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This website was conceived, designed, researched and created, with lots of help from others (see Acknowledgments), by your classmate, Howard (i.e., "Howie" in high school ─ and now once again) Levy.




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This website was created as a gift to our class and as a grateful tribute to the place where we all came together briefly, many, many years ago, as the Oceanside Sailors Class of 1960, where we shared some of our most formative years and, with a first rate high school education, prepared for our lives as adults, and where we got to know one another and formed some of the most important friendships of our lives:


 Our Alma Mater,

(As she looked when we
were there every day)


So be my guest.
You've got nothin' to lose!

Won't you let us take you on a


Welcome back to 1960 and before!!

If you were fortunate enough to have been part of this great class
 during this
most magical time to be in high school in America, from

then, you are going to love this site!


Climb aboard our cyber-cruise ship, "The Spirit of '60," for a leisurely on the internet. Take some time (and it will take some time) for the online nostalgia trip of your life ─ a virtual sentimental journey home.

Bon Voyage, Sailor!!


Cruise back to port and the good old days, the "happy days" when we all launched our personal voyages into adult life in 1960. Explore your class website, and use the magic of technology to traverse the time and miles. Celebrate our teenage years spent together, rock, roll, read and reminisce about the days of old with your old friends and classmates ─ through over 200 pages* and 90 megabytes of high school, jr. high and reunion memories quite possibly the largest collection ever assembled on the web of electronic memorabilia of its kind from its time and place ─ with close to 3,000 embedded photo and other graphic image and sound files for your pleasure.

Oh yes, Sailor, this site is enriched with music
mostly our music.

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*  Including a few still under construction


Spread the word about this website to all your 1960
   classmates and other Oceanside Sailors that you talk to.


                      Class Newsletter


And send us your input, comments and suggestions, photos and memorabilia Our site continues to grow as more and more Sailors provide input. And if you were part of the great OHS Class of 1960, activate your membership in our class association, support the site financially, and keep our boat "afloat" for many years to come.


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DEDICATION: The site is dedicated to the memory of one of our classmates, Joel Pravda, who was also my very dear and close friend for over 45 years. Joel passed away on April 11, 1999, and work on the site began later that year.

As I remember, n
o one had more fun in high school than Joel. If you knew him, there is
no doubt that you remember him, too. He was very memorable.

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remembering Joel, click on his photo.

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