, she suffered from dementia during her last years. She was living with her daughter, Suzanne Capurso, in Pennsylvania when she passed.

We were greatly saddened to learn that Jim Heitler, voted best looking in our class, has passed away at age 77. His loving wife of 57 years, Esther, informed us that he succumbed to a pulmonary embolism on October 7th, 2020. He had been suffering for years from Parkinson's Disease.

Jim made his career as a clinical psychologist and was also a member of the adjunct faculty at the University of Michigan where he resided in Ann Arbor. He also had vacation homes in Longboat Key, Florida, and in France. Jim was a talented musician and played trumpet in a local, amateur, classical brass quintet in Ann Arbor and took up painting watercolors later in his life. Visit his special memorial tribute page.

We learned that Kathleen Skinner (Rice), a resident of Charlotte, NC, succumbed on August 16th, 2020, to the COVID-19 virus pandemic.

We were informed by a family member in July 2020 that Elizabeth (Betty) Broder (Lafayette), a resident of W. Islip, NY, passed away November 25, 2017.

Melvin Krimko
, a resident of Port Washington, NY, and also Boca Raton, FL, passed away on May 2, 2020, the first known victim in our class of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Mel practiced law in Brooklyn for over 30 years.

In April 2020, a classmate reported that Sigrid Richter (Durham-Smith), a resident of Ormond Beach, FL passed away on March 12, 2016.

In March 2020, a classmate reported the passing in November 2019 of Judith Dowling (Lauster), then a resident of New London, NH.

We received notice in January 2020 that Linda Kepke (Savoy), then a resident of Boynton Beach, FL, passed away on November 24, 2019.

We were greatly saddened to receive a message from his wife, Susan, that Rudy Hrubala, one of our most likeable and popular classmates, and most recently, a resident of Hampstead, NC, passed away on December 8, 2019.

Sadly, we learned that on December 13, 2019, lifelong resident, and former volunteer fire chief, of Island Park, NY,  Sam Lettini, passed away. Sam was a construction contractor.

We  learned from a Facebook posting by one of her cousins in the class of 1961 of the recent passing of Barbara Placet. Barbara was originally a member of the class of 1961 until she was graduated early with our class and, thus, became a member of the class of 1960.

    Bonnie       Burgholzer 

We regret to have to report that our 60-year reunion search for classmates revealed the previously unknown passings of these four members of our class (l. to r.)

We learned from a family member in October of the passing in June 2019, of Nancy Farnham, last known to be a resident of Baldwin, NY.



We learned in September of the passing March 2, 2019, of Patricia Bedell after a courageous battle with Alzeimer's. She was a resident of Lacey, NJ, and had a 30-year career teaching in both public and mostly private, Christian schools.

We also learned in September of the passing on December 9, 2012, of Paula Robinson of Merrick, NY.

We learned in September 2019 of the passing in October 2015 of Robert Petrilak, a resident of The Villages, FL, and a member of our class through jr. high until sometime probably before the start of our senior year, when he joined the US Air Force.

Sadly, we were informed in January 2019 by her brother, Frank Fazio (OHS '62) through his partner, Larry Schnur, that popular classmate, Karen Fazio, had passed in Daytona Beach, Florida, on October 15th, 2018, at age 76 from complications of a stroke. Karen, who grew up in Island Park,  had retired to Daytona in 2012 after a career in NY City in cumputer technology and teaching. Her passion, however, was in interior design.

We were notified by her loving, husband, Marvin, that  our very popular classmate,
Kathy Isom (Eckroth), succumbed to cancer and  passed away September 24, 2018, while living in western Canada . Like her mother did in Oceanside, Kathy had a dance school for 20 years and was otherwise very involved in the arts in Canada. Kathy also enjoyed genealogical and other internet research, and we are grateful for her help locating 65 out of 100 then missing classmates for our 55-year reunion in 2015 (which, unfortunately, Kathy was unable to attend).

We were informed by a classmate that Randy Perna passed away December 23, 2018, from colon cancer. A resident of Omaha, Nebraska, since 2012 and at the time of his passing,  Before going to New York University, Randy served in the U.S. Navy after OHS, where he played soccer and  wrestled. In Oceanside, he was an active member and past Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus, a scout and Catholic Youth Group program leader and President of the St Anthony’s Church Parish Council.  

We first learned from a relative in August 2018 that Veronica Waite (Millea) passed away in December 2016. Ronnie spent most of her life in Oceanside but later moved to Brooklyn.

A classmate reported seeing a Newsday obtuary for Irene Tortorelli (Amuso), then a resident of Rockville Centre, who passed away on July 29, 2017.

Bruce Winkler was a popular member of the Class of 1960 but only during our junior high years. A resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Bruce ​passed away on April 18, 2017, from a highly metastasized lung cancer only two months after his ​initial ​diagnosis. (Click here for Bruce's story,)



We were notified by e-mail by his brother, Ray (OHS class of '63), that Dr. Tom Castoldi, a passionate osteopathic physician, of San Marcos, Texas, passed away at age 73.of cardiac arrest.on October 1, 2015, four days after our 55-year reunion. His brother, Ray, reported that Tom enjoyed our 50-  year Grand Gala  Reunion in 2010. Some may remember that Tom accompanied our 1960 production of Bells Are Ringing on the piano.

The passing, September 16, 2016, after a three-month struggle with multiple health issues,
of Rosemary DeLucia, a lifelong resident of our little town, wife of Donald Forchelli, mother of two sons and grandmother of five, was reported to us by a classmate.

A classmate reported that Charles LoCascio recently passed on. The following information was taken from his online obituary (see for the full text). Charlie passed away on July 29, 2016, at the age of 73 after a valiant battle with Alzheimer's Disease. After spending much of his life in Annapolis, MD, he was a life-long educator (an English teacher). He was a resident of Holly Hill (near Daytona Beach), FL when he passed.. He was a master of Italian cooking and loved boating, fishing and rock 'n' roll music, which he played on the piano.

We learned that Linda Solomon passed away in Florida on  June 22, 2016,
from pulmonary complications. The following information was supplied by her loving husband of 51 years, Bob Kemp. They lived in Oceanside until 2006. After graduating from Becker College, Linda was an operating room nurse at South Nassau Communities Hospital until their first of three children was born in 1966. Soon, Linda dedicated herself to fundraising.for Oceanside's School #8 PTA. The Kemp family enjoyed camping and travel with other families all over the country, and Linda was president of the Good Sam Camping Club. According to Bob, "Linda had something in her that few people have, the loving ability to make friends and keep them from high school to present day. Everybody loved her and misses her, which was evident from the comments made on Facebook."


According to an obituary published June 7, 2016, in , Steven Mendelow, a resident of NY City and a graduate of Bucknell University, has passed at age 73. He served in the US Army from 1966-68, and for nearly 50 years was an accountant and financial adviser to countless individuals, families, and businesses.
ew York Times

His sister, Maggie (a/k/a Peg or Margaret, OHS '65), informed us that Ed Chilton passed away in Michigan on April 2, 2016, at the end of his long battle with congestive heart failure. It is an understatement to say that Ed was a one-of-a-kind guy. Visit his special memorial tribute page.

Kathy Keegan's beloved sister, Nancy, also our classmate, informed us sadly that Kathy, a 15-year cancer survivor, passed away on December 10, 2015, from a rapidly progressing case of pulmonary fibrosis with complications. In the early stages of her recovery, Kathy attended our 40-year reunion. Near the end of her life, she was living in Maine and Florida.

A classmate informed us of the passing on December 6, 2015, from complications following replacement heart valve surgery of our dear friend, George Dirkes.  George is fondly remembered by many of us primarily for his delightful wit.  He was an esteemed partner in a prominent San Francisco law firm where he represented wealthy individual clients in estate planning trust administration matters. George was a highly accomplished lawyer who lectured and wrote extensively in his field of expertise. He was co­author of a practice book entitled California Trust Practice and a contributing author to California Will Drafting. George was selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America.and was a former mayor of Ross, California.
Upon his passing, his prestigious law firm placed the following words of remembrance on its website: "George’s brilliant professional work was uniquely matched by his kind, gentle, and genuinely caring demeanor. He was a wonderful friend, mentor, and counselor to everyone at the firm and to his clients, as well as a beloved husband, father, and grandfather. We are grateful that he was part of our firm for over forty-one years."

Marty Fuchs,
whom you may remember played Sandor in our 1960 production of the Broadway musical, Bells Are Ringing, thus beginning a lifetime of passion for the theatre, passed away October 25, 2015, from a heart attack, according to a report from his wife, Carla. In addition to his amateur theater activities, Marty also sang in a barbershop quartet. He was retired from a career as an engineer for Boeing.

We were notified in late September 2015 by his loving wife of 44 years, Rosemary, that popular classmate, Bob Schwartzdied suddenly and unexpectedly on September 12, 2015. According to Rosemary, Bob was born in Brooklyn, NY, but spent most of his life on Long Island. Bob and  Rosemary moved to Stuart, Florida, in 2004 and enjoyed golf, yachting, bridge and traveling throughout the U.S. in their motor home. They also had a summer home in Greentown, Pennsylvania. Bob, a graduate of Hofstra University, was a stockbroker before joining the U.S. Treasury Dept. as an International Tax Examiner. Bob will be remembered for his ever present smile and wonderful sense of humor.

We also learned in late September 2015 that Bette Tobolson passed away recently after losing a long and hard fight with cancer.

We learned in late August  2015 from her brother, Andrew, (OHS, '64) that Jane Nieman passed away on July 28, 2015, from pancreatic cancer. Jane last resided in both Southampton, NJ Jersey and Lake Worth, FL. Jane was an English teacher .

We learned in September 2015 that Kathryn Moloney passed away near Atlanta, Georgia ,on April 39, 2015. She was apparently quite ill for some time and unable to speak near the end of her life.

Doris Walker
succumbed to brain cancer on May 3, 2015, following a long struggle after surgery in February last year, Doris was hoping to be able to attend our reunion in September.

Iris Kodish
was part of our class only through our sophomore year after which her family moved to Teaneck, NJ. We recently learned that Iris passed away in September 2004 after a long battle with central nervous lymphoma. She had a career as a social worker.

Ronna Maislis,
of Boynton Beach, FL, tragically passed when she succumbed to pneumonia after a long period of health issues on  April 12, 2015, just following the passing of her husband, Jeff Brill, (OHS, '59) on March 31, 2015. For years, Jeff owned and operated Ocean Chemists in our little town.

Our pre-55-year reunion search for missing classmates (almost totally the result of the skills and diligent efforts of Kathy Isom) sadly identified the next 13 losses (listed in alphabetical order) of which we were previously unaware. They have now been added to our memorial page:

Eleanor Di Pasqua
died September 10, 2010, then a resident of Buford, GA.


Robert Falk 
died February 1, 2004, then a resident of Pompano Beach, FL

Arlene Forman passed away from throat cancer in April 2012. She was a resident of Delray Beach, FL. (Interestly, we learned that the beautiful, black-haired Arlene lived substantially all of her adult life as a blonde.)

Barbara Hock, of West Warwick, RI, died April 1, 2009.

Joan Geffen died February 2, 2004, then a resident of Westbury NY.

Jesse Lasky died May 1, 2006, then a resident of Modesto, CA.

Heino Lepik died  January 17, 2007, then a resident of Saratoga Springs, NY.

Gail Lollar  died June 2, 1985, a U.S. Army veteran, last resided in Sayville, NY

Audrey Maloy (misspelled "Malloy" in our yearbook) died August 11, 1995, then a resident of Miami, FL

Joseph Picucci died on November 3, 2008, then a resident of Olympia, WA. See what Joe wrote us some years ago about this website. (No yearbook picture is available as Joe joined the Army and went to Viet Nam before our graduation.)

Jay Sachs, a lifelong resident of Oceanside and Rockville Centre, died October 30, 2003.

Ed Wilmer died on July 15, 2013, then a resident of Hardy, VA.

Hector ("Clyde") Wood, died on October 4, 2004, then a resident of Denver, CO.

We learned in September 2014 from wife, Nancy, that Richard Woltman, of Hauppauge, NY, proud Viet Nam veteran and Past VFW Suffolk County Commander, died March 23, 2014.

In June 2014, we were informed by a classmate that Gerald Cestare (known in school as "J.C.") passed away; we later learned that his death occurred on September 4, 2012, in New York. Jerry attended our 50-year reunion in 2010  

In March 2014, we learned from a family member that Kathleen Wackernah, long on our missing classmates list, has been deceased since probably 2005. You might have known her as "Kit."


An early return from our class survey revealed the passing on January 30, 2013, of Steven Firstenberg, a resident of Beachwood, Ohio (near Cleveland).

Sadly, we learned that Barbara Rubeck, a resident of Woodmere, NY, passed away September 29, 2012, from pancreatic cancer. Barbara enjoyed our last reunion in 2010 and loved our website. In 2010, she wrote, "What an incredible trip! I have never seen nor felt anything like it."

At her home in California (since 1972), Geraldine ('Geri") Maracich succumbed on  October 25, 2012, to her long struggle with heart disease that sadly  prevented her from attending our last two reunions.

We were notified on August 3, 2012, by his wife, Karen, that Chris Knorr, a resident of New Jersey and one of our most likeable classmates, passed away on July 26th, 2012, from complications of his treatment following a long bout with leukemia.
Chris attended our reunions in 1990, 2005 and 2010. Visit Chris' special memorial tribute page.

On June 24, 2011, after his long and courageous battle with brain cancer, we lost universally liked Sailor, Hal  Wilensky, a resident of Plymouth, Massachussetts. Hal attended our reunions in  2000, 2005 and 2010. Visit Hal's special memorial tribute page.

Popular classmate, Lois Rindner, a resident of  San Antonio, Texas, passed away on February 13, 2011, after a long period of illness. Visit her special memorial tribute page.

We regret that our 50-year reunion search for missing classmates revealed the previously unknown passings of these three classmates, {l. to r.):




We were first informed at our 2010 reunion of the the passing in 2008, after a long illness, of Barbara Meehin. Barbara was on our reunion committee and attended reunions in 1980, 1990 and 2000,

We sadly learned on May 22, 2010, of the passing earlier that week of Donald Fine. Donny attended all of our reunions through 2005. Visit his special memorial tribute page.

The loss of Judy Fitzgerald in 2009 was sadly reported by classmate, Ginny Beedenbender, in February 2010. Ginny, said, "
Judy was a very special person and a good friend of mine. ...  She loved OHS and the wonderful times we had there." (Click to see what Judy wrote us over the years.)

The passing several years ago of  Kathleen Tuzzi Quinn, after suffering from cancer, was reported to us on  October 11, 2009, by her sister, Marilyn Anderson.

We learned in October 2009 of the passing November 1, 2008, of Arthur Rauh, then a resident of Eureka, California.

Karen Roesch, beloved wife and high school sweetheart of classmate, Tom Nasca, of Blue Point, New York, passed away on June 28, 2009, a victim of cancer. Karen was on our reunion committee in 1980 and 2000 and attended reunions in 1970, 1980 and 2000,

We learned over a year after the fact that
Nancy Ludwig passed away on April 8, 2008, after a long battle with Parkinson's Disease. At the time, Nancy was living in Green Valley, Arizona, with her husband, Abe Grasiani.

We were informed by her daughter that Ann Marie Turanitza  
passed away on December 16, 2008, in Orange, California. She was married in 1962 to Anthony Tanella ('59) and lived in Yorba Linda, California, since 1966.

Tom Turner passed away in California, July 27, 2008. An extremely popular classmate who was co-captain of our Sailor wrestling squad, a member of our varsity football team, vice president of the G.O., and president of his fraternity, Omega Gamma Delta. Tom attended our 1990 reunion. Visit his special memorial tribute page

We first learned in 2008 that Marilyn Zmudosky, of Rockville Centre, NY, passed away on December 17, 2003. Marilyn was a supporter of Women at Risk, the breast cancer  research and support program at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center.

A classmate informed 
TM that Joellen Lang, recently a resident of Austin, Texas, (and part of our class until our sophomore year when her family moved to Freeport) passed away February 10, 2008. She was a retired nurse.


Michael Katz, of Laguna Woods, California, beloved twin brother of Jay Katz, succumbed to complications of  a 35-year old injury and passed away January 17, 2008. Visit Mike's dedicated memorial tribute page. Mike attended our reunions in 1980, 1990, 2000, and 2005

Carey Getelman, of Boca Raton, Florida, a Vietnam veteran (U.S. Marine Corps) and a ving father of two and grandfather of four, passed away suddenly from a heart attack at home on September 20, 2007. Carey attended our 1980 reunion.

Judy Hering
, of Wading River, NY, was lost to cancer October 28, 2006.
Judy was the Director of the lab at John T. Mather Memorial Hospital, Port Jefferson, NY.

David Adest, of Freeport, NY, voted most enthusiastic of our classmates, passed away in June 2006.  Click here for a special memorial tribute page for Dave, "The Littlest Sailor." Dave attended all of our reunions through 2005.

Marie Sims
, most recently of Island Park, NY, passed away June 26, 2006, of cancer, we are told.

Carol Wohlfarth
, a lifelong Long Island resident, lost her battle to ovarian cancer on April 16, 2006. Carol traveled the world working for airlines and then became a registered nurse.

We were informed in 2005 and were able to confirm that Jane Haight passed away on April 21, 2002.

We were informed by her husband of 42 years that  Elizabeth ("Betty Jane") Schnappauf passed in June 2005.

A classmate informed us that George Adlin passed away sometime in 2004.

Barbara Pastor
passed away February 25,  2005.

TM first became aware in late January 2005 of the loss of Michael Zammetti, June 19, 1999, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

An e-mail from a relative of
Max Mollick informed us of his death circa 1984 in an auto accident.

We also first learned in January 2005 of the passing in January 2001 from emphysema of
Carol Musgrave.

We learned in December 2004 from his brother, Jerry ('63), of the passing from cancer of
Dick Warren in 2003.

Joan Friden
passed on October 31, 2003, a victim of the rapidly crippling and always fatal ALS ("Lou Gehrig's Disease").

Early in 2004, we were informed of the passing of
Josephine Orzano.

In 2003, we first learned of the passing in 1989 of our classmate,
Ken Shilman. Visit Ken's special memorial tribute page to learn about important parts of Ken's life.   

On September 8, 2003, popular classmate and OHS track star,
Steve Killorin, died of cancer. No more than 2 days before his passing, Steve registered on, reaching out in his final hours to reconnect with his OHS pals. Steve attended reunions in 1980, 1990 and 2000.

(Click here for a story about Steve's record-breaking cross-country run for OHS in 1960.)
On Sunday, September 14, 2003, OHS track coach, the now late Roy Chernock wrote this about Steve to TM:

 "If I had only known, I would have driven across the state to pay my respects and condolences. 
Steve was a great Sailor athlete!"

Click here for Coach Roy Chernock's memorial page. .
(And click here to see what Coach Roy said about this site.)


Individual memorial tribute pages. We feature special individual  memorial tribute pages on the site for some our departed classmates where information is available. If you would like like to submit information to help create a memorial page for a departed classmate or to report any memorial omissions that you know about, please contact me.

(See p. 3 for OHS faculty/administration losses.)                       

Click here if you want to read what our classmates and 
others have been saying about our 1960 Sailors’ website.

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